Thursday, October 1, 2015

Human Nature Review Part 2

I finally had the chance to try the Human Nature Kids Shampoo and Bar Soap. Remember my Human Nature loots here when I bought some of their items online to give it a try. I shared with you my review about their shampoo and conditioner so this time, I'll tell you about their kids shampoo.

As I have mentioned here in the blog, I have been researching about the best shampoo for Jami. He was so pawisin even he just took a bath. Maglaro lang yan ng konti, tulo na agad ang pawis kaya most of the time, nangangamoy pawis at maasim yung head nya. Nagmana sa akin si Jami sa kapal ng buhok kaya siguro napaka pawisin.

Anyway, our old shampoo doesn't do the trick anymore. We have been using that shampoo since he was a baby and from the time he became active, mabilis mawala yung amoy fresh ng ulo ni Jami. I kept using it since I thought baka sobrang pawisin lang talaga ni Jami. But then, hindi ko na din matiis, I was so eager to try other products that would improve the smell of his head to a more fresh and long lasting amoy. Recently, I tried another brand which I liked because it kept Jami's smell fresh for couple of hours. I actually just ran out of choice in the small grocery I frequent so I got that product. I am pretty much okay with it. I will try to blog it sometime soon.

Going back to Human Nature, I was able to use the kids shampoo I bought last month only two weeks ago. Jami's shampoo ran out pretty slow. Matipid kasi his previous shampoo because mabula. You know naman I have a thing with mabula diba? haha. So then when I had the chance na, I immediately tried the Human Nature Kids Shampoo.

Terminology used : Commercialized refers to shampoo that you can see in the grocery or those well known brands.

Human Nature Kids Natural Shampoo
I bought the Tangerine Thunder for boys in 50ml for Php 49.75



1.) This shampoo really worked for Jami. As I have mentioned, right after he took a bath, maglaro lang ng konti, pawis na and the fresh smell of his old shampoos were gone. I was so surprised that this shampoo smells really light, hindi matapang, the most of all, hindi nag aamoy pawis ang ulo ni Jami. Promise! I really liked it. Even at night when I get home and I smell Jami's head, hindi amoy maasim.

2.) It's foamy din so I have nothing against it. I sometimes use it as a body wash since it shampoo and body wash naman talaga so it's all in one din like other kids shampoos in the market.


1.) It was with the same labnaw with Jami's old shampoo. Oo, I have a thing with malabnaw hehe but it wasn't something to worry about, mejo maarte lang ako sa shampoo talaga.

I also had the chance to try the Kids Bath soap.

Human Nature Kids Bath Soap


1.) The bath soap was very mabula. It has the same clean fresh with previous soap that Jami and I use. The only difference with Jami's old bath soap with Human Nature, his old bath soap isn't as foamy as Human Nature. It was irritating for me since I want my shampoo and bath soap to be really foamy whenever I use it.

2.) The scent of the soap wasn't matapang. I can't tell what it was smells like but I know I am familiar with the scent from my childhood days.


1.) The soap easily melts. I used it for only 2-3 days. I usually place it over our drum where it sometimes accumulate water when someone takes a bath. I think it was left there for the whole day then when I came home, wala na sya. I just hope hindi masyadong madaling matunaw.

Human Nature Bug Shield Mosquito Repellent
This mosquito repellent was the main reason I bought Human Nature product. I made kwento about it here. Now here's my take on this item naman. =)



1.) I am not using this as much because our house doesn't get really malamok or madaming insects. Although I was able to use some amount when we were in Pasay for a sleep over. I would say that the lotion isn't sticky.


1.) I don't like the scent/smell. Mejo matapang kasi but I guess mosquitoes hate this kind of scent eh. I am just not certain though. Haha!

Anyway, I couldn't say yet if the mosquito repellent is effective or not since I and Jami are mostly inside the house lang. We also slept in an air conditioned room (when we're in Pasay) so hindi malamok while in our house naman, wala talagang lamok or insects. I will give you an update once we go out somewhere dark hehe.

Overall, I am happy with the products of Human Nature. I can consider using them if I have the time to place an order online and wait for it to be delivered. I have yet to find a local dealer of Human Nature so it would be easier when I run out of stuff. I surely love their Kids shampoo since it worked wonders for Jami's amoy pawis na ulo. Hehe.

This is the last part of my Human Nature Review blog post.

Thanks everybody! =)

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  1. I remembered I used their Sunflower Oil for stretchmarks eh katamaran na ulet bumili nung naubos. So I need to buy another bottle.


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