Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Passport Application at DFA-South

Couple of months ago, my sister offered that she'll get Jami a passport so that I can come with Nanay inside DFA. Nanay wasn't familiar with government id's application including passports. I immediately said yes since Jami will have a sponsor na. Hehe.

Anyway, we booked our second appointment at DFA website on July 24th. Our first appointment didn't go through since Nanay lacks a lot of requirements. She doesn't have any government ids except her Voter's ID and Postal ID(old). She was asked to get NBI Clearance, Police Clearance and Barangay Clearance as a supporting documents. She also needs her Marriage contract from NSO (which I failed to check ahead of time, my fault). On that same day, I wanted to accomplish everything so we can go back before the office closes.

However, Nanay no longer wish to push through so we opted to accomplish everything on another day. Well, for your information, in case you were asked to get some documents, you can always go back to DFA office on the same time of your appointment everyday for a month. Since I was busy, we never had the chance to go back (I filed a vacation leave in the office for this actually) for the whole month.

By then, we booked another appointment so we could finally get everything. Unfortunately, Nanay was asked to get her Baptismal record since her birth was late registered. Jami's application has long been approved but I never push through the next step on our first appointment until Nanay would have hers done. But then, I opted to finish Jami's application on our second attempt since I can no longer be late nor file a leave in the office just to finish everything.

Well, my sister got mad kasi nga ang purpose ng pag sponsor nya ng passport ni Jami was to mainly get Nanay's passport. On my part, I pretty much trust Nanay that she knows what to do when she's there na. I have fully explained to her what she has to do before I paid everything for Jami. Nanay contacted her sister in Ilo-ilo so her baptismal record could be released. After a week or so of waiting, I went with Nanay to see if her Baptismal record would be enough requirement to finally process her passport application. I waited on the lower floor while she went up. I was checking on her from where I stand to see if she's been assisted. I was just surprise that she went down easily and happily said na ok na daw. Hayyy.. Finally.

Since we had her passport filed on a Saturday, it was automatically a rush process for P1,200 while Jami had the regular process of P950. Since Jami was more than 12months, he has to go to the same process of having an appointment.

Here are the list of things that you need to bring with you on the day of your appointment.

1.) Application form. Print your application form that was email-ed to you when you filled an appointment. It is very necessary since guards will check this before you can go inside DFA-South.

2.) Government ID's and Papers. Such as SSS, PRC, Driver's License. You can also bring secondary ID's like Voter's ID, Postal ID etc. You may check here for additional list of IDs and other relevant papers.

3.) Personal Appearance. Your presence is the most important of them all. Of course hindi maipa process your application unless you're there. You don't have to bring a passport size ID picture with you since this will all be part of biometrics. For baby or kids applicants below 18yo, the presence of the either the parent is important as well.

Anyway, here's your step by step guide for people in the south who chose to file their passport application in DFA-South.

1.) Their office is located at 4th floor Metro Gaisano (beside Alabang Town Center).

2.) The elevator going up the 4th floor has security guards. They will check your application paper if you really had the rights to go upstairs. Only one companion is allowed for Senior Citizen and children.

3.) As soon as you get to the next floor. There were chairs provided so everyone could take a seat while waiting for their turn. There were places for everyone depending on their appointment time.

4.) Once your time of appointment is called, a line will be formed so everyone could enter the DFA office accordingly. Another guard will check your application form and requirements and would ask you to form a line going to the reception table which is basically just in front of you, but with the volume of people, you would surely have to fall in line.

5.) As soon as you reach the reception table, your requirements will be thoroughly checked. You will be told of what things/requirements you still need before you proceed. If successful, a number queu will be attached on your form and requirements.

6.) On your right, there'll be a window queue where you have to form another line to reach one of the windows. For senior citizen and with child companion, you have to ask the security guard going around so he could let you know where to go. There's a courtesy window given to such. For those who doesn't fall in that category, you may need to fall in line, don't worry, there's a line of chairs waiting for you. =)

7.) It only takes 30 minutes for the whole process if you have all requirements ready (for babies and senior citizen applicantsonly. For those who doesn't fall on those category will depend on the volume of people but pretty much everything is in sync with everybody so you can go to each step faster).
8.) There's a photocopy machine inside so there's no need to go out in cases that you'll be asked to photocopy your IDs.

9.) No lines for cashier and biometrics. Everything went smooth for us.

10.) Release section is on a different room that has no lines either.

In total, I was really happy that DFA-South was organized. Given they have a very small place compared to DFA-Aseana, I won't mind since hindi dagsa ang tao. There were a lot of securities around as well kaya hindi magulo.

Now here's our little pogi baby on his passport picture.

This is the best photo that the biometric person can take. On his first photo kasi, he was really grumpy nakasimangot to the max. haha! So I asked if we could take more photos (photoshoot lang??) haha.. Buti mabait si kuya. =)

I can't wait to use our passports for our travel. Sana soon na.. =) For those who want to file a passport application, you may go to DFA website. Everything you need will be there including the requirements you need to bring with you. =)


  1. Ang cute naman ni Jami sa passport nya. Travel abroad na! Si rhian super baby pa sa passport nya, wala pa syang buhok that time. Hehe

  2. Wow, si Jami big boy na, pwede na magtravel abroad! :)

  3. Hi sis, need pa ba ng appointment yung 20 months old na baby? Kasi sabi sa dfa page 1 yr old and below. We really need the passport ASAP but wala na available slots sa reservation system nla.

    1. yes sis, need pa ng appointment kasi Jami was aroung 21 months nung nag apply kami eh. The fastest way was to get the rush process which is 2 weeks pa.

    2. pero dun sa appointment, you really have to go on their given schedule kugn kelan open. You may want to call DFA na lang to see your options. =)

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