Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Trisopure Baby Wash Review + Giveaway

From the time that Jami was still a baby, I tried using different brands of shampoo and wash for him. Most of the time, I stick to what we'll call brand A.

I have been using this brand since Jami was born. It has wide varieties of baby wash that I could use and so far, I am using the one's for active babies. From time to time, I am looking for alternatives and products that would suit Jami well. He's very active and loves to play outdoors. The result? Amoy pawis. His very pawisin pa naman where you could see his sweat dripping down the sides of his face. Konting hindi lang mahanginan, grabe na agad ang pawis. Having that said, his baby wash should always leave a good smell and would at least last couple of hours before mawalan ng effect. Bonus na lang kung tumagal talaga ang amoy ng whole day.

Since the weather is a lot colder compared to summer days, he doesn't perspire as much as he will during summer months. But then, I know it's coming really soon as it's the first of March na! Baka nga next week summer na at tumataginting na 39C na naman tayo! hayy gosh! That means, amoy pawis na naman ang araw araw kong problema.

Couple of weeks ago, Trisopure sent me their sample to try, I got so excited for Jami. The first thing that I noticed though is that it doesn't have a scent. As in wala. I was wondering if that's because I am smelling the bottle and would have to actually use the product and wait for the 'after scent'. Aminin nyo, Mommies, when we looked for baby wash, one of the factors that we look into is the smell diba?!

The next day that Jami took a bath, I was so eager to try Trisopure, placed ample amount of baby wash and rub it on Jami's hair. I was waiting for the scent pero wala talaga. Hahaha! I just realized that it was a soap free baby wash that might cause the product not to have a scent. I then got a little worried that he might get amoy pawis just right after he took a bath.

To my surprise, Jami has been playing all day but his head doesn't smell bad at all. It was not amoy pabango (since no smell nga) pero hindi din amoy pawis or mabaho. I waited the next day to use the product again and see if it was just a chamba pero I got the same result. I was amazed how could a scentless product leave you an amoy malinis na smell.

What I also noticed was, when you start to rinse, it doesn't leave a madulas na feeling on Jami's skin unlike the old wash we are using. That means to me na mas madali syang ma rinse off compared to the Brand A that I have been using.

My final say is, Trisopure is perfect for newborn babies to toddlers. The product doesn't have a strong scent that we avoid for babies 0-12 months and very easy to rinse off which would make our babies bath time manageable and a breeze.

Thank you Trisopure for letting me and Jami experience your promising product! I enjoyed using it so much!

One of my favorite resources for safe baby products is Kokopax, where I found this info for Best Baby Wipes for Sensitive Skin

And since it's almost summer, Trisopure wants more mommies to try their produc. 5 of my lucky readers will win a gift bag from Trisopure too! Yehey!! Finally, a giveaway! hahaha.

Each Mommies will get:

1 Trisopure Bag
1 Trisopure 60ml baby wash
1 Swaddle

Now, I won't make it to complicated for everyone.

Here are the mechanics to join:

1. Like Trisopure and It's Mommy Jen Blog on Facebook (equivalent to three entries)
2. Follow me on Instagram (one entry)
3. Follow me on Twitter (one entry)
4. Leave your Name, email, facebook, instagram and twitter user name (to check if you're following) on the comment section of this blog post.

Following all steps will earn you 5 entries in total. Can only be won once so kung mabunot kayo twice, we have to raffle off to another Mommy. =)

See? Made it really simple for everyone to join. If you don't have Twitter or Instagram, it's fine. You could still get entries on step 1 although, the more entries, the more chances of winning diba? =)

This giveaway is open until March 18, 2016 11:59PM. Winners will be chosen manually and will be announced on March 19, 2016.

Goodluck everyone. =)


  1. Based on the blog that you posted,I am eager to use the product as well.I was so interested with that since I also have a toddler close to the age of jami who is a boy as well and perspires a lot. I hope to have some sample so that I can experience the goodness of the product that you are using:). Thank you so much for giving us such idea on how Trisopure gives the sensation feeling and smell to our little one's...:)

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