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Pampering Day at UPHD MedSpa

It’s been a while since I had my last massage. Mount Albo was the very last one I had and it was way way back (later part last year). I completely forgot about having a massage na so when University of Perpetual Hepl Dalta and Mommy Bloggers Philippines invited us for a day of pampering, I couldn’t let it pass. UPHD was very near where I live so it will be very convenient for me too. =)

I was pretty excited to go and part of me knows where to go except that I didn’t expect ‘The Wellness Complex (beside the UPHD Hospital) to be very big. I actually thought it was a big spa or sort of clinic so I was lost for a couple of minutes. Haha! Anyway, MedSpa was the very first door from your right upon entry. MedSpa invited us to try some of their services that includes Massage, Facial, Diamond Peel and Ultralipo.

Upon entry, I was greeted with a homey feel of their lounge. I immediately asked their receptionist and was directed to their Spa Manager, (forgot the name.. Marge I think? I suck at names actually).

They still have the Halloween decoration. =)

I waited for 2 minutes and was assisted by Victoria. We had a mini tour on their spa which quite surprisingly big.

I didn’t think they have a lot of rooms just like some of the spas I’ve been to. What I really like is that privacy was one of their priorities. They offer single and couple rooms and each rooms looked great. They have a couple room that has a sauna and a shower room which was the room we used during our massage.

There was also a consultation room where an on-call doctor stays. They keep the record of their patients (like when you were having your normal out-patient consultation) to make sure that they monitor the services you’re getting. It’s one way of making sure they know the client’s needs before they provide the service.

With Lally of
Ate who did my massage (told you I suck at names) asked me to soak my feet on the warm water. I actually asked her why since I have never done this on my previous massage. She said that was to remove excess dirt on my feet daw. Madalas daw kasi, maalikabok pa ang paa ng client. I thought there might be a scientific reason, yun lang pala. Hehe. I was also asked to change undies to a disposable one.

I was quite surprised to be offered a scrub. I thought it was all massage lang so I was quite happy that I’ll have my first ever full body scrub! =) The scrub that they used smelled relaxing plus the masseuse who’s hagod was very mild the way I liked it so I felt really sleepy na dun pa lang.

After the scrub, I was left for couple of minutes then asked to rinse off. One thing that caught my attention was the shower had a minor problem during our visit. The hot and cold shower doesn’t work so I have to go with the cold shower.. Brrr.. Buti na lang it wasn’t that cold so I was able to take a bath. Hehe! The sauna was under construction too so hopefully, when I have the chance to go back, everything is all working well. =) When I was taking a bath, I realized that the scrub was a little hard to remove. Kelangan kuskusin ng mabuti or else, may maiiwan pang mga scrub. But then, I was so glad with it because it made my skin so smooth and fresh after bathing. =)

We were then had our full body massage. I was asked how much pressure I want so I told her I wanted it to be mild lang. Ayaw ko kasi ng feeling na masakit ang katawan after massage or yung feeling na parang binugbog. She proceeded with the massage until she said na madami daw akong mga lamig sa likod. That I have to agree since matagal-tagal na talaga akong walang massage. It was quite painful when she was dealing with the muscle lumps pero in a way na masarap dahil dinudurog nya talaga. I’ll sure go back to MedSpa for another massage and I’ll ask for ate again! It was a relief for me because Ate doesn’t often talk to me while she’s massaging me. Yun kasi ang gusto ko eh, massage is to make you feel relax so I also want some quiet time. =)

After our massage, I was with Dulce of A Wahm Writes, we were offered either hot tea or salabat. I even asked if I can get iced tea dahil hindi ako coffee or tea person. But, Ate said I should have a hot one to remove all the toxins in my body so okay, I got their hot tea. While dressing up, I was able to speak to Dulce and she shared a lot of her experience about being a wahm. Our tea came and I was surprised that I was able to finish the tea on my cup. Masarap kasi yung tea eh. It tasted like the usual ice tea pero mainit. I wonder ano kaya yung tea nila? I forgot to ask eh. If that’ll be my tea, iinumin ko talaga.

We spent a little more time chatting without us realizing that it’s time for our facial.

We were directed to the other side of the spa where small rooms that’s assigned for those who will be having facials and diamond peel. I was told by Bianca that my face doesn’t need a facial but still, she went ahead just so I could have all those blackheads from my nose removed. Halleluiah for the facial like this!! Goodbye blackheads na ako. No pimples to prick naman although she saw a single wart on my face so she advised me to have a Warts Removal that they also offer. What I noticed was, the steam was continuous even after Bianca started. The last time I had my facial, I remembered that as soon as they start, they would turn off the steam na. I prefer the facial on MedSpa since continuous yung steam, I didn’t feel any pain while she’s pricking off my blackheads. I fell asleep pa nga and would often times move my feet, she’ll ask “masakit po?” then I was like ‘Ay, hindi.. antok na antok lang talaga ako.” Hahaha! Promise sobrang gaan ng kamay nya.

A collagen masked was placed and waited for 15-20 minutes before it was removed. I then had a 5 minute Diamond Peel which I felt a little pain lang when she’s doing some parts of my face repeatedly. Bianca said that it’s advisable to have a diamond peel every once in a while to remove the dead skin cells. That was my first time too and I loved it. I felt my face were really clean and smooth even my officemates noticed it. =)

We skipped the Ultralipo since it was really getting dark na. Our appointment should only be for 3 hours but it lasted more than that. I really enjoyed my pampering day with MedSpa and I was planning to go back anytime soon. What made me decide? Their prices! I was in shock when I saw how much their rates are. I was expecting it to be really expensive but it was so affordable yet you’re going to get the best of service.

Here are their price lists of the services they offer.

They also have an ongoing promotions/discounts.

Since MedSpa is celebrating their 4th year Anniversary on November 26-27, 2015, they will have an on-going talk about Health and Wellness where you can get a FREE Treatment of your choice by . It could be:

-          Facial Express
-          Diamond Peel
-          One Hand Spa
-          Foot Spa
-          Ultralipo

Prior Booking is required. You may call (632)874-8515 loc 449-450.

MedSpa also offers Warts Removal with Free Diamond Peel for only Php 1,000.00/per area.

Also, You can take advantage of their Packages:

10 visit + 2 FREE visit = Php 3,500 only
20 vists + 5 FREE visit = Php 5,000 only

.. and a lot more. The catch is, this is transferable and can be given as a gift certificate that you can give out this coming holiday season. No expiry too so anytime you wish to have a massage or other services from MedSpa, it can guarantee that you’re getting the service on a much discounted rate. You may call (632)874-8515 loc 449-450 for booking or more information.

They also treated us with snacks in one of the food house inside The Wellness Complex while more of their services and prices were explained. Thank you very much UPHD and MedSpa along with MommyBloggers Philippines for the wonderful opportunity.I can't wait to go back and bring my hubby with me. =)

located at The Wellness Complex
University of Perpetual Help Dalta
Alabang - Zapote Rd. Las Pinas City


  1. Wow! Looks nice naman dyan! I think I need a massage din hehe :)

  2. I need some pampering, too. Normally, doon lang kami sa loob ng mall na mga spa. Like yung DermCare sa SM Manila. Etong MedSpa nasa loob ng ospital, Jen? Ganda rin ng place nila ah, looks relaxing at kumpelto yung services na ino-offer. :)


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