Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Jami’s First Movie Date + Tips for Toddlers in Watching Movies in Cinema

Last weekend was another milestone for Jami. We had our first movie date together!! Yehey!!!!

The weekend before that, we visited and saw that mostly, Second Chance is shown on every cinemas in SM Southmall. It was the chapter two of One More Chance of Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz. I was looking for a movie that is interesting for Daryl and I to watch but then, it’ll be best if we could tag along Jami. I saw they offered 'The Good Dinosaur' in one of the 8 cinemas and decided that we'll watch it last weekend! Yehey..

I don’t have an idea what the movie was about until I saw the trailer at Disney Junior.It was from the creators of Finding Nemo and Toy Story ata so I expected the maganda ang movie. I'll post a review about it after this post. =)

The day we watched the movie, Daryl went to Pasay because he’s running a basketball league there. I still decided to go ahead with the plan kasi tampu – tampuhan ako kay De Castro eh.

We arrived at 2:30pm in Cinema and found out that there was a 2pm movie pala. The next showing will be at 4:30pm pa so I bought tickets then went down so we could play on Timezone na lang muna. Jami saw the inflatable slides and wanted to go inside. Since the next movie is 1 hour pa, I bought tickets for 1 hour for P150. Unfortunately, Jami doesn’t like inflatables so much and wants to go out na agad. I have to use all my powers to convince him to stay even for 30 minutes dahil no refund ang payment namin. Lesson learned: Never overestimate. Akala ko kasi Jami would enjoy the inflatable slides yun pala, matatakot sya. Hay.. Sayang ang P150 ko.

We went out 30 minutes after since he saw Timezone na. We stayed for a bit and Jami rode the cars muna. When it was 4pm, I have decided to go back to Cinema so we could buy food before the movie starts at 4:30pm.

It was quite hard to be with Jami alone because I look terrible while buying our stuff. I can’t focus because I kept on looking after Jami wherever he goes. Well, I would risk looking like that than having to go through what it feels like when I almost lost Jami.

We came inside the movie house at 4:20pm and decided to sit sa taas para less people so we won’t bother anyone when Jami gets so malikot.

I was quite worried with the plan because I anticipated that Jami will get scared or he would want to go out in the middle of watching the movie. I was quite prepared for it but when I had him seated, I saw he got interested in the big screen. I got worried again when the light turned off dahil baka matakot but I was wrong, he remained calm and seated. I offered him hotdog sandwich and konting popcorn that he munched on while the movie went on.

Half way of the movie, he became uncomfortable and wanted to stand up na so I let him sit on my lap and we cuddled like we’re at home. I bet he’s getting a little sleepy that time but then the movie ended na. It was funny because Jami didn’t realize the movie ended until everyone was standing and going out na. hehehe. It was really a joy to see my baby boy watch movies sa cinema. I even posted a photo on IG saying that I have a new date. Sorry babe! =)

After the movie, he willingly sat down so they he can have a picture with Dinosaur. Anyhow, I’ll give you tips on how to make your toddler remain interested in the movie while inside the cinema.

1. Let them know that you’re going to watch a movie first hand. While we were on our way to the mall, I kept on telling Jami that we’ll watch a movie, we’ll watch Dinosaur. I used the term “watch” since he’s familiar with it and knows what it means. I kept on repeating to him that we’ll watch para makundisyon ang isip nya that later on, manonood kami ng movie. Don't forget to keep your promise that you'll watch a movie ha?! Di pwede yung sasabihin mo na you'll guys watch but then hindi naman.

2. Choose a film that he’s interested on. Jami knows Dinosaurs although it wasn’t his favorite. He loves car more than Dinosaurs but he pretty know how they look like because he has a toy Dinosaurs at home. I also let him watch the trailer on the TVs in the mall so he could see what we are going to watch. He even heard a baby girl say “Wow” while the trailer was repeatedly shown so napa “wow” din sya. Haha!

3. Offer food. It’s necessary that he has something to eat while watching a movie or maybe a milk will do.

4. Get him involved. Discuss some part of the movie to him. Like “Wala na yung Daddy nya”. Explain to him what’s happening on the movie with the language that he knows. The Good Dinosaur says Mama and Papa but since Jami got used in calling us Mommy and Daddy, I explain details to him as “Wala na yung Mommy nya.” Although there were some part of the movies that he understand, like the character Spot says “Awwoooo”, he would say the same when asked “what did the dinosaur say?”

5. Offer cuddles. When he got tired of sitting, offer your space so you could both have a wonderful time sharing seats. Don’t forget the hugs and kisses. =)
This tips worked on Jami so it might work for you toddlers too. Anyway, you know your kids than anyone else so don't forget to have a strategy first hand.

 It was a very positive experience for Jami and I. Every time the trailer is shown on Disney Junior, he recognizes the movie and would say, ‘watch, Dinosaurs’. I can’t wait to see more Pixar movies in the future. It was a great bonding experience for us and we unlocked a new milestone. Good job, baby! =)

Dear Jami,

You finally had your first movie!! I can’t believe it, Mommy will have a movie companion na moving forward. Time went so fast dati paiyak - iyak ka lang, ngayon pwede na tayo mag movie. Dati kasi kami lang ni Daddy eh tapos ngayon tayo naman. I am so excited for you although I still want to cherish your baby moment. Please know that you were so makulit pa din but I am thankful na hindi ka nagkulit dun, Anak. Nakakatawa nga lang kasi ginagaya mo yung dinosaur ng ‘Awoooo’ yung parang wolf tapos rinig na rinig ng buong sinehan yung ginagawa mo. Yung ibang kalapit natin, natawa sayo. Hahaha! I love you baby and I am looking forward to more movie dates with you. Hindi na lang puro play ang gagawin natin sa mall, pwede na din ng watch. =) Don’t forget na si Mommy ang una mong babaeng naka date. Yan ang sabihin mo sa girlfriend mo. Hahaha! =)

Love you,



  1. Wow. First movie date with jami. Galing! Ako 1st movie date with Rhian is nung Minions movie pa and until now hindi ko parin nasusulat. Waahhh... Agree ako sa sinabi mo "Let them know that you’re going to watch a movie first hand." NOw, looking forward kami sa 2nd movie ni Rhian. :)

    1. hahaha! Oo nga more movie dates for the kids. =)

  2. Kame wala pa kame first movie! Feeling ko kasi magrarambulan lang kame sa sinehan! Hehehe But I am looking forward na sa time na pwede ko na sila isama sa sinehan.

    1. Maybe kapag 2 years old na sila when they have learned how to communicate with you somehow. Try it! It's a great experience and bonding with the kids. =)


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