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Our Short Side Trip to Baguio for our 9th Year Anniversary

Last month, Daryl and I celebrated our 9th year anniversary. We're not married yet so the anniversary was for our boyfriend-girlfriend stage pa. I just can't believe that time flew really fast, it seemed like it's just yesterday. #tumatandanaako

Anyway, our original plan was to go out and eat at one of the restaurants in Alabang Festival. I scored a discounted deal online which I really intended to use after our anniversary. I have work on the day of our anniversary so we have to reschedule the date the next day, 25th.

Everything was planned until 2 weeks before, I was told that Daryl's cousin's wedding is being moved on the 25th as well which will be held in Pangasinan. We don't have a choice but to cancel the original plan and use the voucher some other time. It was too late for me to file a leave in the office since they require a notice 2 weeks prior. In return, Daryl promised me that we'll do a side trip to Baguio na lang on the same weekend since it's just 2 hours from where their relatives are.

We went back to Las Pinas first so I could pick up some things for Jami. I ordered accessories for Jami online which thankfully arrived on the day before the wedding. =) Daryl and I decided to buy Pizza from Yellow Cab in front of Robinson's Las Pinas. They're the only restaurant open on our way home so we bought their 4 season pizza which was our first time to try. I just asked them to prepare the food and we'll be back after 30 minutes. We went home first to pick things up then went back to Yellow Cab. While on the car, we munched on the pizza and the half baked potato wedges. =)

4 seasons Pizza from Yellow Cab
Sorry about the poor quality of the photo. We were inside the car kaya yung light lang sa loob tapos blurry because we're moving. :p

We left Manila after office at 1am of Saturday (office ends at 10pm). I have to pack our clothes morning of Friday so I could go to work then go straight to byahe to Pangasinan na.We were 5 of us plus Jami. Daryl's the one who drove the car so imagine how tired I am carrying Jami on our way. We don't have a drive seat for him since the car wasn't ours. Aside from that, there's no place to put the car seat since the car is pretty jam packed. Good thing, SCTEx and TPLEx are now available which made it easier for us to drive up North. We arrived at 3:00am in San Fabian which we had plenty of time to sleep before we attend the wedding. It was my suggestion to leave Manila at 1am so Jami could sleep all through out the way. Last time kasi, we left 6am and arrived before 12 noon na. It was so messy since Jami woke up and threw up twice.

At 10am, we attended the wedding which was really close to our accommodations (Daryl's relatives). It was near the "Beautiful Beach" in San Fabian. Although we have to cut it short and leave early since my tummy acted up. I don't know what happen but the night before, I was having LBM na. I ate Chicken curry and Bananacue. I bet it wasn't a good combination no?!

We just spent the whole afternoon napping so we could make bawi the other night's lack of sleep. That night, while I was trying to google map our way to Baguio, the oldies persuaded us not to go because of the recent news of landslide along the way. They said na delikado daw and all. I am starting to feel sad because the last time we went there, we were supposed to go to Baguio too pero hindi natuloy for some reason. Then now, hindi na naman. Daryl said that we'll commute going up to Baguio na lang because the oldies doesn't want us to use the car.

Early morning of Sunday, we headed to Baguio riding a Victory liner non-airconditioned bus. For me, it was perfect (aside from the fact that na kandong ko si Jami which my legs numb) since the air in the province was fresh and malamig unlike here sa Manila. It took us 2 hours to get to Baguio taking Marcos Highway with one stop over. Jami slept the whole ride going up and I had some time to sleep too.

Finally, I could smell the pine trees and see the beautiful mountains of Baguio.

On our way to Baguio
 I was really excited and giddy seeing that we were almost on top of the mountain. The last time I went to Baguio kasi was 3 years ago na. The fog was a little low since there were rainshowers at some part.

I guess Jami was really happy too. =)
We experienced a little traffic before we reached the terminal so it we arrived on the city proper of Baguio at around past 10am. We walked our way to SM Baguio so we could grab something to munch on and to go to Comfort Rooms.

Varsity Jacket from SM ; Inner wear from Garage Sale ; Shorts from Gingersnaps (Thanks Tita Fraulene) and Shoes from Tough Kids SM

Jami kept on running around SM's Veranda. We grabbed Dunkin' Donuts Munchkins when it had another rainshower.

Mandatory photo before we left SM

And here's my Outfit of the Day:

Top and Skirt from Terranova; Boots from S&H (borrowed from Tita Fraulene :p) ; Bag from Kimbel in SM gifted by Nanay
Oo, ako na ang nag mini skirt. It wasn't that cold naman, believe me. I thought we don't have to commute kasi we would bring the car going up pero since the oldies doesn't want, ayan.. Ako na ang nag commute sa Baguio ng naka mini skirt at boots. Hahahaha!

We proceed to one jeepney terminals near Burnham Park (we walked from SM down the Session Road, turned left for Burnham Park's jeepney terminal) and rode going to Mines View Park. It was the first place I thought of visiting since we only have 2 hours to stay in Baguio. Sadly, this was the shortest stay I had with Baguio. We don't have a private car so we have to commute our way everywhere.

I forgot that Mines View is near Good Shepperd pala no?! It was a good thing kasi I wanted to buy Ube for pasalubong.

Wait side kwento:

Me: Teka, lagpas na ata tayo!

Daryl: Hindi pa, dun naman sa Mines View yung huling byahe ng jeep eh.

Me: Hindi, feeling ko talaga lagpas na tayo! Nakita ko na yung entrance ng Mines View nalagpasan na natin.

Then we saw Wright Park.

Me: Wright Park na to eh! Lagpas na tayo. Itanong mo na sa driver.

Daryl to his seatmate sa jeep: Kuya, dumaan na ba ng Mines View?

Kuya Stranger: Hindi, dun pa yun.

Daryl looked at me.

Daryl: Sabi ko sayo e. Nagmamarunong ka na naman.

Hahahahaha! Kung nagkataon pala, naligaw pa kami. What I saw pala was the Botanical Garden. Sorry naman, nakalimutan ko na. 3 years ago since I've been here tapos naka commute pa.

Anyway, there were a lot of people when we got to Mines View. Buti na lang, the rain stopped so we were able to roam around and take pictures. =)

What a nice view of Baguio.

Mommy and Jami at Mines View Park

I look small from the top angle no?! Naku, I have to work on that. Heheh!

Daddy looked like goons here!
Kainis si babe may bandana sa ulo. Hayy.. He seriously have to get new clothes na no?! He's the type of person na hindi mahilig mag suot ng mga damit na maayos. I mean, he looked under dress tuloy samin ni Jami.

After our picture taking, we decided to go back up since ang daming tao whose waiting for their turn sa good spot. We saw the horse going down the view deck so when we get back up, we took photos with it. Of course there's a fee of P50 for 3 pictures taken with the pink horse.

Jami's shocked with the horse's pink hair. Hehe :p
We also checked the souvenirs shop but opted not to buy anything. :p

At the Mines View Entrance
We decided to go to Good Shepperd na to buy Ube.

I'm so shapeless. I have to do something about it na. =(
It was just a walking distance from Mines View. I really loved that Jami was so game in walking a long way. =) Look at him, parang siga maglakad. I immediately bought 3 small bottles of Ube which costs P200/ea. I didn't know na ganun na pala to ka expensive no?!

We have to go home by 1pm since we'll travel back to Manila by 4pm so we headed back to SM Baguio which was very near the bus terminal and took our lunch there.

Side Kwento again:

We took the taxi from Good Shepperd back to SM instead of riding the jeep. Daryl insisted on it since pagod na daw sya in carrying Jami. When we got off the taxi..

Daryl: Ang galing dito Babe, sinusuklian ako nung driver sa binayad ko sa kanya. (Our fare was arounf P70 and we handed him P100).

Me: Ganun talaga dito sa Baguio. Honest sila, sa Manila lang naman yung mga driver na hindi ka na susuklian eh.

Which is true diba? Try mong sumakay ng taxi dito, maaasar pa sayo yung taxi driver kasi hinihingi mo pa yung P20 mong sukli.

Going back, when we got back to SM, we looked for a place to eat pero every restaurant were full of people. It's past lunch time pero ang dami pa ding tao. I suddenly craved for Tonkatsu so we decided to eat at Tokyo Tokyo na lang.

Look! Our anniversary date =)
We waited for about 10-15minutes before our food arrived. Hindi ata napansin nung crew yung number namin kung hindi pa namin pina follow up. Ayun, gutom na gutom lang ang peg namin.

Sumo Meals for P299 consists of Tonkatsu and Honey Chicken Terriyaki with Unlimited Rice
After our meal, we headed to bus terminal and rode a bus going to Dagupan na dadaan naman in San Fabian so walking distance lang to Daryl's relative.

All in all, our trip to Baguio was ultimately short and bitin pero we sure had fun commuting :p haha! I promised to be back here and stay in for days. =) I won't suggest going here on rainy months. The best months I guess are November to April.


  1. Happy anniversary sa inyo sis! Sana mayaya ko din ang jowa sa mga out of town trips na ganyan medyo tamad kasi un.



  2. Nakakarelate ako sa mga taxi driver na hindi nagsusukli dito sa Maynila, minsan pa nga naghihingi pa sila ng tip. Sakit sa ulo. Hehe. Anyway, mukha nmang enjoy kayo sa trip nyo sa Baguio lalo na siguro si Jami.


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