Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Happy Lunar New year!

Hi Guyssssss!!! Happy Lunar New Year!

Yes buhay pa ako. I am really sorry if I am not blogging as often as I could. There were a lot of changes that happened in the first month of 2016 and I making an adjustment pa. Hopefully I could find the time to blog often. Isa yan sa mga goals ko this year diba?

Well, I received a lot of blessings last month and I am so happy talaga I am doing the happy dance everytime I think about it. Some of my goals that I listed were done first part pa lang ng taon! I can't wait for more blessings. With that, I should give you an update siguro no?! It will be so nice to look back later in life about the small things that made us happy.

I still have a lot of post that I missed since December. Nasa laptop kasi most of the pictures eh wala akong charger, hindi ko mahanap =(

Talk to you soon, just giving you an update talaga promise! BRB.. =)

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  1. I'll look forward for the updates Jen. I'm glad to know that you feel blessed too, like me. Let's continue rocking life with positivity!😜


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