Thursday, November 5, 2015

Our Photoshoot Experience at Baby Love Studio

I was so happy this year since I was able to cross out one of the goals I have written this 2015. As I have mentioned on my post about our preparation for the shoot, I really looked forward to it before Jami's second birthday. Although I was really cramming (which is normal to me), I am so happy with how the shoot was and the outcome.

Days before the shoot, I was so worried that it'll be just a waste of money. You see, Jami was one active toddler and he can't sit still even for 2 seconds. He will always look away, go elsewhere, make you run after him etc. Having that said, I am thinking that he might end up crying, scared, at hindi makisama. Basically, tinatakot ko ang sarili ko by having these in mind. I was thinking that we might not get what we paid for pero wala ng nakapigil sakin dahil I still went ahead with the photoshoot. I wouln't know if I I won't experience it diba? =)

Our schedule was supposed to be 11am-1pm since these are the time of the day that Jami is wide awake and playful. He wakes up at 9am or 10am so it will be perfect, I think. Early morning, the day of the shoot, Sir Edilbert sent me a text message asking if we could re-schedule the shoot at a later time since his wife is on labor since yesterday. I told him that it's fine and that we can re-schedule at 6pm.

I had to make Jami sleep at 3 or 4pm then woke him up at 5pm so we could still prepare. Travel time that I anticipated from my MIL's house in Pasay to Baby Love Studio was 1 hour. We left past 5pm and hired a taxi na lang.Good thing Manong Driver knows the street where Baby Love is so it was a breeze going there although we were 15 minutes late because of the traffic in Domestic Road.

Baby Love Studio is on the 2nd floor of the building and it wasn't really that hard to find. Kuya Edilbert and his assistant were so accommodating. Jami felt at home on their studio and was really in the mood for everything. There were a lot (as in a LOT) of props including big car and airplane toys so we were able to bribe Jami that he could play with it as long as he'll look good in the photos. =)

Ok too much introduction. Haha. Here are the raw/unedited photos that Sir Edilbert took.

For our first set, I wanted Jami to wear a pilot costume. I blogged about how we prepared for his shoot and where I got this costume.

I want the second set to have a summery feel sana but I no longer have a budget to buy him new clothes. I communicated to Sir Edilbert my alternative theme in case we can't go with a summer vibe. He suggested what to wear and let us borrow the whole outfit. Para safe, I made sure Jami was wearing sando and briefs inside. It was funny because the clothes were for smaller kids pero since pumayat si Jami, everything fits on him. =)

For our last set, I asked if we could make it a Family Set instead of consuming the whole session for Jami. Sir Edilbert was so easy to talk to we were able to arrange what I want. =) As I mentioned here, we opted for a formal look. =) I did my super light make-up after kong bihisan si Jami.

The photos were exactly how it was sent to me by Sir Edilbert. I was so happy with the outcome and I really had a hard time choosing the best photos to be edited. I am glad Jami did his best too! Sir Edilbert even said "Mukang praktisado 'to, Mommy ha!' and I was like "Hindi po." hehe! No, we didn't really practiced it except for the cue of "smile". I think Jami was a natural and he's able to pull it off without me interfering much during the session. I was just sitting behind Sir Edilbert and he did what he has to do!

I'll be blogging more about Baby Love Studio soon! =)


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