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Jami's 2nd Birthday at Jollibee Shell Macapagal Northbound Review

Jami turned 2 years old last October 23.

I was originally planning to throw a Jollibee party for him. I had the budget limited for only about 30-50 persons which for me is enough naman. Later on, I changed my mind and decided to throw a simple party at home with relatives and some friends na lang since I don’t have much budget left due to our preparation for our first Photoshoot experience. However, my MIL wants the original plan and would be willing to shell out money for the party. Bilang si Jami lang naman ang nag iisa nyang apo, then I gave in, Jollibee it is.

I was in-charge of looking for a Jollibee venue that can accommodate at least 100 guests (including kids). Daryl belongs to a big clan so mainly, we need a bigger venue. Most Jollibee stores have function rooms that can accommodate up to 60 (and some 80) guests. I searched online and read blogs too that directed me to Jollibee Shell Macapagal Northbound. I tried a mock booking on Jollibee website and found that they can accommodate up to 150 guests. 

Jollibee Shell Macapagal Northbound

We visited the venue on a weekend where there 2 parties on going. I mainly want to check how the function rooms looked like so we could get an idea as to how the party looks like. This store has 2 function rooms. One can accommodate up to 60 guests while the other one is good up to 100 guests. This two function rooms can be adjoined and can house up to 150 (even 180 as per the manager I spoke with) guests.

We booked a total of 100 guests although based on the list we have created, we were anticipating up to 180. Yes, that many. Last year, Jami’s birthday in Shakey’s Newport had a standing ovation birthday party. There were almost 150 guests who went and we ran out of tables and chairs. It’ll be better this time to overestimate than underestimate the guests who are coming.

The package we got from Jollibee was a ‘create-your-own’ package where we decided on which food our guests will eat. They offer readily packaged food that can range from Php140 to Php200 per head. You may visit one of Jollibee branch to know more about the packages they offer. For ‘create-your-own’ you have to at least get worth Php4,000 meal before they allow you to diy your food. Since we booked a total of 100 guests, we were able to decide on the food that they’ll serve.

Here’s the list of the food and how to reserve your party in Jollibee:

**Since the total of our meal will go beyond Php4,000 we were given the chance to ‘create-your-own’ meal.

Chicken and Spaghetti meal with Soft Drinks (Value Meal) – Php99
Yum Burger (Ala Carte) – Php30
Peach Mango Pie – Php30
30pcs Party Hat – Php 0.50
30pcs Invitation – Php 1.50

A party fee of Php1,200 will be charged which includes 20 game prizes, 20pcs balloons, and Jollibee Mascot for 30 minutes. We also booked another mascot for additional Php1,000.

A down payment of at least P3,000 to reserve and blocked the date and time of your party is required. We wanted our party at around 3pm onwards pero booked na so we have to get the next available in the afternoon which was 1:30pm - 3:30pm. After a while, the contract was provided in two copies for me to sign then the invitation cards followed. I just have to manually write Jami’s party details on the invitation.

Actual Party

We arrived 15 minutes behind our schedule so it was a plus point that Jollibee allowed some of our guests to go upstairs and have their seats before we arrived.

We started really late. To our surprise, there were quite a few who arrived on the time we gave. I have written 1pm as the start of the party even it was really at 1:30 to give ample time for people to settle down. Some arrived 2:30pm na so we have to start the program at 2pm which was 30 minutes beyond our scheduled time. I was just glad that the hosts were understanding and were not in a rush even we know they have another event after.

Anyway, before the start of the party, they introduced me to two guys who will be wearing Jollibee and Yum’s mascot. I told them to make the party as happy as they can. Also, they asked if I want to add another 30 minutes to Jollibee and Yum’s appearance. Instead of the usual 30 minutes appearance of Jollibee on the last 30 minutes of the party, they could ask the mascot to participate during games for an additional fee of Php1,400 for 2 mascots. I agreed to it though since I bet Jami and the kids would love Jollibee and Yum to be around. 

Party Area

I was really surprise with how big the function rooms are. Given that it was adjoined, the party area they provided has swags and balloon arks for the cake and loot bags table. There were tables provided for the giveaways so I didn’t have a hard time looking for a place to put them in. Jollibee also provided a tarpaulin in front where cut out letters of Jami’s name was placed. The party area was clean and looked inviting since there’s a lot of natural light coming from outside. One thing that I didn’t like was that, it was so hard to take pictures because the “stage” was facing against the light. Most of the photos weren’t clear specially those who are using phone cameras only. Aside from that, I loved how the party area looked wonderful. =)


I had a total of 2 hosts for Jami’s party. I forgot their names na actually since I was so busy during the time and after Jami’s party. They were very jolly and communicate with kids well. They also communicated the games and how the program will run. Even questions to be asked to us were told ahead of time so we could at least prepare for a bit (like who will lead the prayer so the party will be blessed). One thing that I didn’t like is their sound system. It wasn’t that clear specially If you are seated in front. You could hear their voice clearer without microphone. I am not sure kapag sa mejo likod nakaupo. Anyway, they also arranged the giveaways and loot bags for me so that’s one less work for me. 


We had a little trouble with food that they served since someone made a mistake. Our initial order was Jollibee Spaghetti with Chicken but what was served has rice instead of spaghetti. There were several people that got their food before it came to me so I have to ask them why the food wasn’t what I expected. Some guests ate their food na so they have to pull out those that didn’t reach guests pa. I wasn’t happy with that since there were guests who’re eating na then most doesn’t have food pa. Around 5 to 10 minutes, correct food arrived na so everything was provided to guests. Pero since there were guests who have rice, some asked bakit sila wala? I have to communicate to them one by one that there has been a mistake in the food and luckily, all of them understood the situation.

The crew were very apologetic even the person who made a mistake approached me and said sorry about the inconvenience. I didn’t make a fuss about it since it’s my son’s birthday, eeksena pa ba ako dun? Haha. Of course, they didn’t make us pay the rice na.

Game Prizes

The party fee that Jollibee charges its customers includes 20 game prizes for the kids so I don’t have to buy game prizes na. For adults, I bought 3 starbucks P100 gift certificate that we gave out during adult games. 


I loved the kiddie games the hosts came up to. All kids participated although as far as I remembered, I had 1-2 games lang for kids. I just didn’t like the adult game (modelling) since most of my guests were very shy. Haha! Anyway, I was so thankful some Mommy and Daddy were able to pull it off anyway. =) I just hope they provided at least two games for the adults. Anyhow, they mentioned that the games will depend on how much time we have left. Since our party started late, there were couple of time we’ve missed. 


I didn’t take advantage of Jollibee’s loot bags at all since I have a different giveaway in mind. I was really looking to give a wooden stool for Jami’s second birthday. Since he wants Elmo so much, I wanted Elmo’s face carved on the stool. I’ll blog about it separately if you may. =) 


I don’t have a budget for photographer although I asked a friend to the honor. Hehe! Anyway, I was so lucky to have someone to cover what is going on in the party. Thanks to my sister’s sister – in –law’s camera and her friend who took pictures all throughout. =) 


The cake was from Red Ribbon which was Jollibee's partner. They made us choose the flavor and size of the cake we want. I chose the 12x12 cake for Php1,100. It was the usual cake you get from Red Ribbon so nothing to discuss about. I am pretty sure everyone had a taste of it. I liked the icing though. =)

Candle blowing

Overall, I am so happy with how everything turned out although there have been some trouble along the way. Also, I came back couple of days after the party since I forgot to present Jami's Jollibee Kids Club card. For celebrant who were member of JKC, they are entitled to get 500 points that can be used to purchase food from Jollibee and their participating stores like Chowking, Greenwich etc. I communicated it thru the store's email although I didn't get to read the last reply they had on our conversation. I didn't know they said na I am no longer entitled kasi the card should be presented after the party. But when I went to check if they still have the plastic container we left after the party, they still gave me the 500 points. Thank you Jollibee!! That made me happy. =)

Thank you everyone who came to Jami's party!!

Again, Happy 2nd birthday Jami, my love! J I hope the time will come that you’ll see how happy but tired during your birthday party. J Mommy and Daddy loves you. =)



  1. Happy birthday Kuya Jami!! Sorry we weren't able to come :( anyway, bongga naman ang party mo!! Hihi

  2. Great pictures! Seems like all the kids had fun and the parents too!

  3. Hello! Tanong ko lang, okay ba parking space nila? Do you recall how many vehicles they can accomodate?
    Much thanks!

    1. Hi Dawn, They have around 4-5 vehicles na pwedeng mag park infront of the store pero they also have parking sa likod just after the entrance ng drive thru nila. It can accommodate around 8-10 pa, just my estimate. If not, yung shell mismo meron pa silang mga parking spaces i am just not sure kung allowed mag park.

  4. Hi! Are there enough parking? How many parking slots? Does Shell allow parking on the side?

    1. Hi, yes there are a lot of parking space at the back. I believe you can also park in front pati sa sides. You may also use the gasoline station's parking space as far as I know. You could always drop by to confirm.


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