Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Serenitea at SM Southmall

Couple of months ago, I bought a voucher from Deal Grocer. This was to try Milk Teas. I am really curious how it tastes. Despite the breaking news of a lady and the owner of the milk tea who died by drinking the milk teas, I still wanted to give them a try.

I never get the chance to use the voucher until last weekend after we brought Jami to his pedia.

Making kulit while waiting for our turn
I asked Daryl if we could go to SM Southmall so I can use my Serenitea voucher. He said yes since wala naman sya magagawa hahahaha! Thanks Babe.

SM Southmall is being renovated so I am no longer familiar with some of the stores that just opened. Wait, side kwento lang! I am really impressed in SM Southmall, months ago, they opened a Forever 21 store and Uniqlo. Now they are soon going to open H&M and Mango! Wow, sumashala levels na ang SM Southmall talaga. Haha! For sure kung wala pa akong anak, malamang dun na ako nakatira every payday. =)

Anyway, it wasn't my first time to try Milk tea talaga. I had a chance to try one when we had our stop over in NLEX the last time we went to Pangasinan. Before going back to the car, we passed by Mang Chaa Milk Tea. To my eagerness to try a milk tea, I have decided to buy one since hindi naman expensive - around P70 only.

That photo was taken last Friday at SMX as my sister and I visited the sort of travel expo. 

Mang Chaa Wintermelon Milk Tea with Pearl
Went crazy over cheap seat sale for Batanes. Pero fail ang mission. Hehe
Going back, we went to SM Southmall. I wasn't quite familiar on the lower level due to the newly established restos there. I have to check them next time, I guess. 

Serenitea is in front of the elevator beside Bowling Center. I was surprised to see they weren't just a stall but a physical store where you can sit down, read a book while enjoying your milk tea. 

When I enter the store, I can smell teas. Thinking about it makes me crave for wintermelon again. I guess that's my favorite drink as of the moment. There were a lot of people waiting for their orders too. Since it's my first time to try them, I wasn't quite familiar with their menu. I was so glad that when it was my turn, nawala yung mga tao. Hahah! I took my time checking their menu while the crew checked my voucher.
I know I'll get their Wintermelon Milk tea so I asked Daryl what he wanted to try. He's not familiar with milk teas to so I am in charge in giving him something that he might like. Hmm... I ran out of ideas talaga, we're not a tea drinker so I don't have a single idea on what would taste great. I asked the crew of their best seller and he offered to try Okinawa. Hmm,., Sounds interesting so I said Yes. Hehe!
Wefie while waiting for our order. Look how payat Jami became after being sick for the last couple of weeks. =(
Then our order came.

1 Wintermelon in Large with Pearls and Grass Jelly
1 Okinawa with Pearl
2 Hash Browns

I originally ordered Wintermelon with Pearl. I added the grass jelly for P10 since my order's short for my voucher's amount. When my order came, grass jelly lang and walang pearl yung wintermelon ko! Parang gusto kong maiyak pero hindi na ako nag reklamo pa. The kuya looked really pressured because it sounded like hindi nya alam kung paano iki key in ang voucher on his system then humahaba na ang line sa likod ko.



1.) I love the interior of their store. I can imagine myself enjoying my wintermelon while reading/blogging.  The smell of tea is very relaxing too although it can get a little crowd kapag
2.) Okinawa tasted like Wintermelon so I could consider that next time I'll order. I think their Wintermelon tasted the same with Mang Cha-a mas sweeter lang ang sa Mang Cha-a.
3.) Using my Deal Grocer voucher with them was a breeze. I just have to present my voucher and sign the paper, that's it. 
4.) I was surprised that they have hash browns so I ordered two. Daryl liked their Hash brown because it's flavorful though I found it too salty for Jami. 


1.) I should have enjoyed my drink more kung nakinig si kuya sa order ko. 
2.) Hash brown was so flavorful bagay lang sa tea but I wish hindi sobrang salty. 

Anyway, I loved how my short visit in Serenitea went. I think they're on sale again at Deal Grocer so I guess I'll buy another one. You'll never know when you need to buy a milk tea during mall hours. Hehe. =)

Lower Ground Level, SM Southmall
Las Pinas City

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  1. I love teas! I especially love wintermelon teas and Teh Tarik from Malaysia. Masarap din ung 3 Buddies ng CoCo. And my fave from Happy Lemon!


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