Sunday, January 17, 2016

Is Eating a Struggle?

I am a perfect example of this article as I have been battling with Jami's refusal in eating table food. It gets so frustrating every time we eat. As in super stressful. I have been bugging him to eat. I have done what I think will solve the issue - planning food ahead of time so when he wakes up in the morning, the food is ready and he can eat instead of drinking his milk.

Some days were positive while most of the time, I get negative feedback from Jami. I am so pissed I didn't realize that eating became a stressful moment for him too.

In past two weeks, I tried my best to serve him food that I know he loves to eat like Spaghetti and chicken. I also include potato as he calls it "gulay" and pretty much familiar with it. What I didn't realize is that, the more I pressure him to eat the food I prepared for him, the more it gets overwhelming for him. He doesn't totally eats them and wants milk instead, Parang nang-aasar talaga so there were days that I scold him while asking bakit ayaw nya kumain. Usually, it ends up him thinking I am joking around. Hayyy.. sobrang hirap talaga.

I took a moment and ask myself why I would make an impression to Jami that eating is something that he should avoid because it's stressful? I then realized that for the couple of days that we fight because he doesn't eat might cause more trouble in the future. I see some children who refuse to eat when they are in school age. That would bother me more since kids should be eating properly compare to his age now that milk is still his companion 70% of the time.

I then tried another approach of serving him his plate with the amount of food I think he eats. I will then ask Daryl that we'll eat all together. This happens every weekdays before I head to work. So far, I could see him eat little by little depending on how interesting the food is.

This photo was taken yesterday. While we were eating, I noticed that he was eating too although hindi nga lang sobrang dami talaga. He was eating mostly the ulam, not the rice. It was during our brunch where I realized that he eats more when I least ask him too. Not very stressful for him nor mine. I even asked him if he's done eating after some time pero sabi nya "Kain pa ko eeehhh." I let him eat on his own, yes. Nanay said I should assist him in eating. Subuan ko kung baga but then it causes more trouble for the both of us. I also doesn't like our plates to be removed from the table while he is still eating and someone should still be seated in the table with him. Although he didn't finish the food completely, I am somehow relieved that we are starting to get there.

I want to be able to establish the eating habits first to make sure that he has something to look forward to. Just like earlier when he saw me taking off the remaining rice from rice cooker, he thought we'll be eating na so he said "Kain ako, baw." while going towards the table. It's an indication that he is considering food compared to the time that I am pressuring him to eat.

At this age when our toddlers weren't that cooperative especially with food, it is imperative that we're giving them the vitamins and minerals that they need everyday. I am so glad I had the Nutri10 Plus that Jami was so "hiyang". Although he's not eating too much, he's active and bibo all the time. I always make sure that he's getting his daily dose of Nutri10 Plus that's packed with vitamins and minerals, not to mention the CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor, Taurine, Lysine, Vitamins A, D3, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C and Zinc). That explains why Jami don't catch a cold or cough since November when he started taking this.

I remember that there's no need for me to worry about him not eating too much because his weight says it all. I know we're getting closer to the days where eating is one less of a problem for us. So for Mommies who are on the same page as mine, don't loose hope. Try different approach as it's different for each kids. You should keep on trying, you'll never what you'll discover next. =)


  1. Tama dapat walang pilitan sa pagkain mommy jen. Ako naman si Rhian pag ayaw nya ng ulam, kanin lang. Ayaw nya ng chicken and beef. Tapos ginagawa ko, bibigyan ko sya ng options nya, like may kanin, ulam, fruits, tinapay. Pero mas type nya may sabaw. Try mo rin kay Jami na may sabaw for sure magugustuhan nya yun. :)

  2. sis si kulit wla ako ka problem problem sa food lahat kinakain mas love nga ;lang nya chicken, nutri10plus okay talaga yan sa kids


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