Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cold Stone Creamery, SM Mall of Asia

Couple of weekends ago, the three of us (Jami, Daryl and I) went to SM Mall of Asia to check the baby section of Department Store. I was looking for a decent outfit for Jami.I realized Jami doesn't have a formal wear at all. He has a lot of T-shirts gifted to him on his first birthday so I didn't really buy a lot for this year.

You may ask what is the formal wear for?! Hehe.. It's one of the things we did couple of weekends ago which I'll share as soon as it's out. =)

Anyway, I have a very limited time looking for a nice formal clothes because Daryl and Jami were waiting for me at mukang inip na inip na. I decided to go to SM Southmall again since I am pretty familiar on their Department Store. Mejo na o overwhelm kasi ako in Mall of Asia since ang daming stores, I don't know where to start looking.

Before going home, (we usually ride the UV express from Mall of Asia to Las Pinas), Jami saw a car stroller. He ran towards it and wants to ride the car. I carried and talked to him that he can't ride it since it belong to someone else. I promised him instead that we'll buy "SUWAKIN" (ice cream). I thought about Coldstone since I badly want to try their expensive ice creams. Napansin ko din that they were always shouting happily, having dance showdowns in front of their store so I was really curious about their service.

When we got to the store, there weren't too much people unlike those days that it's really crowded and there were a lot of customers. Maybe because it's near mall's closing time na. I immediately approached one of their staff who assisted me kindly and introduced me to their best sellers. I then placed an order and waited for a short while.

While waiting, I saw them offering the lady to catch her order. Of course mejo tumatanggi yung lady because she's not confident in catching the cup pero she did naman. I was nervous myself and wanted to shout too hahaha! I looked at those who were dining in and they looked happy everytime it happens.

My name was called and it was my turn to catch my order. I was telling Daryl to catch it for me pero the crew insisted that I'll catch it. He said he'll replace my order in case I failed to catch it but hey, I did! Hahaha. It was fun though. =)

We ordered one Chocolate Devotion for Php200+.

Here's the baby! Hindi pumayag na ma picture-an ang ice cream.



1.) The place is clean, inviting and well-lighted.
2.) Staffs were friendly and enthusiastic. They were so hyper all the time I wonder where they get all their kakulitan! No wonder there are always a lot of people in their store everytime I pass by. Before you receive your order, they'll give you a short entertainment so you'll be delighted even before you taste their ice creams.
3.) I loved their Chocolate Devotion. It's creamy and chocolatey with lots of brownies and fudge.


1.) Expensive. You can buy a cheaper ice cream but of course, not as good as their chocolate devotion.

In total, I loved our experience with Cold Stone Creamery. We bought one to give it a try. Aside from the fact that it's quite expensive, I am not a huge fan of ice cream talaga. Nevertheless, I would love to try their ice cream on a waffle and other flavors too.

I don't look good on this photo pero I like Jami's facial expression so I am sharing this. No judging please! Hahah.

Cold Stone Creamery
Main Mall, Mall of Asia Complex
Pasay City

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