Monday, November 30, 2015

#VPartyMidnightSeries #BreakoutPH Event

Couple of weekends ago, I was invited to join the #VPartySeries Midnight Mysteries. It was a partnership between Fox International Channel, Victoria Court and Breakout Philippines.

It was my very first time to be invited to an event like this and I am pretty much excited since I can get to bring another two companions with me! Yey!! I tagged along Daryl and his cousin Rayca.

I exchanged emails with Tracey, my contact person as she made me choose the room that I want. If you can remember, there were a total of 5 themed rooms that you can choose from. I originally picked The Bat Cave Room however, it has been occupied so I have to choose another room which was The Asgard Room. I was told I’ll be with another blogger. I originally thought that it'll be just me and my companions but then, it'll be so much fun to meet a new blogger diba?

We were running 15 minutes late and I we ran out of parking space. Good thing, the Kuya Guard allowed us to illegally park sa bangketa. Hahaha! I also had another child companion (daryl’s newphew) and thankfully, he was allowed to get in. There’s a movie marathon happening outside so your companions who weren’t going inside the rooms were allowed to stay and watch horror movies.

Set up on Victoria Court Ground

We were given our stubs for food (total of 4) and waited for our turn since they were still preparing the rooms pa. They were running late on schedules too. After a while, we were then allowed to enter The Asgard Room in one of Victoria Court’s suite rooms. Mixed emotions filled me – thrilled, scared, exited, and happy.I found out that I am with another Mommy Blogger Donna of Pinay Mom's Life. It was my first time to meet her though I wasn't sure if we have been to other blog events. She was with her kids naman.

Movie for companions

As we get in, we were given instructions plus a blindfold. We were told not to take off our blindfold unless told. We went inside a very dark room and we can only hear footsteps!!! I was so scared but happy since I can get to experience something that I can only watch on screen. I kept on thinking that it's just an acting if everything gets a little scary. I was trying to make everything fun as well but then daryl's cousin was so scared she wanted to go home na agad. I was like "kakarating pa lang natin!".

Here's what you see upon entrance
We were given instructions later on and found out that it was Daryl's cousin who were picked to go away from the group and was asked to stay in another room. It was so funny since we were asked to scare the hell out of her. hahaha! We found and her blind folded and looking so scared so tinakot namin, touching him on his arms and hair and when she can't take it anymore, she removed her blind fold which she was asked never ever removed it. She was saying "Ate Jen uwi na tayo, natatakot na ako." I can't help but laugh because she was really scared of what's going on. Hahaha! I don't mean to be rude to her but later on, I told her not to be scared since it's all just an acting. With that, I saw she somehow looked calm and no longer scared. :p

We were able to find some clue written on papers and acetates. It was sort of quotes jumbled. Mainly, the game was all about teamwork and be clever at times.

I won't detail what exactly happen inside as I want you all to have the same mixed emotions I felt inside BreakOut PH. I can't wait to experience other room that BreakOut PH has to offer. My officemates and I were planning to go there before the year ends. =)

By the way, we didn't win. =( But then, I had so much fun on the event and I can't wait until next Halloween. hahaha!

They also provided us pick-a food that we munched on while watching a horror movie.

Thank you so much Victoria Court and BreakOut PH for having us. =)

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  1. Wow! Ang saya naman. Nakita ko nga yung invite na yan kaya lang na overlooked ko sya sa sobrang busy. Okay lang na hindi nanalo, ang importante nag enjoy kayo db. :)


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