Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Weekend Shopping Loots

The weekend that passed was a busy one for my family.

Jami bumped his head and had a very big bukol on his forehead last Wednesday. So kawawa talaga kasi ang laki ng bukol nya, nag mukha na syang avatar. =(

Anyway, I didn't bother so much kasi I trust that Nanay and Tita Fraulene would take care of Jami very well. I know that if the untog was really worst then they would bring him immediately to the hospital.

I got worried last Friday since his bukol showed a big bruise in the middle. I know I just have to bring him to his pedia to have it check for sure. I didn't go to work so I could go with him to the clinic.

Warm compress courtesy of Daddy
We were told to warm compress his forehead to lessen the bukol. His nose bridge quite swollen because of the big bukol. Look at his eyes, can you see that it looked like he was punched in the eyes because of the blood going down the sides of his nose bridge until under his eyes. Sobrang kawawa naman. Hayyy..

The doctor saw that he was his usual self - malikot, hyper and masayahin so she opted not to order a CT Scan for Jami. She said to observe him in the coming days. As long as he's not sleepy than usual, not vomiting, he should be good.

After our pedia visit, I was planning to go to SM BF since I haven't been there, timely they were on 3 day sale last weekend and I really want to check it out. However, since it is just me and Jami, I don't think it will be a good idea. I may not enjoy going there because of the non-stop habol and karga with Jami. I decided to go to SM Southmall instead which is a walking distance from pedia's clinic.

When we got there, I was so hungry so we ate first at Jollibee thinking that Jami would eat spaghetti.

Look at his nose, mejo namamaga pa.
After a while, we headed to SM Department Store to check if there were clothes for toddlers that are on sale. I don't want to buy clothes in SM kasi na hindi naka sale eh. I usually wait for one. =) Timely, I was given a P500 SM GC that I decided to use. We kept on roaming around from kids section to check what would best fit to Jami. I used in seeing him with shorts that was hand me downs mostly from his older cousins. This would actually a first time to buy a short or a pants for him. I am in a constant lookout of a nice pants for Jami. I want him to wear a jeans that's well fitted. Well, most of their pants were not on sale so I skipped that part muna. I just want him to wear something new naman since most of his shirts and pants were given to him on his first birthday pa. I guess it will be the best time naman na to get him new clothes. =) Besides, sooner or later, he would choose what he will wear so why not take advantage of the now. hehe.

I forgot to take photo of the clothes pero we got to wore it the next day for a Jollibee party. =)

Shirt P159.20 ; Shorts P200 both from Jus Tees ; Shoes from Tough Kids - everything from SM Dept Store.
The top was at 20% less and the pants was on 50% so I guess it was a good buy na din. I was planning to have him use his new shoes that I bought in a bazaar which I will be blogging about next, however, mejo maliit the size that I got so I have to replace it muna. He was wearing his hat that he wore here. I forgot to make him wear his hat, kulang tuloy yung #DwyaneJamesOOTD nya. Hehehe!

While I was thinking if I'll buy him his new shorts and top, I have decided to check the ladies section as well. I want to see if I can find something that I can wear on a children's party. As I have told you, all my clothes were luma na so one of my goals nowadays is to at least replace them and basically make them retire na from my closet.

As I was about to give up, I saw this really cute rompers in one of SM Department Stores' rack. I immediately fell in love. The only problem is, they come in Small and Medium sizes only. Anticipating that my size is Large (yes, I was kind of trying to accept it na. Pero hindi pa naman fully! hehe), I became sad knowing that they have no stocks left so I guess I have to hope that they would fit on me. =)

Mommy! I can't open the Vita Cubes pack!!
Jami was making kulit.
Hmmm... Yummy!

I placed him to SM's cart so I could roam around hehehe! We can't bring his stroller with just the two of us since it's very bulky. He was happy naman to be seated there. hehe! I just have to make sure that I won't leave him alone and always tell him to "sit down" as in maya't maya I am reminding him to sit down. I am so glad that he listens to me naman. When I have to go down to check what's underneath each rack, I just have to hold the basket so I would know if he's moving or doing something.

Anyway, I ended up getting the romper on the first photo which I think fits the best among the 3 styles that I got. The Second one was a little small for my bust area. Sayang lang because I like it as well. Hindi halatang malaki ang tummy. =) I skipped the last one. It was a dress and mejo masikip din on the bust area. Sayang lang because I like it as well for a weekend get up. =)

Later on, I still kept on going back to kids section to check naman which gift will we give to the birthday celebrant. While browsing thru, I felt that Jami was so silent and checked on him. I saw him like this..

Mommy!! I am getting bored na!!
Hayy naku, lalaki ka nga talaga, Anak!

Munching on Vita Cubes while Mommy was so busy. :p
Side kwento:

I was in the cashier na paying our items. I gave my SM advantage card and was reminded na expired na since July 2015. I have to renew since sayang naman yung mga points ko there. Anyhow, I was looking for my purse and searching my ATM since I planned to pay using my debit card. Unfortunately, I forgot that I gave my savings ATM card to Nanay and forgot to get it back. I was panicky since I don't have ample amount of cash on hand. Buti na lang, I remember having the P1k I kept in my bag for our house rent. Hahahaha! Borrow muna. I was also saved by the SM GC, whew! Thank God. Hehehe.

Mommy Jen was so happy with the purchase since one of my goals are on track. =)

Kayo? What are your recent loots?


  1. Aww...that boo-boo! I felt really bad too when our daughter fell off the stairs and had a big one.Part of being a kid,I guess.Hope he's okay!

  2. Cute ng OOTD ni Jami. Parang outfit lang nila Vhong Navaro and Billy Crawford :)

  3. I haven't bought anything sa grocery or sa mall recently kasi si namamalengke kami everyday. Heehee. Malapit lang kasi palengke samin.

    Kawawa naman si Jami. Kalikotan kasi na Age ang 2-5 e. Kailangan talaga bantay sarado. Sana lumiit na bukel niya. Get well soon Jami.

    1. Oo nga Jen. sobrang likot talaga. Good thing naging okay naman at hindi masama ang tama.

  4. Jusko ako sis kapag nauuntog sila kambal nagpapanick talaga ako. Buti ok na sya and he is so cute while waiting for u. I never tried bringing my twins on a shopping kasi that will be very very tiring.

    1. Nakakatakot din talaga kasi ang laki ng bukol. Anyway , it was one of the konting days that i take Jami shopping kasi sobrang likot


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