Monday, September 7, 2015

Jami's Sick

Hi guys, sorry for not posting any updates ha?! I was kinda busy with crochet kasi eh. hehehe! I was so addicted to it so instead of taking photos of the things I'll be blogging about, nauuwi sa pagko crochet. hehehe!

Aside from that, Jami is really getting sickly nowadays. Probably because of the weather na din natin - sobrang init sa tanghali then uulan sa gabi. Last month, he got sick. He had fever with colds. We also took him to ER in San Juan De dios Hospital to make sure that he wasn't sick because of his really big bukol sa noo. He was so makulit so nahulog ata sa bed ni Tita Frualene nya. We were told naman that the interval of his bukol and his fever was a little far away na to consider it being critical. We weren't asked to have CT scan na because his activity never changed. He was sick because of colds so viral lang naman.

He got better after couple of days pero he got sick na naman last week. He had cough naman after his colds. His cough looks worst pero the doc said that his lungs are clear so mainly bacterial daw. WE bought the prescribed antibiotic that he'll take for the next 7 days starting today. I am hoping that he'll get better anytime soon.

What makes me really sad is, sobrang laki ng pinayat ni Jami. I can see his bones na bumabakat na sa katawan nya. One thing that doesn't change is his weight. It stays the same kahit sobrang pigil sa pagdede dahil sa kakaubo nya. That's my reference na lang not to get to panic since he maintains his weight.

We had our check up yesterday and good thing he's not getting fever na. Again, we were given antibiotics now, meds for cough and anti-histamine. When his colds gets worst, we'll give him meds for colds na. Nakakaawa because he doesn't want to drink his meds but I insist, mas nakakaawa kasi kapag hindi nakainom ng gamot eh. Jami was so clingy din. Wala ng ginawa kung

Jami: "Mommy.. Mommy... Sama.. Sama... Mameeeeee.... Hug.. Hug.. Hug" (repeat 100x).

Honestly, I am tired pero I loved it. Very demanding nya and always looking for me. Malayo lang ng slight, tumayo lang, "Mommy, Si dan (sit down)". I know sooner or later, ayaw na magpa baby nyan so habang feel na feel pa nya, pagbigyan. Hehe =)

That's all for now and I promise to show you my artwork. hehe! See you guys soon!


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