Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Baby Love Studio Review

It’s been a while since we had our First Photoshoot and it’s just now that I am posting a review about the studio where we had the shoot. As I have mentioned previously, it was my sister who introduced me to Baby LoveStudio as she had their photoshoot done here early this year.

So here's my review about them. I have been bugging their FB page about the theme that I prefer. I thought I would have to let them know in advance so that they could also prepare for it. I was then told that we’ll discuss the theme on our appointment date. So okay, mejo excited lang ako. Hahahah!

I want our appointment to be scheduled at 1pm-3pm however, the slot has been filled so I have to choose a different one. I want to have the photoshoot done a week after his birthday so we could have the photos posted sana on his birthday. Unfortunately, I have an appointment na on October 17 for Mommy Bloggers Philippines Halloween Party and I have another appointment on a Sunday after. The only date left for me was on October 11 which was a Saturday. I can't have it on weekdays since it's too late for me to file a Vacation Leave. I had 2 weeks left to prepare for the shoot. You can read how we prepared for the shoot in 2 weeks time which made me realize na wala palang maisusuot si Jami. hayyy..

Anyway, I was thinking of a time that Jami is so playful so we won’t get a grumpy pictures from him nor a moody baby. We finalized the schedule at 11am-1pm instead. Early morning of our appointment, I received a text from Sir Edilbert if we could re-schedule the appointment on later time since his wife is giving birth. Syempre naintindihan ko naman so I said, it’s fine and settled for a 6pm schedule. He said he could do it by 4pm but I insisted on 6pm because Jami’s nap time is 4pm.

We were running late of our appointment because of traffic in Sucat. We arrived in the studio at 6:15pm and sent a text message to Sir Edilbert that we’re outside. As they welcome us into their studio, I was surprised with a lot.. I mean A LOT of props that they invested on. I enjoyed looking at them, I thought, they must have really invested a lot of money on those props alone. They have crates, clothes and costumes for kids, toys, etc. I was so happy to know that those were a real props. Yung old school kasi na photoshoot diba background lang? Hehehe.

We were ushered to where the shoot will be held, it was a big studio apartment and everything there are being used on their shoot lang. The airconditioned was cool as well so I didn’t have problems with Jami dahil sobrang pawisin nga. He was giddy to be inside Baby Love Studio as well. I had a little chat with Sir Edilbert explaining what the theme will look like. There was just one problem, I can’t decide what the second theme will look like. I want sana that Jami will go topless however, he’s too old for it na daw. I then want to throw a summer theme or their ‘baby genius’ theme. We have then decided to have the baby genius theme since I don’t have nice clothes for Jami for a summer theme.

After our short discussion, Sir Edilbert and his assistant immediately had the set up done while I change Jami’s clothes to his Pilot costume. I was really worried he won’t smile since he wanted to ride the airplane agad. Good thing we had the best shots. =)

When the first theme is done, we immediately changed Jami’s clothes to Sir Edilbert’s set of clothes that he let Jami borrow. 

When it was our time to have our family shoot, Jami cried because the toys were kept na para naman hindi makalat sa set. He wanted to play with the cars pa. Good thing, Sir Edilbert was there to comfort Jami, he let him borrow the car so his mood won’t change. After some time, we had to sit on the set for our turn but we have to get the car near Jami so he would still cooperate. 

Over all, I highly recommend Baby Love Studio. I had a very positive experience with them and that the price is just right. He also gave us a discount since we were referred by my sister. Yehey! They offer a wide variety of props that you can use during your photoshoot. Don’t worry too much about what your child will wear since they also have costumes that you can borrow. Of course, it’s still up to you if you wish to bring your own. =)

I loved how the photos turned out because even the raw files looked wonderful. There was just a little confusion with the edited files since those that were sent to me were not the once I wish to edit. It was my fault though since I downloaded all the file, I trimmed down those that I want without realizing that the file name has sort of changed. I chose sana 2 photos from first set, 2 photos on 2nd set then 2 photos for our family shoot. Anyway, I still loved the edited photos. =)

Thank you Baby Love Studio for taking good care of us during our session. Kapag nakapag ipon, we’re looking forward to go back. =)


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