Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Pledge to a Healthier Year in 2016

I have listed down my goals this year although I am still trying to internalize what else should I add on my goals. Some of those that I have written were continuation of my goals from 2015. Those that I wasn't able to fulfill made it to 2016 list.

One of the things that I'll include on my goals this year is to become a Healthy us. From myself, to Daryl and Jami. I was just eating all the Media Noche food leftover then I'll go Zumba na or jogging. Yes, hinahanda ko na ang isip ko jan although iniisip ko pa lang pagod na ako, just do it! =)

Also, this year, I'll do my best to write our meal plan for the week to avoid those days that we don't eat food on time. That contributed to Jami not liking the table food. I noticed that if he gets huungry, he'll rely on his milk. Bakit nga naman hindi? He knows that it can give him an instant boost. Yun nga lang, when it's time to eat table food, wala na.. Busog na kasi sya. That's one of the things that I want to do something about. I want to improve on that so it should be my priority everyday, kung anong kakainin namin. My solution was to plan the meal ahead to avoid the mental block of thinking what to eat on lunch or dinner.

Since I pledge to start the year healthy, with the kind of weather that we have, plus Jami resisting to eat his food, I badly need a companion to make ends meet. We can't get a guarantee that our kids get all the nutrients their body needs so having a good multivitamins can go a long way.

with Nanay's plant

Nutri10 Plus is packed with vitamins and minerals that our kids' body needs to be able to cope up. I always make sure Jami gets his daily dose of Nutri10 to at least catch up while I am working my way to make him like table food more than his milk. One of the things that I started doing was to make sure that there's a food when Jami wakes up in the morning. That is to avoid him consuming milk until it's lunch time. By then, I should have our lunch prepared so he could eat. I just wish I have all the time in the world to be consistent on that, or at least someone I can rely to to make sure he's eating right. I also want to introduce him to variety of fruit and veggies kaso sobrang hirap nga pakainin. I think I should start with food na may sabaw.

In fairness to Jami, he might not eat table food that much but he does drink his milk ng bongga. Dun bumabawi so buy lunch time, I make him drink his vitamins which for me is the best time. Jami doesn't get sick often like he used to and he's gaining weight and fat. Hindi pa nakain ng food ng lagay na yun but he weighs 14.5kgs the last time we checked (in December).

I also gave 2 bottles of Nutri10 Plus to my officemate who has 2 kids. One 2 years old daughter and a 4 years old son. She was so surprised that her kids loved the taste of Nutri10 plus. She said her kids wants to drink their vitamins early in the morning - even asking for 2 medicine cups!! She said her daughter doesn't like vitamins that much so she was surprised that baby girl loved it! I'll ask her how everything goes in a while. =)

Being a Mommy has never been easy but it is the best job of all time. With the right meal planning and Nutri10 Plus are Mommies' best friend in making kids Aktibo't Malakas!


  1. hi mommyjen, what is your baby's milk po?

    1. Hi Jamz.. Sa ngayon Lactum 1-3 sya pero nung baby sya Nan Pro 3 po.. Sayang nga hindi ko na breastfeed ng matagal eh. =(

    2. ok thanks, tabachingching kc baby m e.hehe.faney ako ng blog m..:)mahilig ako magbasa ng mga blog, marami ako natutunan.

    3. Ngayon mejo maganda ang katawan nya talaga. Hindi din sakitin kaya happy mommy ako. Hehe. Thanks Jamz!! Godbless! =)


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