Friday, August 7, 2015

Vitacubes Fun Day at Fun Ranch Ortigas

Last weekend, Jami and I was invited to attend the launch of Rebisco's Vitacubes.

I was really excited to attend the event since this was the first event I'll have for 2015. What a way to start August. =)

Days before, I searched in Google Map on how I could go to Fun Ranch in Ortigas. I am really not familiar in that part of Metro Manila since it's beyond Robinson's Galleria. Unfortunately, Daryl wasn't available to accompany us so I went alone with Jami.

We took MRT until Ortigas Station and rode a taxi from there to Fun Ranch.

Good thing, I was able to experience Fun Ranch in Alabang so I am quite familiar with the set up of the place. It was just amazing that Fun Ranch in Ortigas, for me, is a lot bigger compared to Alabang.

Anyhow, I immediately saw the venue where the event will be held due to their helpful banners around the area. As I entered the venue, I was so giddy to see the balloons and the venue set up. There were a lot of purple and white ballon. As soon as Jami saw the play area on the right side, ayun.. naglaro na agad. I signed up and took Jami out since wala pa yung ibang Mommy participants and at the same time I know we will be able to have a chance to play inside their indoor playdium.

Yun lang, I didn't know we will be given a wrist tag pa pala. Hehehe. I thought they would accommodate us agad, I got a little haggard lang kasi gusto ng pumasok ni Jami inside playdium eh I have to buy pa socks (I forgot to bring one for me. I paid P50 for it).

Jami inside ball pool
Endlessly going up and down. He really has to have those balls at hand
More running. Paikot-ikot kami.. Hayy, Pawis na pawis kili-kili ko
I opted to play inside the playdium first before the event starts so Jami would get tired and won't run around the venue. Since we arrived before 1pm, we had the chance to play for a good 1 hour. I think it's enough lang since we can't keep playing inside dahil there were place na he can't go on his own pa. Besides, there were a lot of bigger kids who were all having fun, sometimes I'm scared that he'll be pushed or bumped accidentally kaya tama na sa kanya ang 1 hour. =)

When it's around 2pm, we went back to the event venue (Main Barn) so we could participate and basically see what Vitacubes prepared for us. I was so glad to finally see Mommy Rackell ( I saw a lot of Mommy Bloggers, I was so shy to approach them. Hahaha! Good thing, Coi ( arrived shortly. We have been chatting on facebook lately so I know we would expect each other at the event. I have decided to sit on the far left of the venue where comfy seats were offered. Jami was getting cranky and tired so I have something to put him comfortably.

Talk about Vitacubes

The event started with kids dance showdown. Although Jami's having his milk, I just won't miss the opportunity to see him dance. He loves dancing so I carried him and encouraged him to stand on the stage and dance. HE DID! I was really glad. He was dancing like those kids of other Mommy Bloggers on the stage.

Observing at first

Dancing his heart out
 I was really happy at that moment, I can't be any prouder of my little big boy. =) I hope I could download the video for you to see guys. =)

There were vitacubes sample on tables and I know I have to taste it. I was surprised that it tastes good ha?! I gave some to Jami but since he's sleepy, dinedma nya.

From the insert:

Vitacubes are cube-shaped jelly candies that come in different fruit flavors - Strawberry, Apple, Grape, Orange, and Mango. Aside from delicious taste, Vita Cubes are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals (Lysine, Zinc, Vit. A, Vit. B, Vit. C, Vit. E) that are important for growing children. 

A little later, the kids and the kids at heart were entertained by magic show.

Busy watching the magic show

Blurry photo :( That was Mommy Rackell behind Jami

Jami loved the hotdog, he wants more pa daw. Hehe!

 After the show, we were treated with food. Very appropriate to hungry kids and Mommies. =) I asked for kid's plated food for Jami which I was not able to take a photo of. Anyway it was the same food I ordered and ate during our visit to Fun Ranch Alabang. Food for Mommies were served buffet style. I really wasn't able to eat because it was just me and the sleeping Jami. I had the chance to sneak out when Jami fell asleep and Coi's hubby was there to look after Jami. Grabe, I feel so kawawa. Kelangan ko talaga ng kasama next time. When I got to buffet area,what was left was spaghetti and barbecue but since I am not that hungry (I ate Jami's leftover) I skipped the mini burger.

There were discussion about Vitacubes which I really got interested in. I want to know what this new product can offer me. Questions about vitacubes was entertained too. The organizer prepared raffle prizes for Mommies and I am so glad to win. Hehehe! I was called first. First time 'to, promise!! =)

I won this..

It was really nice talaga. Jami can sit on top of it kasi mejo malambot yung takip eh. =) I also had a voucher at Star City for two. =)

There were games held until it's time to go home. But before that, we were given a token where we'll have a chance to review vitacubes which I'll post shortly. =)

The event was a success! Thank you very much Mommy Bloggers Philippines and Rebisco for having us. We sure had fun. =)


  1. Congrats Mommy Jen! At least worth it yung pagpunta nyo ni Jami db. I'm so happy to finally meet you. See you soon!

  2. Waaah. Another post about this I will cry na. Huhuhu. I am so unfortunate for not being in this event. Good to know that Jami and Mommy enjoyed.


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