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Mati's Meat & Bread in Filinvest Alabang

It's been quiet a while since I last posted about our food trips here no?!

Well, we have not been eating out lately kaya wala talaga akong maipost. I don't know what happened pero our mall pasyal was lessened. Hmm.. I think I have to check on that. Oh, I know! Probably because I have been into online shopping na. Hehehe! I promise to share with you my loots kapag sinipag akong mag photoshoot sa kanila. =)

Anyway, couple of weeks ago, I bought a voucher from one of my trusted group buying site for Mati's Meat and Bread. I originally saw a blog post about it from Mrsmommyholic and at that moment, I realized di pa pala ako nakakakain ng steak. Hehehe! Pork Steak na ulam, Oo pero yung steak talaga, hindi pa. Since affordable naman yung voucher and I have an idea with the store's menu and prices, I bought 2 vouchers for Daryl and I's consumption.

I was planning to use it for our 9th year anniversary celebration pero it didn't happen because of a wedding that we have to attend to. We had our short side trip to Baguio instead. I have just realized recently that the voucher is ending soon so I really have to use it na.

I wanted to use it on a Saturday since I work on weekdays and goes home really late na. Last Saturday was the day. I printed the voucher and called the store. I have read on the Terms of the voucher that you have to call at least a day to reserve depending on the amount of diners they have for the day. I was surprised when they told me I could come the same day. Yey!!

Jami, Mommy and Daddy all went to Festival Mall in Alabang. I wasn't that familiar in Festival Mall talaga and that night, it's raining so hindi din kami nakapagliwaliw ng husto. Besides, we arrived around 8pm na so pa close na din yung ibang stores. We parked the car sa kabilang side (Alabang-Zapote Exit) but the Mati's Meat and Bread was located sa kabilang side pa. Jeske! Ayun, walkathon lang kami =)

One of the things that I noticed was, it was across the mall so we really have to walk our way from the mall to the river park which was a newly established are of the mall.

Since it was raining that night, I was not able to take photo of the store outside. It was really nice pa naman and looks so cozy and sosyal. It was funny nga kasi we Daryl and I had a convo..

Daryl: Dito tayo kakain? Mukhang sosyal mga tao eh, di ako comfortable.

Me: Ok lang yan, at least we could try something new naman. =)

Anyway, I won so kumain talaga kami dun. Hahaha! As we entered the store, there were only around 2-3 families dining in so hindi masyadong overwhelming ang pagka sosyal ng mga tao. hahaha! I am not used din kasi on fine dinings. I mean, yes I can do it pero it wasn't as done as often.

We were given the menu and waited for our food. I can't review the mismong place because it's night time and it was raining hard so hindi maganda ang view sa labas. Ok sana since we were seated sa may window glass overlooking the man-made green grass and the river. Maybe next time. Maganda siguro dito on a fine morning or night kasi hindi masyadong mainit. =)

Daddy and Jami
 Look how blurred the photo on Jami's part. Grabe sobrang likot kasi he can't sit still. We placed him on a high chair and was asking him to smile pero waley.. He wants to run around the place.

Mommy and Jami's turn. Told you! Can't stay still for 1 second.

My little pogi! :p

After around 7-10 minutes, our food arrived.

We have to keep this away kasi Jami wants to play with it.

250g Sofia's BBQ Pork Ribs P325

USDA Steak and Fries P395
I know I didn't give justice to the food. Hahaha! Wala kasi akong camera, just my phone kaya ayan. Plus, it wasn't really maliwanag in the place so mejo ganyan. #dahilanpamore



1.) I love theur BBQ Pork Ribs. I was surprised that Daryl and Jami liked it too. It's very malasa and perfect with rice. Mejo maalat nga lang if you would eat it alone (without rice).
2.) The fries and steak was okay. It's my first time to eat a steak so I am not sure if it's best tasting or what. I would try my best to eat steak in the future so I will have an idea. Hehe.
3.) Serving was quite okay din. Tama lang for the amount you have to pay.
4.) It's a plus that you have the option to change from bread to rice if you are really hungry (without additional fee).
5.) Staff are accommodating and friendly. They pay attention to their guest's needs.
6.) The place have a rustic vibe and the glass window is perfect (with great scenery outside).
7.) Satisfied with food and it arrived shortly after we ordered. 

Needs Improvement:

1.) It's across the mall and you really have to walk your way to the other side. On our case, it's raining so we have to walk from the mall to their place which is hassle kasi walang covered area that connects them to the mall.

2.) I hope they'll have comfy seats in the future.

Jami ate a little since he was busy playing with a big girl on the other table. He was shouting and mejo nakakahiya sa ibang guests but I don't care, he's just 1 anyway. =)

Oh, We also ordered additional garlic rice for P60 ( not in the picture) since Daryl was so hungry na he ate them all. Hehehe! Naghati naman kasi sa white rice so he had 1 and a half. Jami doesn't like the steak and the fries so I ate them. Also we had coke for drinks

Our total bill was P926 (inclusive of service charge) but since we had P600 worth of voucher, we paid only P326. Pwede na diba? We may be coming back but not really soon. =)

Mainly, I am glad I gave Mati's Meat & Bread a try. =)

If you want to see the menu, you may check at here (from

Mati's Meat & Bread
River Park, Festival Mall
Filinvest City, Muntinlupa City
Contact Number : (02) 847-22-73


  1. Sarap naman ng steak... makes me wanna try it soon, haha :)

    1. oo em, masarap naman! Try mo na mag steak lakas maka shala hahaha

  2. Nagiging malikot narin talaga pala si Jami. Haay naku si Ayvan din matinde. Parang jackpot nalang pag nakuhanan mo sila ng maayos. Haha.

    Oo nga, mukha ngang hindi comfortable mga seats nila. Pati yung pang baby. Si ayvan kasi ayaw ng wooden, siguro sumasakit ang pwet (hehe).

    Im looking forward for more kain-sa-labas-with )-your-family post. God Bless Jen.

    1. Truth! Naku ubod ng likot talaga si Jami. Thanks Jenny, hoping for more review. =)

  3. Sarap naman ng food trip nyo! Madami nga raw restos dyan sa River Park, hindi naman kami nagagawi pa ulit. :)


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