Monday, January 25, 2016

On Teaching English or Tagalog

During one of our chika moments in the office, we talked about our kids' language. I haven't posted anything related to it so I thought about this post.

When I gave birth to Jami, I wasn't really thinking if I'll introduce him to English or Filipino (Tagalog) language until he was around 2 months old. I realized I was talking to him in Tagalog all along even when he was still in my womb. Just so to make it easier for me and for the people around us, I have decided that we'll speak Filipino (Tagalog).

I believe that kids/toddlers can easily get confused with the language that you'll be using kung paiba - iba. When you have decided to speak to them in English, you have to make sure that everyone that he'll meet will be speaking in English too. The more your kids get confused on different language that you're using, the more na mas matagal or mahihirapan silang magsalita. I don't have a scientific or medical basis on that, yan lang naman ang paniniwala ko.

I realized that since Nanay and my siblings will be speaking with Jami in Tagalog, we'll all speak tagalog to him. I also don't want him to be left behind by other kids who are all speaking in Tagalog in the community. One time, a friend witnessed how fast Jami can learn new words. Isang beses mo lang sabihin, he can say it near perfect and clearly so he said, bakit hindi ko na lang daw turuan ng English since he can pick up words very fast. I thought about it and that also made Daryl think, why not?

After some time, Daryl said we'll be speaking in English na daw.

Me: Okay fine!

Pero sya naman yung hindi maka keep up sa pag e- English ko! hahahaha.

What I don't like about the idea is that when you are going to speak English to your kids, it'll be better to make sure that you pronounce and use words correctly (use of past and present tense). You should also not forget about grammars diba? I am not telling naman na perfect ang English ko diba? Just make sure to teach them what's right lang, wag naman yung obvious talaga.


Lay down vs. Lie down.

Naiinis kasi ako sa mga ganyan eh. Yun bang just for the sake na nag eenglish sila pero mali naman?  

Jami knows a little English like finish, fish, cat, dog, balloon, etc. Basically, alam nya ang pangalan ng mga bagay sa paligid nya in English. I am really not pressured that Jami wasn't speaking straight English yet. People tend to find that kids who speaks in English are cute rather than those who speaks our own language. I am undergraduate of BSE Filipino and realized that a lot of people have grammar mistakes even in tagalog like the use of "sya" while they are referring to an object.

"Hindi ko sya mabuksan" vs. "Hindi ko ito mabuksan".

Well, I have already established Jami's first learned language and that was Filipino (Tagalog). I know we'll get there (in speaking in English) since he can pick up words so easily. Just so he won't get confused, he has to fully learn his first language then once he goes to school na, saka ko na tuturuan ng English. I just want to make sure though that he'll have at least one new word for quite some time para maging familiar lang.

There were also days na dalang-dala ako ng emotions ko then I would unconsciously say "Gago" (out of a very surprised or unexpected things happened), I'll hear him say "Bad yun!" Hehehe. Then I'll say sorry na lang and realized, hindi lang sya madaldal, nakakaintindi na sya ng mga bagay-bagay sa paligid nya.

Since we stick in one language all along, Jami can now speak clearly and is super duper madaldal talaga. Couple of nights ago, I was so sleepy but Jami kept on telling stories about Zombies and his Php100. I even posted this photo on that same night.

Ang madaldal kong Anak. Hindi matapos tapos ang kwento nya tungkol sa Zombie at sa 100 pesos only. Minsan gusto ko ng maasar sa dami ng sinasabi nya pero ang sabi nga, if you don't listen to them about little things, they wont trust you with the big ones later on. Kinig pa more!! ‪#‎imjparenting‬ ‪#‎Jamitoddler‬ ‪#‎motherhood‬

True diba? =)

I am so proud of Jami and I don't feel left behind with him speaking in our own language. I find it suitable for his personality. What's important naman is that he could speak and understand very well.

Kayo? Which language does your kids know?


  1. Ako conyo ko kausapin si Maco para in. Hahahahaha! "Hey Maco, come na here, eat na us!" Kidding aside, more on english ko sya kinakausap kasi mga pinsan nya english-englishan eh baka di nya maintindihan pagtanda nya hahaha! Minsan w/ british accent din para hindi masyadong heavy for Maco hahahahaha! Anyway, kahit anong language naman yan for our little ones basta maintindihan eh okay! Hirap pag minion ang salita hahahaha ;P

  2. Ang naririnig ko naman, most kids madali pumick-up ng words at sa sobrang galing nung iba, they can learn two to three languages at a time. Try nyo baka ganun din si Jami. Magiging edge nya rin paglaki-laki nya. :)

  3. haha! gusto ko den c twinkle marunong mag english. sa mga naririnig ko naman mas madali daw matuto ang bata sa kakanuod ng mga english na movies.

  4. Pwede mo din start magintroduce ng english since 1st language naman talaga sa philippines is tagalog. Hindi nya makakalimutan ang tagalog. If anything, baka nga mas makaligtaan pa nya ang english. Wala din naman problema sa late natuto magsalita. As long as the baby gets there eventually. At sulit naman kung two languages natutunan nya in the end. The doctor told us na pwede pag kinakausap sila, twice mo sasabhin. For example, lets eat, kain tayo. Nakakapagod but really worth it. Mas maganda daw ang pag gana ng utak ng kids na bilingual. Pero agree din ako sayo na kng hindi din lang matuturo ang correct grammar, wag ipilit hehe. Saka eventually sa school matututo din ng english ang kids.

  5. Hi sis! for us we don't have any intention na maging english speaking si kulit kaya lang he never been exposed to tagalog movie or tv before kaya mas madali cya maka intindi s english. In our experience may advantages and disadvantages there are times some kids does not want to play with him because he speaking in English pero he can understand tagalog. kasi hindi naman english si ate yaya niya. pero iba advantage if you can expose him into english lalo na sa age nya na fresh p memory nya madali nya matandaan. Hindi naman need lahat kayo magaling sa language. :-)

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