Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Terrible Two Jami - A Start

Sorry guys ha?! I was not able to blog a lot nowadays because I lost my phone. I don't have a tool to take photos so mejo lie low muna tayo. My plan was to buy a smartphone (Samsung) or I'll have a small phone for texts and calls then I'll have Ipad na lang since I'll be using it for blogging and photos. Anyway, wala pa naman budget so it's too early to decide. Hehehe!

I miss instagram a lot na.. Huhu! Kung kelan naman nag eenjoy na ako sa gamit nya, saka naman ako nawalan ng phone. Follow nyo ko ha? @itsmommyjen

So eto na nga, what I want to blog about today was about Jami.

This weekend that passed, we stayed at home so we could take a rest. Jami just got sick last week and ayoko naman na mag umpisa na naman ng byahe. Everyday kasi, dinadala yan ng Daddy nya to their hometown tapos dun nya inaalagaan. I can't get the difference of taking care of his son sa bahay.


Anyway, I had a good 48 hours to study Jami's behavior - a little. I didn't notice that something has changed to Jami. Akala ko kasi because he was not feeling well at kagagaling lang sa sakit so he must have been really grumpy.

Yesterday, I noticed that Jami shouts a lot.

Jami: Mameee...... Mameee.... 

He was calling me and would stop until I answer back. He was shouting on top of his lungs. I thought it was normal or he was just trying to catch my attention, fine.


Jami was playing when he notice something that he wants to get from me. Say for example a pen, I wanted to write about our expenses when he would go to me and would take the pen away while saying..

Jami: Sulat.. sulat.. 
Me: No, wait. Mommy muna. 
Jami: Sulaaaaaaaaattttttt!!!!!!!!!!

Then would sit down on the floor while crying. I will do my best to make amo and would give the pen (which I do have the intention to give the pen in the first place, I was just trying to finish what I was writing about) but he won't accept. Maglulupasay sa sahig while crying and won't give in to anything that I'll say to him.


There was also a time when he was playing with his toy cars, I was in front of netbook checking my facebook account when he would cry and would give his toys to me. He was blabbering and I can't understand what he wants me to do. When I touched the cars, it was wet. Sinubo nya pala sa bibig nya out of his annoyance to the toy.

Since the toy was wet because of his laway,

Me: Okay, pupunasan ko na yung toys oh. Punas.. Punas.. while rubbing a cloth to his toy.

When I gave the toy back, he was fine and continued playing with the car.

After 30 seconds, he would cry again while giving his toy to me. I have to make sure it's all dried up then would give it back, he'll play with it and would cry again.


Last Sunday night when we were inside Amber in Las Pinas, we were waiting for our dinner to be served. He was seated in one of their high chair while I was watching what he was doing. He was playing with coins when he shouted really loud. The lady who was 3 chairs away from us looked at us with an annoyed face. I looked at her with a questioning face as to why she was annoyed. Hahaha! Oh dear, I can't wait for the day that we'll be in the mall and Jami would throw tantrums. I could already hear people's judgement and those annoying look.


This morning, he was crying again when I asked kung anong gusto nya. He was just crying and won't tell me what's the matter. When I checked him, may poop pala so I told him we'll go to bathroom.

Jami: Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! (with matching lupasay at nagpapabigat so I would have a hard time carrying him to the bathroom)

He didn't win. I took him to the bathroom so his Daddy could wash his pwet. I was dressed for work na kasi.


Out of all these.. I had a conclusion that Jami is starting a "Terrible Two" stage. I had previously read some articles about this stage and I didn't know it was true until I had Jami who was doing it now. Honestly, I feel a little hopeless. I have read that toddlers undergo this stage and they throw tantrums since they can't communicate well yet. They don't know how to express their feelings properly which always ends up on tantrums. I was torn between understanding Jami's feelings and try to view things on his own eyes without spoiling him. I don't want to make him feel naman that whatever it is that he likes, he'll gets. I want to limit the no's because I want him to experience his surroundings but I also don't want to risk that he would be so spoiled he knows that I am powerless.

I talked to Daryl last night and explain about terrible two. I know Jami is close to that stage and it's starting. I told Daryl to calm down when Jami is throwing tantrums and calmly ask him what he wants. I also told him to observe Jami closely since they will be together most of the time.

Here are the things that I am doing so far.

1.) Ask. Based on what I read, they cry because they can't communicate what they want to tell you.

I always ask him "Bakit?" or "Bakit ka umiiyak?" "Ano yun?" "Anong gusto mo?" Most often than not, he would answer with a cry but still, I ask him.. Like this instance..

Jami was crying.

Me: Bakit? Anong gusto mo? Sad ka ba? Sad??
Jami: Indi (Hindi or No) 

I think I have to tell him how to say what he feels. Like happy, sad, hurt etc.

This morning inside the car, he was sitting on my lap when he started crying again.

Jami: Pusod.. pusod..
Me: Bakit ano yun? Pusod? (then I covered his tummy with his sando)

He hugged me and stayed like that for around 5 minutes. I asked him if masakit ang tummy but he didn't answer. When I asked him to sit on my lap again, pinapalaiit nya yung tummy nya then I had an idea that his tummy aches. Kaya pala he was saying "Pusod". Hayy..

2.) Calm.

I always try my best to calm down when cries or shouts a lot. Pero there were times na I start to think na maybe it's too much na and he might grow spoiled naman. OMG, ang hirap lang.

3.) Talk.

There were times that Jami would be so grumpy I would talk to him. I would hold his face so his attention will be at me then I would start talking saying "diba sabi ko be good ka lang?" then he would start to cry a little as if he's trying to defend what he did. I don't know if he understood what I said pero at least, I tried my best to communicate. Hehe.

So yan, mga bakla. Yan lang muna ginagawa ko today. I don't know yet if this works pero I am hoping that this will past and Jami would not be spoiled naman. =)

Kayo? Any tips?.. =)

Enjoy the rest of your week. =)


  1. Terrible twos stage wasn't really fun for me. They started yelling and throwing tantrums but still, we have to take control if not,we would be raising spoiled brats which is a no-no for me. Goodluck!

  2. My twins are not yet reaching 2 yrs old and I feel like andun na kame sa terrible stage!

  3. Try to put him in the "corner" while he is having tantrums and leave him alone until he calms down and then talk to him. It works for my daughter same age as jami.

  4. Wala ako masabi kundi good luck sayo. More patience siguro. Haha. Cute ng pics nyong mag-ina, in peyrnes. Ampogi ni Jami mo. :)


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