Monday, February 29, 2016

Blessings in February

Yes, I know. It's been a while since the last time na nag blog ako!

Sorry guys, I got so busy with my small business, sabayan pa ng bagong schedule and work load sa office. Kulang na lang mag darna na din ako eh. Although I love the feeling of achievement. =)

Well, share ko na din sa inyo so you'll know kung anong mga pinagkakaabalahan ko lately.

First, I bought an oven in January. The money was from my 13th month pay na dinelay ko pa until January since I can't decide what I'll do with the money. I was undecided if I'll get a new phone or an oven. I was told by a friend in the office that one of our officemate's trying to pawn her DSLR. I took advantage of it since wala naman talo. I have the camera while my money is still safe from my capable hands of spending it in the mall plus, I could have the feel of having a bulky camera which I have been wanting since 2012 pa. It was the same camera that I brought during Mommy Bloggers Philippines' Christmas Party and every event that we had in December including our new Years Eve. As you noticed, ni isang december 2015 event wala akong nai share pa dito sa blog because my netbook's charger is missing. =( Once I have all the photos, I'll share them here. =)

After a month, I returned the DSLR and got my money back. At that moment, I came to a decision to buy an oven instead. I know I could use it to something that could help me earn money in the future. I bought the 30L Hanabishi Convection Oven.

photo source 
I found this in SM Department Store in Southmall. It costs Php3,499 which was beyond my budget. I was looking to spend Php2,500-3,000 at max. I have decided to check SM Appliance center (still in Southmall) and found the same exact oven for Php3,075 only. Wow! That was a huge difference diba? I wonder why? Pero I am sold. But wait there's more, hahaha! For cash basis, there'll be a 3% discount which came down to Php2,983.00. Sold na sold na talaga ako at that moment. Hahah! Super within the budget talaga. =) I also loved how the oven look and the knobs where very nice to use din. =)

I wanted an oven since last year. I have been compiling recipes on the internet and even made Yema cakes thru steaming in December 2015 and sold some to my officemates. Hindi talaga ako makatulog after I bought this oven dahil kating-kati akong gamitin na sya for baking. I mainly want to bake pastries and my favorite na Baked Macaroni!

I started with brownies but since wala pa akong right pans to use, I had this round pan that I bought in December for yema cakes. Here's my first baked goodie.

My first ever baked goodie! Chewy Fudgy Chocolatey Brownies. =)
I was so glad the recipe didn't disappoint. I then started selling boxes and boxes of brownies to friends and Daryl's friends and his neighbors in Pasay!

I also baked muffins, until I reached Red Velvet and Chocolate cupcakes.

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Chocolate Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting

Milk Cheese Muffin
It was a dream come true! I can't believe I started baking and that I am earning money from it. Just last night, I also baked a Chocolate Cake with Buttercream Frosting.

Moist Chocolate Cupcake with Filling and Buttercream Frosting
I am so glad that 2016 is showering me with lots of blessings! I am hoping that my baked goods will reach more and more people and that it can be something that will grow overtime.

So far, I am thinking about joining one day baking classes that's available in the market. It tackles different aspects and products of baking and I am looking forward to learning all of them. Masarap din ang feeling that I could invest on baking tools. if you're interested on buying my baked goods, send me a private message thru my facebook page or you could send me an email. =)

Second big thing that happened in a span of one month is me applying for a position of Operations Coach in the office. I was really looking forward in going up the ladder. Although I was given a great battle since mostly, mga tenured people na din ang nag apply. They will observe us for 3 months and will have a final interview after. They'll choose who are qualified for 2 positions by then. Totally, there's 9 of us who's interested in the position.

I was also given another set of task. I am grateful for these things though. I enjoy going to work and learning new things along the way. I celebrated my 2nd year here in January anyway and so far, I never felt that I am tired going to work every single day. =)

Sorry if I made this post really long. It only shows how much I missed blogging and that I hope I'll have more time to do it all at the same time. Parenting-Wife Duties-Wor-Home Baker-Blogger. Eh di ako ng madaming title. =)


  1. Woo!!! Nakapag-blog na din! Hehehe :P

  2. Wow so many achievements sis! Pak na pak! Congrats to you! And more to come! Ako tinatamad pa ding magstart magbake ng cupcake! Ha Ha Ha

  3. awww so happy for you mommy jen :D dream ko den maging baker! as in..
    d ko lang alam paano hahah! congrats

  4. Wow, ang sarap naman ng mga cupcakes mo sis! Push mo lang ang pagiging raketera. Hehe.

  5. Oo nga, nakikita ko nga sa FB yung mga baked goodies mo. Mukhang business is good, daming bentang cupcakes eh! Congrats, Jen! :)

  6. Looks really yummy! Ok pa rin ba Hanabishi oven nyo hanggang ngayon?

  7. Looks really yummy! Ok pa rin ba Hanabishi oven nyo hanggang ngayon? I'm thinking of getting one.

  8. Sweet goodies! Ganito yung recommended ng saleslady sa SM Appliance store and I think eto nalang bibilhin ko kesa sa Kyowa. Eto kasi convection na rin pala... Anong litres nga pala nito sis? Kasi yung sale daw ng SM eh yung 32L tapos out of stock na daw, next week pa magrerestock. Yun daw mabili sa kanila.


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