Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Nutri10 Plus Syrup Effect on Jami in Two Weeks

One of the worries that I always have with Jami is his body size. I kept on thinking that he’s payat and that I can see his spinal cord on his back when he sits down. A lot of people think he’s mataba but looking on his old photos, it reminded me how chubby he is. I want it back! Gustong-gusto ko syang tumaba.

I asked her pedia about it and was told that his weight is for 3 years old already. He’s tall for a 2 year old too so the doctor assured me that there’s nothing to worry about. I guess they really undergo a phase on their toddler life that they’ll get thin because of all the energy they have. Jami is so active, he’s everywhere so nabu burn lang yung fats nya and not stored like mine. Hehe!

It’s been 2 weeks since we started Nutri10 Plus Syrup. I must say that I am impressed with this syrup. Unlike Jami’s old multivitamins, when I left them in the fridge, they get really malapot so it was quite hard for Jami to drink them. Nutri10 Plus maintains its consistency and it doesn’t get thick at all. I tried it myself and I could taste the Ponkan very much but of course, there’s a slight twist (because it’s vitamins). I just had a little trouble lately (before we even tried Nutri10 Plus) that I can’t make Jami drink his vitamins straight from the spoon. He learned how to spit if he doesn’t like the food so he found out that he can do it too when he drinks his vitamins. To make sure that he’s getting the support he needs, I put Nutri10 Plus Syrup on his milk like what I am doing when he was a year old. I thought we were able to overcome the fear of drinking his vitamins or medicines since he’s able to do that couple of months ago but now that we’re back on the old routine, I always make sure that he finishes his milk with Nutri10 Plus.

I always prepare his milk with Nutri10 Plus every 11-12 noon or 12noon to 1pm when he asks for his milk. I only give him 4oz of milk to make sure that he’s able to consume it all at once. 98% of the time, we’re successful so I can see the positive results that we’re getting from Nutri10 Plus. The 2% is when he gets distracted from drinking his milk, like he saw an old toy or he laughed because of some funny things we did but would drink the remaining in the next 2 hours.

Jami became so active. I mean, he’s the usual makulit na bata before taking the vitamins but lately, he was so ‘aktibo’t malakas’. I can only say this to you but wait ‘till you get the chance to be with him even for a good 15 minutes. He also had an improve appetite. I can always see him eat although I am hoping he would like to eat rice na, you know table food. He eats them pero konti lang dahil sa sobrang active nga. He had an increase on milk consumption as well. Last night, he drank 12 ounces of milk in one hour. I told him “No more na” Pero he keeps on asking “Man! Man! Man” (that’s how he calls his dede).

He joined in the fun of taking photos. 

But he can't keep still because he's one 'Aktibo't Malakas' baby. =)

I can’t wait till Jami loves table food more than his milk. I want to train him to relay more in food and slowly remove his milk. Why? I have yet to blog about it. =)

We’re almost done with our first bottle (5ml a day) and I can’t wait to see more improvements in the coming days. =)

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  1. Ang cute ni Jami! In fairness, para nga syang 3 years old. Biglang laki nya ha. Galing!


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