Friday, December 18, 2015

Jami's First Dental Visit

We finally had the chance to visit the dentist!!

Yes.. I have been writing about Jami’s first dentist visit on my planner for couple of months already but we always have an event or an errand to do so it has been pushed back until November 28th. Jami has an HMO covering the dental check ups and some minor procedures so I took him to an accredited clinic in SM Center Las Pinas.

Jami has a total of 16 teeth as of this writing. I badly want to bring him to the dentist because I am quite worried with his front teeth. There’s a small stain in one of his front teeth and I am thinking that it might start tooth decay.

The dentist we visited is not a Pedia Dentist although she’s willing to check up on Jami. 

I instructed Jami to sit on the chair pero when the dentist was adjusting the height of the chair, natakot sya so I told the dentist that I’ll sit na lang on the chair then I’ll carry Jami. Pumayag naman ang dentist and had Jami’s teeth examined. All she said after was, “Okay naman po sya”. Except his front teeth na may stain and will soon start to decay, I was told that we need to put a dental filling on it to avoid further damage on the teeth. I hesitated at first about having to put a filling on so we asked to have a cleaning na lang muna. Halfway the cleaning, ayaw na ni Jami na mag open ng mouth and wants to go out na. I tried to stop him and do all my best to convince him to stay pero ayaw nya na talaga so I told the dentist that we’ll go back na lang the next Monday although I was very hesitant that Jami would still want to sit there when we go back. 

Having those thoughts in mind, I had a chat with my sister and was told about her dentist. She’s been telling me about it but then we’re not sure if she’s HMO accredited. My sister said I could ask thru their Facebook page naman so I sent them a message. To my delight, she said they do accept our cards so I immediately set an appointment.

Our appointment was 1pm but arrived 1:30pm because we had a hard time looking for parking slot. Wala palang parking yung building where the clinic is situated. You have to park pala dun sa Festival Mall which is in front lang naman so it’s fine. You just have to walk your way back to the building. We reached the 4th floor where the clinic was and found out that we’re the only client dahil thru appointment nga.

I told her that I wanted to have Jami’s teeth examined and that I worry about his front teeth. Jami still declined to sit on the chair so I sat first then he sat on my lap na lang. Since ako lang ang kasama ni Jami, I wasn’t able to take photos of the clinic. It was a small unit pero very maaliwalas. Dr. Joy checked Jami’s teeth and gave me some feedback.

photo from their facebook page

Jami’s front teeth is weak na daw because he still drink milk thru feeding bottle. It has stain on it that will start the decay if not treated immediately. One of his molar naman has a black stain na din and is starting to decay na although very small pa lang naman ang stain. I originally thought that the black dot on his molar was a chocolate left so I started to brush that teeth a little longer pero andun pa din. Yun pala, nag uumpisa na din. She suggested na ipa dental filling yung molar which will cost me a extra since she'll be using a different type of filling.

She started cleaning Jami’s teeth again, dental filling for his molar and had an ultra something to clean of the stain from his front teeth. Sorry, I forgot yung sinabi nyang procedure na ginawa sa front teeth.

Anyway, I am really glad about the service. It was way better than the first dentist we went to. Jami's teeth was pearly white after the procedure and the stain on his front teeth has been removed as well although I was told it will go back if he eats more of dark food like chocolates etc. Dra Joy talked to Jami about what she was doing that behaved Jami during the procedure. She also explained to me very well about her findings and what were the procedure that needs to be done. For me kasi, yun yung mga magagaling na doctors/dentists eh. Yun bang ipapaliwanag nila sayo mabuti yung mga bagay na nangyayari at mga dapat mong malaman para mas maintindihan mo yung mga bagay na kailangan nilang gawin sayo.

We were looking to put fluoride to Jami’s teeth however, it costs P3,200. That’s P200/tooth multiplied by 16. I said hindi ko ata keri to pay that much since I was expecting that it’ll be a little lesser. I was advised that since we cleaned Jami’s teeth, it’ll be best to put a fluoride na but I insisted that we’ll be back when we have the money. Although I had cash that moment, I have to think twice with how much I am willing to pay. Cleaning was covered by our HMO along with dental filling pero she used a different type of filling that’s child friendly so I have to pay an extra P800.

I am a little sad na I failed to accomplish the fluoride part but then at least I know kung anong lagay ng mga ngipin ni Jami. As much as possible, I want Jami to practice proper hygiene and how to take care of his teeth at an early age. Yung iba kasi, they were saying na kesyo hindi pa naman daw permanent teeth yun. Still, I want him to get confident in visiting the dentist and as much as possible, maalagaan yung baby teeth nya until it’s ready na mapalitan ng permanent teeth.

My next step is to actually look for a dentist that can provide us a not so expensive fluoride or kapag mejo nakaipon, I’ll go back to Dra. Joy since I am so impressed with her service and the sincerity of her concerns to her patients. I would want to have mine checked as well hopefully next year. =)

Clinique Dentaire
Suite 411 Civic Prime Bldg, 
Civic Prime, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang


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