Monday, November 16, 2015

Blogapalooza 2015

As I have mentioned on my previous post regarding blogapalooza, I had the chance to go but I had a very limited time because Jami was with me. I was carrying him the whole time because his stroller was so bulky, I can't bring him and his stroller together. That same time, my MIL doesb't have a car yet that we can borrow and riding taxi from Las Pinas to Taguig was so expensive.

Anyway, I planned to go early however, I was so busy that weekend I fortgot to prepare my calling cards. So I printed it out that morning, waited for Daryl to come back home from an errand then went straight to a birthday party. It was around 6pm when I reached 1esplanade.

I signed up using their ipad na. High tech na compared to last year and it doesn't need more people to register everybody. It was so easy too, I was done in less than a minute. I was given a sort of ID where I can write my name on.

The first booth that I saw was Evporia. This company compiles shops in Instagram into on app where you could purchase stuffs. This makes you feel comfortable in online shopping too knowing that shops were pre-screened and proven legit. 

I had trouble going around since most of the booth wouldn't want to talk to you unless you talk to them. I was quite hesitant at first like what I felt last year kaya sobrang konti lang ang naiuwi, hindi ko din tuloy nai-market ang blog ko back then. Anyway, this year was different since I knew a few moms who were there. I saw Lally of and Jho of I had communication with some bloggers pero I wasn't able to make on our scheduled time due to another commitment. Luckily, Nheng of stayed until the end of the program so I had someone to talk to. She also gave me "kapal ng fez" to be proactive.

Anyway, I have been to a lot of booths after meeting with Nheng. Here they are:

Food Panda booth was there although I didn't get the chance to join their online contest. I don't have data until later that night. Booo! 

Hotel Quickly has an on going contest for bloggers as well. Download the app for you to get a freebie. I wasn't able to join too since my phone was running out of memory. Booo number two!

Booth of Bambu, one of the major presentor.

Visited Chips Delight booth #sharethedelight and got the chance to take home one of their product! Yummy promise! I was munching on it one time while reading Yes! Magazine. :)

Lactium booth gave free assessment of your stress level. I was surprised to find that I am highly stressed daw! Gosh! Feeling ko I was so stressed that week because of consecutive events!

I forgot this brand kasi I wasn't able to get near. They have an ongoing raffle, unfortunately, I came in late so I wasn't able to sign up. Boo number three!

This snowman is from Ace Water Spa booth. Look how generous they were, they gave me a lot of 2016 calendar and two mugs! hahah! =)

Cebu Pacific Booth. Sayang I wasn't able to make it on their raffle to Fukuoka, Japan!

Aquabest booth gave out their water sampler. Thanks Nheng for the photo. =)

Free caricature with Sosro fruit tea booth! Thanks Kuya for your wonderful artwork. =)

Now here are my take home from Blogapalooza 2015.

And the lovely mommies that I have met.

Nheng of Nheng's Wonderland and Lally of Lally's Reflection
Although for me, mas konti yung mga brands that participated this year and the venue was smaller than before, I would still be happy to go to future blogapalooza. It's more fun this year because I have met mommies along the way! :)

Till next year.. 


  1. Dame mu freebies from ACE! Ha Ha Ha!

  2. aaww... sayang hindi na naman ako nakapunta this year. huhu. hopefully, next year makapunta na ko.


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