Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Preparation for our First Photoshoot

One of the things that I want to accomplish this year is to have a photoshoot for Jami, and of course, the chance to have our first family photoshoot as well. I was really positive with it since I want to make bawi to Jami. We didn't get the chance to have a shoot when he turned 1 so I really looked forward to this year.

My sister suggested Baby Love Studio since her family had their first shoot with them as well. I took time in stalking their facebook page and I am glad that they have a lot of theme available for toddler session.

I want to have an Aviator theme for Jami. His Daddy is so fascinated with airplanes and had his On the Job training in the airport before Jami was born. I want Jami to wear a pilot's costume which I think would really look great on him.

Every weekends before our scheduled shoot, I was so busy looking for a pilot costume. I don't have enough time na mag patahi pa ng costume for him so I went to Mall of Asia and SM Southmall hoping for my luck but to no avail. Sabi nila "They got it all for you" pero walang costume ng pilot for kids. Hmmp!

My sister suggested Sonia Lee's Costume Central but their costume was so expensive. The whole set of Pilot's costume will cost Php2,400 for Jami's age. It includes top, pants and the hat which really looks nice! Ang ganda since there'll be a hat that you can't find anywhere. Pero imagine? Php2,400 for a costume that he'll use only for 2 hours?! Ok lang sana if he'll use it everyday, eh hindi naman. Sonia Lee said they don't allow the hats and tops to be sold alone, it should be in set. So I don't have a choice but to look for alternatives.

I want to brave Divisoria sana since I know they sell gowns, costumes etc. but I don't have enough time to go there. The next resort I got was Baclaran. I went there and checked each stall although they said that costumes can be found at the back of Baclaran Church. 

I went to Baclaran with Daryl's cousin although it was raining really hard. I was looking for a Pilot costume and hoping it's within my allotted budget. I came from MRT Taft and walked my way to Baclaran (below LRT Line 1). I found a store along the way before reaching the end of LRT Line 1 and asked about the costume. Originally they said "Wala" sabi ng girl saleslady but the boy said they have for Php650! I am more than willing to pay the amount since it costs P2,400 online for the complete set. Thinking about the price, I said I'll just go back and look around muna. I arrived at the street where all the costumes are being sold. From United Nations costumes to Halloween sets - you name it. I inquired on each stalls and was told the costume costs Php600. Set for Php450 (pants and polo) then Php150 (hat). I wasn't really happy with the hat because I was expecting it to be in black or navy blue as shown on the photo below.

I believe it's the hat that will make all the difference because some of Marines costume has the same black and white polo and pants except for the hat which is white.

Yun lang, after going around some of the stores, I realized that everyone has the same exact hat. It was white and I don't like the logo on the hat, parang malnourished na chicken. Hmmp! Since I am running out of choices and time, I have decided to get the set for Php450 na lang after haggling. I just had the pants altered to Jami's size because it was really long for him. I spent another P50 for it.

Here's how the costume looks like when he wore it the first time.

Heneral Luna lang ang peg! Hehe
I bought a tie for P70 in SM Department Store

See what I mean when I say that the eagle looked like a malnourished chicken! Hmp!

I would say that "Pwede na" although I was still hoping I could have the legit hat. Sonia Lee's Facebook Page says their hat was authentic Pilot hat. Later on after our photoshoot, my sister had my nephew's costume altered in Villamor where they accept made to order costume for a cheaper price than online stores. I am just not sure where in Villamor since I didn't bother asking Ate.

There were a total of 3 sets that we booked so another set was allocated for Jami. I was hoping we could pull off a summery theme however, I was really running out of budget since I noticed that Jami doesn't have a decent formal wear for our family photo. I brought a lot of extra clothes we could choose from (around 2 more sets) that would come out summery. Anyway, it was a fail since we opted for another theme instead. I will surely showcase Jami's photo's soon! =)

For our family shoot, I was planning to have a formal one since Daryl has limited clothes. Most of his clothes are old na so it's safer is we could go formal. He has a long sleeved polo with slacks then I had the maxi dress. However, Jami doesn't have a formal wear so I have to buy him one. I can't find the right long sleeve for him in SM Department Store since most of their formal wear for kids are either printed or colored which I don't like. I was looking for at least a pastel color for Jami.

I realized that Periwinkle in SM Southmall was no longer there so I checked at Gingersnaps. After going in and out of their store thrice. I found the right polo and pants for him. =) I was just a little sad that it's not on sale pero keri na since it looked good in Jami. =)

I'll let you see the outcome of the photos on the next blog posts. =)


  1. That was cute but I don't think I would spend same amount of money like you do or baka nagbago na lang ako ng theme. Haha. I'm way too excited for the pics! Sana kami din makapag family picture na.

  2. Parang may nakita akong isang pic nyo sa FB na galing ata sa photoshoot. Ganda yun, yung parang bedroom na sushal! Can't wait to see more of them. :)

  3. Ang hirap nga sis kung may theme noh? Kame kasi color coding lang nung nagphotoshoot.


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