Thursday, September 24, 2015

World Chicken RCBC Plaza, Makati

Last friday, team Legals went on a lunch break treat at RCBC Plaza in Makati. It was a 5 minute walk from our office so we braved the night to get to our target restaurant.

It has been planned for a week and we were so glad we finally made it happen. We asked our schedules to have lunch all together at 7pm. It was a late lunch but super worth the wait. =)

We checked in Zomato any restaurants near us and we found RCBC Plaza. Along the way, we have decided to eat at North Park in Ayala Avenue but last minute changed our mind. We have finally agreed on World Chicken.

I personally had the chance to try World Chicken years ago with my sister but I honestly didn't enjoy my dine there (it was in Mall of Asia). During those time, I don't appreciate new food talaga. hehe!

Anyhow, we asked one of our officemate to go before us so we can order our food na. We gave the list of our orders since I have read in Zomato reviews that there times that the store runs out of their sidings. Good thing, it was passed dinner time and rush hour so we had the whole store by ourselves. =)

It was near their closing time
World Chicken offers a bone-less chicken then you'll get to choose your sauce over your chicken and 2 sidings.

Bacon Rice with Chicken in Teriyaki sauce plus Cheese muffin
I had their Teriyaki sauce for my chicken then Bacon Rice plus cheese muffin for my sidings. I wasn't that hungry talaga but I didn't like pasta so I opted for the muffin na lang. I had water for drinks. I failed to take pictures of my officemate's food. Nahiya kasi ako gutom na gutom na sila hahaha!



1.) I love the chicken. It was really tender and the Teriyaki sauce that I choose tasted great with the chicken. Somehow, their teriyaki sauce reminds me of peanut butter. I don't know how this sauce was made honestly. :p

2.) The Bacon Rice was good too. It was an ulam itself so for me, the chicken in Teriyaki sauce complemented the bacon rice. It's as if I had 2 ulam in one plate. The cheese muffin was a little dry for me. Little lang naman promise! Or maybe I was really full by then I was just trying to finish what's in my plate.

3.) For the price of Php181 for these, (without drinks) I think it's a good deal already. I was so full after meal and even after several hours after I ate. I guess it's a good alternative for unlimited rice meals. Haha! Or I just have a small to medium appetite?

4.) Staff were friendly. I had the chance to joke around with them while I was taking picture of the store front. I am not sure if the food were served on time since I had an officemate to go there before us. 


1.) The store was really small. Well I guess most of food stores in RCBC was really small to dine in. It's a turn off for me since I can imagine myself being there during lunch or dinner time with a lot of people dining in. There's a very limited space to move. I hope they can do something about it. As far as I can remember their store in Mall of Asia was small too but not in a suffocating level.

2.)  I hate their tables. It's moving while we were eating. Have you tried eating on a table na panay ang galaw? Haha! We were joking around because we may not notice, nasa dulo na pala kami ng resto because the table keeps on moving side to side.

Overall, I can't agree more that I enjoyed the food. I guess I had a wrong choice of sidings back then kaya I never went back. I was so glad I gave it another try after all those years of waiting. I kept on seeing World Chicken in Mall of Asia and I can't wait to dine there with Daryl anytime soon. I even mentioned to him that we'll eat there sometime. =)

Meet team Legals ( Euclid, Joyce, Lyden and Baby K) carbs on carbs on carbs. Hahah!

World Chicken
3rd Level, RCBC Plaza
Ayala Ave., Makati

World Chicken Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. I like world chicken! What I usually order is chicken in barbecue sauce, asian pasta or pesto and potato salad! Gusto ko tuloy mag-world chicken ngayon :( Hehe

  2. That's the one thing I miss working in Makati,everything's there. The chicken looks so yummy!


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