Monday, September 21, 2015

Banana Leaf Glorietta 3

Last Friday, I was really lucky to be invited by Elaine of Zomato, to mainly discuss about the company and how it works. I started Zomato couple of months ago and I guess, based on the last post I had there was 2 months ago.

Anyway, we had our lunch at Banana Leaf in Greenbelt 3. I know it wasn't my first time there pero hindi lang ako familiar in the place so I have to ask directions pa. I was also an hour late from our call time because of the terrible traffic in Las Pinas.

I was just so glad that Elaine patiently waited for me. Hehe! Thanks Elaine!! =)

We have just discussed some things about Zomato and was so glad that I made the right decision to sign up back then. I know I haven't been blogging about food lately and well, anything in general actually. I was pretty busy so I felt guilty leaving my account untouched for 2 months. I have eaten somewhere else pero I wasn't really able to touch my Zomato account.

Moving forward, Elaine ordered for me since I wasn't familiar with the food. I trusted she knows what she's going to order since she's been to a lot of foodie meetups. Here's what she got for the both of us.

I forgot the name of this appetizer. It was paired with a curry sauce.
Nasi Goreng and Deep Friend Pandan Chicken

Our food =)


1.) The place is really convenient if you're in Greenbelt area na. From elevator, you can see it on your right side. The store is a little small for me so it can get a little crowded on lunch time, I guess. We were there around 12pm so people were coming in to take their lunch breaks. I also love their seats. Very comfy paired with nice food. =)

2.) The appetizer was served immediately and it tasted great (forgot the name of the food). I bet it's lovelier when served hot (I took with me some of the left overs and it wasn't that good since it's cold na. My officemate said it tasted like hilaw na lumpia wrapper na. The curry sauce was good too.

3. ) I have tasted Nasi Goreng in 101 Hawker's Food house but I loved Banana Leaf's Nasi Goreng more. It was really tasty! Kanin pa lang, ulam na! One plate can serve 2-3 person's but maybe 1-2 if you're really hungry. Pandan Chicken tasted like a normal fried chicken (without breading). It was a perfect match with their Nasi Goreng.

4.) I love that you will get to eat in Banana leaf talaga! I am not sure if it's my first time pero ang sarap lang hehe!  Service was also great, crews were really friendly. I also like their outfits/uniforms. I am not sure if they change it from time to time but when I was there, I love the details of their dress. They looks so formal and sosyal.

5.) I was surprise that their food wasn't that expensive.


1) I wasn't really comfortble because sobrang lapit ng table to each other. I felt the next tables can hear what we were talking about and vice versa.

2.) I was so distracted with the color of the lights dun sa may counter nila. It was yellowish. I don't know if it was just me pero I don't like it. Distracting lang. Although I love the interior in total.

3.) I can't remember it clearly but the lighting was a little dull for me, parang malabo. Maybe it was intended to be like that. I wonder how their lighting is at night.

In total, I enjoyed our dine in experience here in Banana Leaf. I actually thought it was sort of refreshments shop. Hehe! Anyway, I can't wait to let Daryl taste their Nasi Goreng. I know he'll love it like I did. =)

Banana Leaf
Level 2, Greenbelt 3
Ayala Center, Makati Philippines

Banana Leaf Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. You finally met her! Welcome to the club! And btw the first pic is Roti Canai, that is my favorite food from Malaysia. Yan ang kinokonsider nilang bread. It has dips too.


    1. Ay Roti Canai pala yun! Haha. thanks sis =) Hoping to meet you soon.

  2. Sarap! Yung Nasi Goreng sa Solaire, panalo rin! Try mo yun pag nagawi kayo doon. Sulit pa ang laki ng servings. May Banana Leaf sa Rob Manila, sana maka-try kami minsan. :)


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