Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Story of my P100 at KFC Southmall

On the last day of 2015, I was asked by Kuya to buy Leche Flan in SM Southmall. After we bought 3pcs, Daryl, Jami and I decided to eat at KFC for our lunch since wala pa kaming kain from breakfast.

As we were deciding what to order, I went near the counter just to check closely their menus. I was about to buy their P300 peso meal (forgot what it was called but it was with 2pc chicken and rice plus more). I went back to where Daryl was seated because I had a second thought. I told him iba na lang dahil masyadong madami yung food for us. However, after so much thinking, I have decided to push through with the original plan. I went back to the cashier na may hawak na Php200 plus my wallet. While I was standing sa cashier, I was looking up to read again what's included on our order at the same time, taking out another 100 pesos from my wallet. Suddenly, I felt na nabitawan ko slightly yung wallet (although I had the strap around my wrist) and because of that, nalaglag yung isang Php100 na nilalabas ko pa lang. When I checked on the counter top, wala yung pera. I looked around below to see if nahulog lang sa baba pero wala talaga. I was so surprised hindi ko alam kung saan napunta. I am positive na nilabas ko na yung money since bilang ko yung perang nasa loob ng wallet ko.

While I was struggling to look for that Php100 bill, Daryl went to me and asked why. Sabi ko nawawala yung pera ko so he handed some bills to me to add into my already Php200. I was still looking and even checked if nahulog pa towards the other side of the counter (where the lady cashier was standing) pero wala daw sabi nya. I was starting to doubt her kasi imposibleng mawala yung Php100 in just a matter of seconds. Wala din naman ibang tao sa likod ko na kukuha if nalaglag man.

I was still busy looking when the lady cashier said wala daw naman akong nailapag sa counter. I told her meron. I am 101% sure. I just heard her say "ni Ma'am" to one of their staff na katabi nya. So I asked "Ano yun?" I was thinking baka kinakausap nya ako but since I have my full attention in finding the money, hindi ko sya narinig ng maayos.

"Ipapareview ko po yung CCTV, Ma'am"

I said okay lang then ordered na while still looking around. Shet wala talaga! Naisip kong ano ba yan! Nawala pa yung pera sayang naman. Yeah, Php100 lang pero nakakapang hinayang. We could have used that to ride the carousel nearby.
I sat down na then told Daryl what happened. Hindi din sya positive na may inilabas din akong money pero nanindigan talaga akong meron. I know I was holding the Php200 bill with my wallet in one hand while taking out another Php100 by my other hand. I was checking the counter and saw that they are really reviewing the CCTV. I was touched to see that they were exerting an effort to look for my money kahit na sobrang liit lang naman. I realized nagkukumpulan na sila in front of the monitor. I told Daryl na maybe they saw something unusual or maybe found someone took my money when it fell. 

Kumakain na kami when the lady cashier went to our table and said na wala naman daw kaming naiwan talaga. I smiled and said it was fine. Jusko! Ayaw ko naman mag iskandalo para lang sa Php100. Hahaha! I said I'll let it go na. Kung nawala or namalikmata ako, or may nakakuha man then so be it. Wala na akong magagawa. I looked at the counter (we were seated across) when I realized they were still watching. I kept looking until I saw the lady cashier pulling up her monitor and saw my Php100 bill!!!! I overheard her telling his colleagues  

Cashier : "Nakita ko na kung nasaan, nasa ilalim pala!".

Me to Daryl: Sabi ko sayo babe eh! May hawak akong pera! 

The lady cashier went back to our table to tell me that she found my money. I told her, "sabi ko sayo ate eh!" 

The moral of the story? I was really glad about their effort. I wasn't expecting them to review the CCTV and help me resolve my issue. For me, it was beyond customer service. I am working in the same industry for so long. I spoke to so many irate callers all over U.S and U.K and being able to resolve one's concern feels like heaven. I know what she felt and that there's a confidence in that face. I loved that. I was checking how I could commend her for helping me out even after her timeline to serve me has ended from the moment I left the counter. I was looking around and in my receipt to check where I could send this story, basically to let her managers know that she exceeded what is expected of her pero I couldn't find one. I saw you could send your experience through but it needs an invite code to be able to send one and I don't have it on my receipt. Better yet, I blogged about the story. 

It was a small act that had a huge impact on how people will look at customer service and I am so glad to be able to experience it unexpectedly. 

Thank you Crisella Marie Caluya, as my receipt says, for the job well done. Keep doing that and it will take you a long way. =)

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  1. Good to know nahanap ang P100 mo, sayang din yun, ah! At nakakatuwa ka kasi may paninindigan ka talaga at nagstick ka dun sa alam mong totoo. I once watched a TV show na parang social experiment ang tema, ang scene nasa loob sila ng convenience store then may magnanakaw na biglang dumating at umalis din, yung isang witness, sabi nya green daw yung suot na shirt ng magnanakaw (green kasi talaga!) pero the rest ang sabi blue daw (accomplice sila). Nagbago yung sagot nung nagsabi ng green, sabi nya oo blue nga pala, baka namalikmata lang ako. And conclusion, in general daw, mas nananalo ang peer pressure at bihira yung nagsstick sa belief nila. Yun lang po, bow. :)


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