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It's Mommy Jen's Checklist to a Healthy Toddler

Having a very active and makulit na toddler requires a lot of patience. Jami was a lot like that specially when he turned two. I thought makulit na sya when he turned 1 pero may ikukulit pa pala ang batang to!

Anyway, it wasn't a secret naman that Jami doesn't eat a lot of rice and ulam. Partly, I have a fault on that since hindi ako daily nakakapag luto ng ulam in the morning before going to work. He would then wait for his Daddy to eat na lang for lunch tapos sasabay sya. I am actually trying my best to work on it and make sure na we will eat rice before I go to work. With that, mejo nakakain sya ng slight and I think it’s a start. I just have to make sure na continuous yung ginagawa ko din.

Anyhow, One of the things that I am worried about was his body type. I know I have mentioned on my previous post that he looked slim especially now that he vomited several times this past weekend. Every time na something unusual happened to him, I felt na pumapayat sya agad. Nagninipisan ang braso and legs which really makes me worried. I had him checked this Monday and found out that he’s weighing 14.5kgs. The last time I had it checked was in September where he weighed 13.1kgs so that means in 3 months, he earned 1 kg. His pedia noted that Jami’s weight is still more than his age bracket so there’s no need to panic naman.

Me: Kawawa naman ang baby ko, ang payat – payat na.
Daryl: Payat pa ba yan? Eh napakabigat nga nyang Anak mo!

May point naman din diba? Hindi ibig sabihin mataba, healthy na.

With that, I made a self checklist on how to identify that your toddler is healthy.

Weight – There were babies whom at first look, akala mo walang nutrients sa katawan – meaning napakapayat. It doesn’t supposed to be like that naman pala. There were other factors like the built of their parents. Kung payatot din ang mga magulang or isa sa mga magulang, there’s a possibility that your kids will inherit their body type. As long as they are not underweight, there’s nothing to worry about.

Active -  Toddlers are very adventurous in nature so most likely, you’ll see them very active in a lot of things. I, for example, see Jami as Aktibo’t Malakas because of his daily dose of Nutri10 Plus. He will be everywhere in a matter of seconds not to mention the jumping, running and going up and down.

Smart – Every childs development are unique. Other kids can talk straight at the age of 1 to 2 while others may take a while before the excel in this part of development. I for example have a toddler who’s a lot of a talker. He can speak a full sentence that are understandable. As much as possible, I lessened the mis pronounce of the word and correct him immediately. He’s also remember things easily. Example is whenever we buy siomai in Sucat, Paranaque. Whenever we pass by, (which is not every day), he remembers our conversations like “Bili na ng siomai”.

Appetite – For me, It’s necessary that toddlers have a good appetite. This is something that I want to improve on with Jami. I like him to love table food. I don’t want to make him very dependent on his milk since I would like to slowly reduce his intake as he age until he learns to drink his milk in a cup. Lately, I saw a lot of improvements on his appetite and that made me hopeful that he’ll at least gain a little fat.

The checklist that I have mentioned above can be found in Nutri10 Plus.

Imagine, in every 5ml, your child could get all this Nutrients that can’t be found in other vitamins in the market.

source from Mommy Blogger friend Sai of

photo grabbed from Mommy Bloggers Philippines Website

Our bipolar weather requires additional help for our kids not to get sickly. This multivitamins carries Vitamin C which is also an important factor to make sure our kids won't catch common viruses. It's been a month since Jami started taking Nutri10 Plus and so far, we are getting a positive trend.

We are continuing our journey with Nutri10 Plus. Can't wait to get you updated of how our little toddler keeps up with Mommy's checklist. =)


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