Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Why I am Continuing with Nitri10 Plus

It wasn't a secret that I am struggling in making Jami eat. I've had several techniques that I tried but still getting a very minimal improvement. But then, it's still an improvement right? I am looking forward to the days that he would no longer resist eating.

He eats ice cream more than rice. 

Along the way, I have tried to look for a supplement that would help Jami catch up on his daily vitamins and minerals needs. I actually tried two different brands until I was introduced to Nutri10 Plus Syrup.

Look at him. This photo was taken on our 2nd week of trying Nutri10 Plus.

I was quite hesitant at first since just like any other Moms, we trust those known brands that are available in the market. I was given a project to try Nutri10 Plus to Jami and see how it affects him along the way. One of the things that I was really happy about is his immunity to common sickness like Coughs and Colds. He started taking Nutri10 Plus and I am super happy to report that he's healthy since then. He's not catching colds or cough even in the cold and bipolar weather we have. Comparing it the months before, I would say we were so blessed that he didn't get sick at all. My officemate who has a son in Jami's age says na maganda ang katawan ni Jami nowadays. I would have to highlight that he stopped taking another Vitamin C (aside from included dose of Vitamin C in Nutri10 Plus) which I always buy separately so he's taking multivitamins and Vitamin C. To my surprise, I can see him being "Aktibo't Malakas", full of energy that sometimes, and bibo that sometimes, I can't catch up. Well, who am I to complain for having a healthy baby? This is what any Mommies want, di ba?

I still have remaining boxes of Nutri10 Plus aside from those that we have consumed and those that I gave to my officemates. I asked her if the product suits her kids too and I am so happy to announce that she liked them too! She said that her kids seldom gets cold too given the cold weather.

In case we'll run out, I'll be so much happy to buy again since I am so very much contented with the effectiveness of the product. I just don't have a very nice photo of Jami nowadays to show you how much he improved on but as soon as I get a clearer picture, I'll have this post updated. =)

Maybe it's time that you Mommies give it a try too. =)

**Note: These blog posts about Nutri10 Plus is collaboration with Wert Philippines. I was sent their samples for my son to try. My reviews and opinion about the product is based solely on my experience with the product and isn't affected by the collaboration with the company. 

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  1. We are using Nutri10 na din! Though hindi masyadong gusto ng twins ung lasa may pagkabitter kasi yung taste nya.


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