Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Goodbye 2015!!

O.M.G!! I can't believe we have one day left before the 2015 ends! Promise! Di talaga ako makapaniwala that I have to leave 2015 behind and will start a new year ahead! Parang kelan lang kasi, I was counting the days for October when I was really busy then in a blink of an eye, 2016 na! O.M.G talaga! hehehe. Do you guys were like that too?! Or sobrang attached lang talaga ako sa 2015?

Anyway, I am looking back on my 2015 and found out that there were a lot of things happened - good or bad were welcomed wholeheartedly. I wish to discuss to you some of the highlights of this year that's about to end.


  • I was able to buy my own domain name as I received a token from this blog so I think the one that needs to be credited for was this blog din. =)
  • Due to lack of time and inspiration, I closed down my Online Business. It was growing big that time and I can't do everything on my own so I have to weigh my options and decided to choose my full time job. 
  • I also started my own 52 weeks Money Challenge. I made my own template that suits my salary pattern.

  • January 20th marked my first Anniversary from the company I am working for. =)
  • My Nanny and I decided that she'll be staying in our house although she could always get the chance of going home. But then on the same month, I realized that she's stealing things and food from my house kaya when I had the chance, I told her not to go back anymore. 
  • We moved to another apartment when Daryl and I lived together in December but it was in January when I showed the house to you. Pero we went back to the old house in the middle of the year so we could get the bigger house. Currently, we were living with my brother.




  • Daddy celebrated his birthday so I bought him a gift and a birthday cake of course. =)

  • Checked out Jollibee Funtasyland in the afternoon. Sayang lang yung free tickets ko because it was scheduled in the early morning. =(

  • I started to get the confidence in cooking meals for Daryl and Jami. 



  • Daddy's birthday gift was my Hair Treatment which I really wanted even after I gave birth to Jami. Thanks for making this happen Babe! =)




  • Nothing spectacular happened this month although I was really glad I was able to try some new restos and got to meet Elaine from Zomato. =)



  • I also had my first ever blog project for 3 months. =) Thanks to those who believe in me and my basher/s who leave nasty comments on my blog to improve my statistics. =)

  • We had our second Dentist visit (read here) where Jami had his tooth filling. =)
  • Mommy Bloggers Philippines held it's 'Christmas to Remember' Party at the Linden Suites (which I was yet to blog about). Tambak na ang December ko ng blogposts!
  • I helped my sister in preparation for my niece's 1st birthday. It was so fun DIY-ing the dessert table. Pumayag syang i-blog ko about it so stay tuned for that. =)
  • We were also invited by Coi to Maco's first birthday party. Thank you Maco for having us. I was really glad that I got invited to a personal event from another Mommy friend that I met here in the blog. I felt so special na hindi lang pang online ang friendship diba? =) 

I am really having trouble believing that New Year is just around the corner. Those were the things that are listed in my planner that made it to reality although I know there were somethings that I blogged about that didn't make it to the list. Of course I can't write them all here kasi highlights nga diba? Hehehe. I had my goals to be posted here again by start of next year just to remind me from time to time. I failed to do this yata last year (or I can't remember lang). I have no regrets in establishing this blog again after I stopped in 2013 because I can get to review those moments in my life that I can no longer remember.

I would like to thank my family and friends for always being there for me thru ups and downs. Alam nyo naman kung sino-sino kayo. I love you all and I wish we'll all have a bountiful, happy, healthy 2016. To my readers (anonymous and those who were leaving comments) I really appreciate that you had all the patients in the world to read my "corny" blog. This blog has been an extension of myself as this served as my diary too and whatever that comes up my way. I guess I really love to write, tamad lang talaga ako magsulat. Buti na lang computers were invented. Thank you all and I hope you'll be blessed this coming year. Thank you for being there. =) 


  1. Happy New Year sis! Glad that we met this year! Hoping we could join some events together on 2016! Im super lazy to do blog post because of the holidays. :)

  2. Ang sayang basahin ng mga goals na na achieve mo last 2015. Wishing you more blessings to come this 2016! Cheers!


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