Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Jami's Slightly Potty Trained

Potty training is one of the things that Jami learned at two years old. I am really proud of him as we were successful after almost 2 weeks. Although he's not completely trained (poop), I am still glad that we minimized the use of diapers. Kaching!! =)

As of the moment, Jami can say when he feels like urinating. He would say "wiwi" then will start taking off his shorts. We would go to the toilet then he'll pee (standing). After that, he'll splash water from where he peed on including his potoytoy. Yes, I made him wash his potoytoy after he peed. Sometimes included pati yung pwet nya. Hindi pa naman sya capable of cleaning himself so he'll just splash water all over his legs.

So how did we get to that at 2 years old? I'll give you pointers on what we did.

Jami at 2 months :)

1.) Since babies and toddlers aren't capable of controlling their bladder, they pee whenever, wherever they feel like doing it. After Jami's birthday, I suddenly want to take of his diaper in the morning when he wakes up. I'll make him wear shorts or briefs or even his pyjamas pa until he bathes at 11am.

2.) While taking off his pyjamas and soiled diaper, I always remind him to tell me when he's going to wiwi. "Sabihin mo kay Mommy pag wiwi ka ha?! Sabihin mo, Mommy Wiwi" repeat 20x in 30 minutes. hahahaha! I don't know if he understands me but I tell him anyway. I guess he doesn't kasi he would still pee on his shorts for the first 2-3 days.

3.) Since I can't be with Jami the whole day, weekend are for practice. I don't make him wear diapers even after he took a bath. I kept on reminding him to tell mommy when he wants to pee.

4.) Of course on the first couple of days, he forgets what he has to do, I often tell him "sabi ko sayo, sabihin mo kay Mommy pag wiwi eh." on a calm manner. Asar na asar si Nanay because ang daming labahan. Hahahah! But I am confident we'll learn in the coming days.

5.) Jami's so playful and he loves water a lot. To encourage him further, I would take him to our toilet, remove his shorts then would ask him to wiwi. He would pee ng konti lang then I will splash water from where he peed. He thinks we're playing so moving on, he wants to go pee every single time.

6.) Never doubt them. When they say they want to pee and you went with them tapos hindi naman, don't get mad. They might be feeling number 2 so you must read their actions too. Si Jami kasi, when he keeps on going sa toilet or he's touching his potoytoy ng kaka wiwi pa lang, malamang yan, na po poop na yan.

7.) Make your household aware that you're training your kids so you can be all in the same page. During these time na tinuturuan ko si Jami, Nanay would tell me na mag diaper na lang daw para di na umuhi sa higaan (on his afternoon nap) but then I tell her wag na lang. I would put a thick cloth or laundry clothes sa may bandang puwitan ni Jami when he sleeps in the afternoon in case he'll wiwi. After 2 hours, I'll wake him up and tell him we'll go wiwi na. I'll carry him to the toilet so he could wiwi then bring him back to bed. Pag sobrang antok pa yan, he would sleep again. I also asked Daryl not to make Jami wear diapers in the afternoon para masanay na din.

8.) There were also times that he'll see us pee. I let him watch while telling him "wiwi si Mommy eh". So he knows what I am doing.  He'll know that it's normal to pee in the toilet.

Having all these followed for weekends and morning of weekdays, we were able to establish a no-diaper-on-daytime na. I am so glad since we are now using only 2-3 diapers a day. That includes 1 diaper for bedtime and then the rest are for his poop. I tried bringing him sa toilet seat when I think he's going to poop na pero he'll say " wala naman.." but when you make him wear diapers, saka lang mag poop.

The key to make your toddler potty trained is being patient. Syempre hindi naman yan madali for them since they are learning a new habit diba? Tayo nga na adult, when we have to go through a change from what we are used to, nahihirapan din diba? You just have to be patient and no pressure syempre. I never actually think that I am training him so he'll be ahead of anyone or para mukang bibo. We have to lessen the diaper use and instead of using cloth, why not train them to be independent? At this stage, toddlers love to do things by themselves na and I saw it to Jami kaya I grabbed the opportunity for him to learn a thing or two.

I am looking forward that before he turns 3 years old, he'll learn to poop na on either the toilet bowl or on a potty. Seriously, hindi ko pa sya nabibilhan ng potty because I always forget to allot a budget for it. Nevertheless, I am so happy with this milestone. I am looking forward for more milestones to unlock in the future. =) (parang game level lang. Hahahah).


  1. Galing ni jami ah! Kame hindi pa nagsstart magpotty train kasi ginagawa ko din yang sa morning walang diaper at meron din kameng maliit na potty sa bahay pero ewan ko ba mas gusto nilang umihi sa sahig tapos kukuha sila ng mga maduduming labahan at pupunasan nila! Ha Ha Ha

  2. Good Job Mommy Jen. At least tipid na kayo sa diaper db. Ako yan ang next step ko right after Rhian's Birthday. Ngayon, pag nawiwiwi sya, hawak rin nya yung private part nya. Ang sayang makita yung mga milestones ng anak natin db.

  3. Galing naman ni Jami and super patient mo Jen! Hehehe! Good job to you both! Will take note of these pointers! ;)

  4. Good job Sis. Baby steps lang and I'm sure he'll get in no time. When I potty train my Ayvan it took two weeks of intensive and exclusive practice.😊


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