Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Jami Turned 2

Dear Baby,

Belated happy birthday baby Jami!!!

Last Friday, October 23rd, you turned two years old! Mommy can't believe it! Time flies so fast, you are growing big each day. You are actually almost half of Mommy's height now. Alam mo naman, hindi katangkaran ang Mommy mo, pero kagandahan naman diba?! haha. 

You can do a lot of things now, baby! You want to play all day. Sometimes, when you wake up in the morning, you'll say "Play.. Matthew.. Play." Kakagising pa lang anak, play na agad ang naiisip mo. Pero ok lang sa akin, baby ka pa in Mommy's eyes and I want you to explore the world thru play. Ganyan din si Mommy when I was younger eh, all I want to do all day was to play with my friends outside. Nanay doesn't want my playmates to play inside our house kasi makalat daw. Ako, I don't know yet.. we'll see, Anak.

You love bigger boys. You want to play with them rather than those of your age. Although you are confident playing with other kids around you, share your food to everybody who asks "Pahingi", Go up and down the chair, play with your cars and trains and airplanes. I admire that you learned to give food to other people at a very young age. There's just one thing you can't share, Anak. You don't want to share toys to your playmate. 98% of the time, you want the toys all by yourself. I have been telling you to "Share" pero you are not listening to Mommy. No pressure, Anak. Alam ko you'll learn eventually. You will figure it out yourself somehow and I am the happiest Mommy to guide you with that. 

You still don't eat a lot of rice and ulam, Jami. You only eat half spoon full and only around 5-8 subo lang. You don't want to eat a lot, I don't know why. You still drink milk on your feeding bottle which I am trying to think if I have to stop you or lessen the amount of your dede kasi I am worried about your teeth. You haven't been to dentist because Mommy was so busy since October came. Anyway, I'll do my best to bring you to the dentist this week. 

Jami, you know when Mommy is mad. Whenever I tell you that you did something bad, your face will be sad then after 5 seconds you'll say "Mommy.." with matching pa cute smile. How could I resist that? I want to get mad pero you are so cute to stay mad at. What Mommy do is, I'll hold your face between my palm then asks you to look into my eyes while I say what I have to say. With that, I know for a couple of seconds, you looked and listened to me. I just hope that it would make you understand what I was trying to communicate with you. I know you're smart and that you understand what I was telling you at the moment. I won't get tired of letting you know that I love you and that I want the best for you. 

Awhile ago, I can't decide on what to write about your birthday. Until I looked at you as I made your picture on my computer desktop. You are growing up as the baby boy I dreamed about when you were still inside my tummy. I can't wait to go home now to hug and kiss you. If I could just bring you in the office, I will so we could be together everyday. Don't worry, I am trying to figure out how I could work at home so Mommy don't need to leave you in our house. Yun nga lang, for sure when I am home, lagi ka din nakabuntot sa akin. Daddy often say na you're Mommy's tail daw because you go wherever I go. 

I love you so much baby. Please don't grow up too fast, I want to cherish every weekends and hours I have left in the day and night before and after work. I want to be beside you and wishes that Mommy will be your bestfriend until you grow older. You can share whatever it is that's making you happy, sad, bother, afraid etc. You will be my baby forever, Jami. Daddy and Mommy love you to the moon and back. We were so blessed to have you as our first born and we love everything about you. I may not be able to give you whatever your eyes desire, but Mommy has a very big heart to love you unconditionally just like what Nanay and Tatay did to us. 

You are my everything, Anak. You are Daddy and Mommy's happiness and the light of our lives. You are the reason why we're moving on. We love you to bits and pieces, Anak. Thank you for making us complete. =)


Mommy and Daddy


  1. Awwwww... how time flies nga naman! Happy birthday Jami!!! Hope to see you again very soon!!! :)

  2. Happy bday jami! Same tyo age ng baby. Try mo bugyan ng schedule ang feeding time and sleeping time. 3 times nlng milk a day or kahit 1 or 2 nga lang eh. Tapos sleep after lunch and 8pm sa gabi. That way makokondisyon ang appetite nya. Mas magugutom sya. Avoid too much snacking unless gutom sya. Pag nagsnack make it healthy like carrots or cucimber or fruits instead of biscuits. Dont introduce too much sweets yet. Good luck!

    1. Thank you! Yun nga ang gusto kong gawin magkaron ng routine kaya lang wala pa kaming househelp ngayon. =(

  3. Happy bday, Jami! Bilis ng panahon! Para kayong pinagbiyak na bunga ni mommy mo. :)

  4. Happy Birthday Jami! Hope to see you again soon. Sayang wala kayong picture ni Rhian.


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