Monday, November 30, 2015

#VPartyMidnightSeries #BreakoutPH Event

Couple of weekends ago, I was invited to join the #VPartySeries Midnight Mysteries. It was a partnership between Fox International Channel, Victoria Court and Breakout Philippines.

It was my very first time to be invited to an event like this and I am pretty much excited since I can get to bring another two companions with me! Yey!! I tagged along Daryl and his cousin Rayca.

I exchanged emails with Tracey, my contact person as she made me choose the room that I want. If you can remember, there were a total of 5 themed rooms that you can choose from. I originally picked The Bat Cave Room however, it has been occupied so I have to choose another room which was The Asgard Room. I was told I’ll be with another blogger. I originally thought that it'll be just me and my companions but then, it'll be so much fun to meet a new blogger diba?

We were running 15 minutes late and I we ran out of parking space. Good thing, the Kuya Guard allowed us to illegally park sa bangketa. Hahaha! I also had another child companion (daryl’s newphew) and thankfully, he was allowed to get in. There’s a movie marathon happening outside so your companions who weren’t going inside the rooms were allowed to stay and watch horror movies.

Set up on Victoria Court Ground

We were given our stubs for food (total of 4) and waited for our turn since they were still preparing the rooms pa. They were running late on schedules too. After a while, we were then allowed to enter The Asgard Room in one of Victoria Court’s suite rooms. Mixed emotions filled me – thrilled, scared, exited, and happy.I found out that I am with another Mommy Blogger Donna of Pinay Mom's Life. It was my first time to meet her though I wasn't sure if we have been to other blog events. She was with her kids naman.

Movie for companions

As we get in, we were given instructions plus a blindfold. We were told not to take off our blindfold unless told. We went inside a very dark room and we can only hear footsteps!!! I was so scared but happy since I can get to experience something that I can only watch on screen. I kept on thinking that it's just an acting if everything gets a little scary. I was trying to make everything fun as well but then daryl's cousin was so scared she wanted to go home na agad. I was like "kakarating pa lang natin!".

Here's what you see upon entrance
We were given instructions later on and found out that it was Daryl's cousin who were picked to go away from the group and was asked to stay in another room. It was so funny since we were asked to scare the hell out of her. hahaha! We found and her blind folded and looking so scared so tinakot namin, touching him on his arms and hair and when she can't take it anymore, she removed her blind fold which she was asked never ever removed it. She was saying "Ate Jen uwi na tayo, natatakot na ako." I can't help but laugh because she was really scared of what's going on. Hahaha! I don't mean to be rude to her but later on, I told her not to be scared since it's all just an acting. With that, I saw she somehow looked calm and no longer scared. :p

We were able to find some clue written on papers and acetates. It was sort of quotes jumbled. Mainly, the game was all about teamwork and be clever at times.

I won't detail what exactly happen inside as I want you all to have the same mixed emotions I felt inside BreakOut PH. I can't wait to experience other room that BreakOut PH has to offer. My officemates and I were planning to go there before the year ends. =)

By the way, we didn't win. =( But then, I had so much fun on the event and I can't wait until next Halloween. hahaha!

They also provided us pick-a food that we munched on while watching a horror movie.

Thank you so much Victoria Court and BreakOut PH for having us. =)

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Press Release: ATC Health Care COQ10

There were times in our life that we feel we are lacking something. We have been doing our best but then, we feels that nothing has happened. It's as if our effort has been put to waste.

Life could be unfair, there are people who are privileged that had a head start in life, but one thing is for sure, there’s no defined formula for one person’s success. Though it might be true in some points, success in life might have come easy for them. In life, you don’t have to start out being the best; you just have to start. You have to evaluate what you really want to do, and what’s in your heart. Love it and do it passionately.

Being productive can develop so many aspects of your life but in order to do so, you have to keep your body and mind healthy. To sustain that hunger for productivity, we have to make sure our heart is pumping all the blood our body needs. ATC Coenzyme Q10 is great for the heart as it helps improve its ability to pump more blood. It also lowers the viscosity of the blood, making it easier for the heart to function properly. However, ATC Coenzyme Q10 is not a medicinal drug and should not be used to treat the symptoms of any disease.

ATC Coenzyme Q10 is made possible by ATC Healthcare International, Your life ally! ATC Coenzyme Q10 is sold at SRP P 18.00 per soft gel. ATC Coenzyme Q10 is available at Mercury Drugs and all leading drugstores nationwide.

Press Release: ATC FISH OIL - Secure Your Heart

Heart is one of the most important part of our body. It supplies blood to our body and pumps endlessly for us to live our life to the fullest. I bet it is just fair to take care of our heart to make sure that we'll love longer and witness the good things that life has to offer.

The heart represents a lot of beautiful things - affection, love, and even life. Imagining a life without heart, and all the things that it represents, makes us feel useless, more so, dead (literally and metaphorically). Without our hearts, we will not be able to live and even love. And ATC Healthcare is one with you in protecting what guards your life and all its meaning – ATC Fish Oil.

ATC Fish Oil is also known to slow the development of plaque in the arteries and reduce the chance of abnormal heart rhythm. EPA, or eicosapentaenoic acid, and DHA, or docosahexaenoic acid, found in ATC Fish Oil are nutrients extracted from cold water fishes and these are also beneficial for the brain and eyes. With ATC Fish Oil, you can protect yourself against life-threatening diseases such as heart attack, stroke and other heart problems.  

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Monster Art Creative Learning Playground

Arts and Crafts is something I am really not that confident. I am not used in anything artsy as well as I am not that good in color combination –at all. I am wondering how would it be if Jami starts schooling and I have to help him with his assignments. Hayy..

In this generation, most ready to make arts and crafts are available in the market. You can buy do-it-yourself things in bookstores left and right then viola, instant arts and crafts for you. =)

I was quite hesitant when I was invited to join an art attack event last weekend. I am not sure if I’ll be able to pull it off since I am really not that artistic, if I may say. I was also told that the art is suitable for ages 4-12 years old but adults are very welcome to try. Jami’s too young for it so I registered my nephew, Gelo who’s 9 years old. Knowing that, I have decided to push through with it and see what this event has to offer.

We headed to SM Dasmarinas early last Saturday since our schedule was 10am. I have decided not to tag along my nephew on the last minute since we were running out of time. With the traffic along Aguinaldo Highway, we reached SM Dasma around 11am na. I was expecting that the event has ended and I may not be able to see what it was. To my surprise, there were children and some parents checking out this booth and realized it was my destination.

From Press Release:

Monster Art is a drop-in art and craft play space where children can have fun, make art and feel good adbout themselves. The aim is to hepl children discover their creative ability, build character and boost their self-confidence through wide varieties of easy, fun and mess-free art and craft activities. At Monster Art, children will make crafts of their choice with guidance from passionate and well-trained artists, which they can bring home and show their parents and friends. 
Monster Art was a small kiosk near Surplus and Bench Fix Salon. As soon as I introduced myself, I was asked to register then made me choose the design that I want. I am not getting it at first specially which design since I have no idea how things work. I ended up choosing Spongebob for my Sand art and an airplane design for my scratch card.

I started checking what other kids we’re doing. One of the assistant called me and explained how to peel of the sticker where we’ll put the sand.

I was told I have to decide which color to put in and make sure I’ll go with darker colors first before heading to the lighter one. I had a little trouble deciding which color to put on since I have to make sure Jami won’t mess up the sand colors placed on a big palette.

He started to scoop some pink colored sand and put it on the next color. Hayyy.. Toddlers talaga. Daryl stayed outside of the kiosk taking some photos while I deal with Jami and the sand art.

He was asked to wear an apron and a name tag too.

I had so much fun doing the sand art and I totally got hooked! I am sure everyone including adults will enjoy it. Nagsisi tuloy ako na hindi ko sinama ang pamangkin ko dito, for sure he’ll love it. 

I tried my best to make Jami understand what we were doing pero all he wants do is to scoop those sands out. Monster Art is really for 4 years old and up. =) 

A little later, Jami got bored so I have to leave him to his Daddy's care while I finish the sand art. Grabe enjoy talaga!! =)

I asked Daryl to finish the scratch art for me while I chase Jami. Hayy sobrang kulit talaga. 

Our finish product. =)
Wag na kayong magtaka kung bakit yellow din ang pants ni Spongebob! Akala ko kasi wala syang shorts tapos legs agad yun.. Hahahaha!

I also had the opportunity to speak to Meerly, the owner of Monster Art. She was very down to earth and knows her product well. Just looking at Meerly made me realize how much she loves art and how passionate she is on what she's doing.

After we're finished with our Mad Monster Package (1 Sand Art Card and 1 Scratch Art Card), I bid goodby to Meerly and offered to take a photo of us as a remembrance.
We also got to take home a loot from Meerly but since I got hooked with it, I bought some for myself and Daryl to try the Sand art too.

These are the scratch cards for P100/ea. The Glow in the dark sand art is also available for P110/ea
 I forgot to take a picture of the Glow in the Dark Sand Art that I bought but it sure was a hit with Daryl and his nephew. I brought one Scratch Card in the office and they loved it too.

If I am just closer to SM Dasmarinas, I would frequent their kiosk. =)

Anyway, Monster Art is perfect as a giveaway on your kid's party, for family gathering (to entertain the kids and kids at heart), or any other parties you could think of. Here's the price list for your reference.

Now if you're coming from south and SM Dasmarinas is quite near your place, you could always drop by to their kiosk. Here's the pricelist for your reference.

This price list only applies when you make your crafts in their kiosk. 

I was really hoping they will open a branch in Mall of Asia so it'll be much accessible. =) For orders an customize designs of your cards, you can email

Thanks so much Mommy Bloggers Philippines and Meerly of Monster Art for having us.

Monster Art Creative Learning Playground
Lower Ground Fl, SM City Dasmarinas (near Surplus and Fix Bench Salon)
09177298315 |