Monday, January 4, 2016

My 2016 Goals

It's the first Monday of year 2016!!!

Back to school and work na! Honestly, ang dami kong back logs na dapat ng maipost nung December pa pero until now, I can't find the right timing to post each of them., Hayyy.. Hoping I could start with it this week.

Anyway, I have been seeing a lot of posts about their 2016 Goals! Syempre papahuli ba ako? Hahaha! I was looking thru my old posts if somehow, I blogged about my 2015 goals pero hindi ko mahanap at hindi ko maalala kung saang post ko isiningit so I can't say that it's my yearly thing. But then, hindi naman siguro huli ang lahat for that diba?


I had my 2015 goals written at the back of my planner. I went back to it last night so I could see if I was able to fulfill each goal. It appeared to me that not all the goals were ticked that indicates na nagawa ko na but then, happy ako because there were some goals that I was able to accomplish! Yey for that! I reviewed the goals and I realized that I still want to go ahead with most of them. Most of the goals I have this year was a continuation of what I wrote last year naman.

I categorized my goal this year to make it easier for me to see my priority better.


  • Savings - I basically want to go ahead with the same plan I had last year in achieving my financial goal. I would want to continue my 52 Weeks Money Challenge in the same format I had last year. As I said, it was customized on how I get paid so it'll be easier for me rather than following the usual increment. I am pursuing the 10 peso increment still which will leave me Php13,780 at the end of the challenge. 
Dates on the photo was for 2015 calendar

That was the old dates and template, I haven't been able to update it yet but it was how exactly it looks like. Bi-weekly, I will spare Php530 (alternate of high amount+lower amount e.g Feb 8 to Feb 14 (Php480) + Feb 15 to Feb 21 (Php60) = Php560). Although I have a different approach this year, I am hoping that I'll be able to finish it until the end of the year. I have the Php300 from the Php530 savings as a share to my 6 month long cooperative here in the office so that leaves me Php230 to spare every week. I think it'll be easier as I would see the coop share as a responsibility more than my will to save the money. Php230 is easier to spare than the whole Php530. Kind of the same pero with coop, I won't be the one holding the money that could save me a lot of stress for not buying anything unplanned plus the interest that my money will get.

  • Junior Savings Account - Back in 2014, when Jami was 8 months old, I started a BDO Junior Savings account for him so I could save some money while he's growing up. I just then realized that I failed to update the account and I haven't been able to deposit any money since then. This year, I will spare Php300-Php500 every pay check to be deposited straight to Jami's bank account. Every money he'll get from our relatives and friends (birthdays Christmas or any occasion) should go here. 
  • Loans - Back in 2012, I filled a loan from these 2 government agencies (Pag-Ibig and SSS) that up to know, hindi ko pa nababayaran. Imagine kung magkano na ang interes nito. When I went back to corporate na kasi, I was trying to have it deducted sa salary ko pero hindi na tinanggap because it's past the 2 years keme na daw. I have to go straight to their agencies to fix it so I'll try my best to find a way to go to their offices. I am planning to start from the lowest so I could tick it off once fully paid.
  •  Additional Income - I am planning to find a business I could get into for a purpose of an additional income. I was once told by a friend that and swerte ko daw sa business so I have to consider this. When I get to think about business, nanghihinayang ako with my online business that I closed down dahil nga sa hirap pagsabayin ang full time work then online business. Nawawalan ako ng time kay Jami.


  • Staycation - Since last year, I want to at least have one staycation for the 3 of us where we could just lounge and take a rest while staying in the city. This didn't go ahead last year since it was replaced by our Photoshoot
  • Travel - it was also a continuation of my goal last year. I would like to go to Boracay which I think is the best when you have a toddler in tow. Alam mo yun, yung makapag relax lang talaga. We don't have to take all the activities because we have Jami but the thought of setting foot on the powdery sand and the beach.. hayyyy... Missing the old days na kasagsagan ng travel. I was suppose to book a flight during a sale seat pero male late na ako sa work so hindi ako nakapag pay over the counter. =( Sana matuloy na this year!! I also want to have another summer getaway either with my side of the family or just the 3 of us. I was in-charge kasi to plan the family reunion this year pero wala pa akong nauumpisahan.
  • Househelp - I badly want to get a nanny for Jami so someone could watch over him while Daryl and I go to work. I also want to have someone in-charge of Jami's eating habit para masanay na sya to eat table food. Yan kasi yung dapat talaga namin pagtuunan ng pansin. House chores naman I can do every weekends. Mejo maselan naman din ako sa paglalaba so mostly, si Nanay ang naglalaba eh. Hehe or if she's not around, ako na talaga.
  • Daryl's Passport - I have been bugging him on getting his passport so if we'll get a chance to book a cheaper flight then we could always push through with it. I planned to get one for him during Jami's application pero hindi naman complete yung requirements nya. Nyek! sabi ko nga sa kanya, kapag nagkaroon ng Zombie outbreak at required ang passport para makaalis dito sa Pinas eh maiiwan sya. 
Daryl: Papakain na lang ako sa Zombie!
  • Family Photo - I am so mad at myself hindi kami nakapag Family picture 2 consecutive New Year na. hayy naku! I want this to become our yearly thing na din eh. Nice kasi you can always compare yearly of how your family's growing diba? =) 

  • Renew blog domain - It is due to expire this January na so I have to make sure I'll update it. =) 
  • Blog Event - I am looking forward to attend more Blog event this year so I could meet more Mommies. You'll never know whom you'll be friends with! Ang sarap maging friends ng mga Mommy Blogger sa MBP, Promise! =) Attending more relevant event is definitely a dream come true for me from this blog no! kala ko kasi talaga dati, wala ng mararating ang blog na ito eh. It opened a lot of opportunities for me.
  •  Earning - The least I could expect from my blog is to earn money. Anything that I earn from it (small lang naman syempre), goes to this blog. If it's monetary, I always make sure that I'll invest it on this blog like the domain name. When I get more monetary benefit from it, I'll have a theme custom made for this blog so it'll be more appealing to all of you. =)
  • Projects - I was so lucky to be part of Mommy Bloggers Philippines where I first got the longest project I had so far. It's still ongoing and I am looking forward for more this year. =) 
  • Giveaway - I have been blogging for almost 2 years na since the re-birth of this blog in March 2014 but until now, I never hosted a giveaway pa. I am planning for one pero wala pang budget. Alam nyo na, wala naman akong sponsor so I have to get everything out of pocket. Hopefully on the 2nd Anniversary of It's Mommy Jen blog, makapag giveaway ako as a thankful token for those people who have been reading my blog. 
  • Improve Blog Photos - Sabi ng troll/basher ko, improve ko daw yung photos ko. Wala kasi akong matinong camera that I could use to take photos. Hopefully this year, magawan ko na ng paraan para wala ng masabi ang dakila kong basher. 
Well, I still have some goals pero small personal wants lang naman like shopping of clothes for me etc. I am thinking of setting up a timeline for each of these goals to make it realistic. I have yet to create a timeline for it. Once finished, I'll show them to you too. =)


  1. Naku sis better update the loan from ur SSS, lalaki ang interest nyan. And natawa ako dun sa last part (basher) baka inggit lang un kasi wala syang blog! Ha Ha Ha! More events! At sana makasama ako! Hmm blog domain? Im still thinking about it. Let's claim 2016 to be an awesome one! Yeah!

  2. Go go go!!! Halos lahat ng nasa goals mo nasa goals ko rin. Galing! Antayin ko yung giveaway mo ha. And yaan mo na mga bashers mo, inggit lang sila sau. Tama si Nheng, I claim natin ang 2016!!! Cheers!

  3. Good luck on your all your goals this 2016, Jen. Kaya mo yan! Happy, happy new year! :)


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