Saturday, October 31, 2015

VitaCubes perfect for Halloween Trick or Treats

This year was very exciting for me and Jami. It's because Jami is big enough to enjoy Halloween parties. I really looked forward to couple of parties that we can go to! It was so exiting!!

So far, we had 2 Halloween parties that we attended and I could say that it will be a start of a yearly costume contest. We didn't actually pay attention to costumes this year due to lack of time. We had a lot of scheduled events this month plus Jami's 2nd birthday party so I didn't have plenty of time.

Jami and I enjoyed all the trick or treats and all the candies and sweets!

Speaking of sweets and candies, If I would have the chance to give out candies to kids for trick or treats, I would choose VitaCubes. It was so perfect for Halloween with the varieties you could choose from.

It has different flavors to choose from which I can guarantee that kids and kids at heart will enjoy. It has difdernt packaging too that you can give out on singles or in 50g packs. 

I blogged about VitaCubes here which will privude you more information about how healthy this yummy candy is.

As soon as I got hold of this VitaCubes from Rebisco, Jami wants to eat them agad!

see his hands? Gusto ng kainin! Sabi ko wait lang picture ko lang. Hahaha!
Look at how happy he is!! :)
We also ate the rest of single packs after lunch with Nanay. She loved it too!! :)

Here's a free model for you #Rebisco! 

Pardon the background di ko ma edit to blur the messy bed haha!

Thank you so much Rebisco and Mommy Bloggers Philippines for sending us Vitacubes.

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