Friday, October 9, 2015

Cute Baking and Kitchen Tools

When I became a Mom, I have been fascinated about baking and cooking. I have been watching videos online about tutorial for beginners on how I could make a decent meal for my own family. Having a toddler requires a skill of preparing a meal for them that could catch their attention or else, they won't bother. Plus, don't forget the husband who's waiting for you to cook an edible meal. :P

I have been to groceries finding things that I could use - in baking mainly although I haven't got the chance to actually bake (except no-bake recipes). I was aiming to buy a small oven I can use for practice once our budget allows which hopefully before the year ends. =)

I found cute kitchen stuff from

One of the things that I found really cute is this Silicone Train Design for Cookies/Biscuits or even cupcakes. I actually have a lot of idea. I'm sure Jami would love the cookies when he sees them shaped like cars and trains!!

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And since Jami also love Ice Creams, this TPR Silicone Palace Style Ice Mold will do the trick! I can put the ice on his favorite chocolate drink. I can already imagine how will he react seeing ice mold like palace.

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And finally, this 26pcs Stainless Steel Letter Shape Cookie Models. This will be a good way to teach him letters while he eats!

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There were a lot of other baking and kitchen tools to choose from. Just go straight to They don't offer just that, they have a wide variety of clothing for Men, Women and kids section along with other beauty accessories and many more. I was so surprised with a lot of things that they cater. International Shipping is also available for your convenience.

So what are you guys waiting for? Head on and have fun shopping. =) 

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