Thursday, October 8, 2015

Brother's Burger

It has been the second time that some of my office mates had the chance to have our lunch break on a resto that we haven't tried yet. We enjoyed each others company when we're eating out so hopefully this will continue for a long time.

Anyhow, we originally decided to eat in RCBC again. We had our first eat out at World Chicken and we're looking to try Ramen Kuroda. I backed out since they have a limited dishes to try and it will be my very first time to try ramen. I didn't find the menu appetizing for a first timer. hahaha! We then agreed on Brother's Burger and try Ramen two Fridays from now (if it rains).

RCBC also has Brother's Burger but we wanted to try our luck in Ayala Avenue (Convergy's Building). It was a little far away from the office and no one went there ahead of time so it ate a lot of our time going there and waiting for our order.

Our group

Extreme Bacon Burger

Blues Brothers Burger

Brothers Burger

Extreme Bacon Burger with Onion rings

Extreme Bacon Burger with fries for sidings

Now, here's my take of Brother's Burger.



1.) I love their burgers. Whenever I think about my order, nagke crave talaga ako. I actually asked for their best seller which I usually do if it's my first time to try the resto. I failed to read reviews from Zomato ahead of time since it was a last minute decision. I was told of their best burgers but they don't sound yummy to me so I ordered their Extreme Bacon Burger Meal. I swear I loved it. Probably because I love bacon and the fact that it has a little caramel coming from it that made the burger a little sweet.
2.) Their patty was really malasa. I also tasted their Bleus Brothers and for me it's cheesier. The patty tasted different somehow from the Bacon Burger although both were really tasty and yummy.
3.) The price ranges are okay with the size of the burger and fries/onion rings you'll get. We took the meal which includes a lemonade/ice tea. Onion rings were crispy too as per my officemate who ordered it for her sidings.
4.) The area is clean and very inviting. I surely would want to eat at Brother's Burger when given another chance. It's off peak during the time of our visit and it wasn't really crowded. I wonder what the store looks like when a lot of people are dining in. I just think that the tables in the middle were a little close to each other.
5.) The service is good, the staffs are friendly and attended on our request fast.
6.) They have security personnel which is a plus especially if it's late at night. 


1.) During the time of our visit, their airconditioned are broken so we have to rely on their fans which made me really uncomfortable when we enter the place. We came from a very long walk (knowing Makati where you have to go up and down the underpass to go places). It was so hot since we just came outside and were so tired. Good thing they have plenty of fans that they can provide to their diners. Hopefully, their ac is now fixed.
2.) Their lemonade was a little bland. Probably because matagal syang nababaran ng ice. Ok naman, hindi nga lang sobrnag tasty I couldn't tell if it's really a lemonade or water na kulay yellow. Hehe!
3.) Burgers weren't that hot when served to us. 

In total, I love Brother's Burger and I can't wait but go back here with Daryl and Jami. I know they will love it here too.

**credits to Lyden's phone for our photos. =)

Brother's Burger
Convergy's Building  Ayala Ave., cor.
H. V Dela Costa, Legaspi Village
Makati City

Brothers Burger Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. I've been living here for six years yet I'm not a burger lover yet! All I can really enjoy is McDonald's,there's something with the buns,I just really like it!


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