Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Jami at 2 years Old

I am really glad I was gifted with a beautiful, smart baby boy! I couldn't be more thankful that Jami's development were excellent. I am no expert anyway, I am the Mom so definitely, number 1 fan ako nyan.

At 2 years old, Jami can do all of these things..

  • Potty Training -  After his 2nd birthday, we practiced him to say whenever he wants to pee. I think this deserves its own blogpost on how I trained Jami to pee. Having that said, nakakatipid na ako sa diapers since we don't need to make him wear diapers during the day. We use one at night or when he's going to poo poo. He's not that comfortable having number 2 sa toilet bowl so it has to be on a diaper pa. I have not been able to buy him a potty that's why we can't practice that part yet but the wee wee was for me, a great start. We could tell if he's going to poo poo when he kept on saying wee wee pero konti lang naman ang wee wee nya. Or sometimes, he keeps on touching his potoytoy. In that case, we have to offer diaper na para he can poo poo. 
  • Talking Habit - Jami speaks a lot! Sobrang daldal and quite frankly can speak up to 3 words. He can somehow create a sentence of his own, you just have to be familiar with how he say things so you could understand him well. For instance, when they sent Daryl's cousin to a bus station in Pasay. When he got home to us, he kept on saying "Adeng, sakay bus.. Uwi na.." to Nanay. Yung tipong nagku kwento na ba. Minsan, he'll say "Mommy, kita mo? Payder (spider)". I am impressed that he started talking, take note: hindi bulol. Although there were some words that he finds a little complex pa, naja-jumble nya like "dalawa vs. dawala". Whenever people hear him talking, they often ask if how old he is. Then it'll give me some time to think.. Oo nga ano? He just turned 2 years old in October 2015. I am really thankful on how his development is going in terms of speaking since it's vital for the both of us and to other people around him to understand him better. 

  •  Eating Habit - It was one of the problems I have as of the moment. I kept on telling you from my previous post that he doesn't like to eat all the time. There were days that he would eat but then 98% of the time, he won't. I am blaming myself for that since feeling ko, hindi ko natutukan ng husto yung pagkain nya, hindi tuloy sya nasanay. We practiced his walking, speech etc but his eating habit wasn't there so it's on my 2016 goals talaga. Just like earlier, I cooked Nilagang Baka since I think, kaya ayaw nya kumain dahil walang sabaw. When it was our time to eat, he sat down, took the spoon, sumubo ng isa then he played na. I tried my best to convince him to eat minsan na stress na talaga ako, napapagalitan ko sya. I kept on asking him, "Bakit ayaw mong kumain?" waley.. titingnan lang ako tapos tatawanan. He thinks nagjojoke talaga ako. Hayyy...
  • Tantrums - Whenever Jami is at his Lola's house (Daryl's Mom), naku! ubod ng arte talaga! He would cry na alam kong fake. Why would I not know? Alam ko kung paano talaga sya umiyak. He tries his way to cry fake kasi ibibigay ang gusto nya. When he asks for milk, sisigaw yan.. "Man.. Man.. Isa pa man!!" I started telling him when the year started na bad ang sumigaw. I just realized lately na madalas na syang sumisigaw talaga so I keep in mind to tell him that shouting won't get him what he wants. I taught him to ask pleasantly like "Isa pa man, please." "Kuha po, please". "Water, please". I also taught him to use "Opo" when he's asked tapos sasagot lang ng pabalang. I kept on reminding him to use these words before I give what he wants and so far effective naman. As much as possible, ayaw ko ng mga tantrums kaya as early as now, hinaharap ko na lahat ng kaartihan nya. I am praying that I am doing what is right para lumaki sya ng maayos at mabuting tao. Please, Help me God! 
  • Playing Behavior - Jami doesn't know how to share pa talaga. When his toys were taken by his cousin, Andy, he'll cry on top of his lungs na. I kept on telling him na "Share lang!". When we share a food or anything, ayaw nya and would take it from me. Sasabihin pa nyan "Ako na, Ako na!" but then, I tried my best to tell him to SHARE. I couldn't tell if it's really effective since most of the time, hindi nya talaga gets. I bet toddler goes thru this stage so I let it be - in moderation. 
  • Sleeping Habit - Jami's schedule depends on what schedule I am on. Given we don't have a nanny to take care of him while I am away, kailangan nya talaga mag follow ng sleeping pattern ko din. I was really worried at first dahil he sleeps at 12 midnight na and wakes up at 10am. I just got used to it since it's really very hard to find a trustful nanny nowadays. I am hoping that soon, we can aide this problem so Jami will have his own routine na. He still gets his afternoon nap naman although it's around 4-6pm na dahil tanghali na din sya nagigising.
  • Social Skills - I was really glad that Jami is so sociable. When we were in a place where there were kids, example in malls, he would smile at them and will start playing. When he sees a bigger kids girl/boy who's playing, he would like to join agad and play with them. There were times though especially with the kids of his same age, mejo hindi nya ineentertain. He prefers bigger kids na talaga eh. Maybe because he got used to Daryl's nephew na lagi nyang playmate dun sa bahay ng lola nya. If there's one thing he won't share, it's the toys pero kapag food, magbibigay talaga sya. When someone carries him, sasama din naman sya as long as nakikita nya kami around or kapag familiar face naman. 

Well, the list can go on and on pero hanggang jan muna. I wanted to make sure that I document this stage because it may be the small things that I may forget in the future. I am hoping someday, Jami will be able to read through it and find how adorable he is when he's 2 years old.

Kayo? How are your kids doing? =)


  1. Mag 2 na ang twins ko pero bulol pa din sila and lage silang nag aagawan sa toys hehehe

    1. hehehe.. ma straighten din yan. Try mo silang correct. =)

  2. Good Job Mommy Jen for the potty training. Yan ang next goal ko kay Rhian eh para tipid rin sa diaper. Wait ko post mo about dun. Naku about sa sleeping habit naman, same tayo. Natutulog na si rhian and si rhaine ng 11:30 or minsan pa nga 12am kc sumasabay sa amin, then gising na nya is 10am rin. Sabi naman ng pedia nya normal naman daw yun as long as nakakatulog ang bata ng mga 9-10 hours plus nap time sa hapon.

    1. Naku same pala yung kids natin. Pero tama naman, I think he's getting enough sleep so di na ako nag woworry ng bongga now. Sige abangan mo yung potty post ko bukas hehehe. =)

  3. Pareho sila ni Ayvan, behave sa pagupitan. Hahaha. Bilis nila lumaki no? Minsan nagugulat padin ako. Good Job Jami.


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