Thursday, April 21, 2016

Baler Trip 2016 Part 2: Ditumabo Mother Falls

Right after our check in to Desiree's Lodge, we all washed up to lighten the mood. Sobrang init ng weather and we wished to at least feel fresh before heading to Mother Falls. My sister and her family went in Baler last year and so I was given a hint that it will be a long trek before we reach the falls. Even some of my office mates who have been there told so. 

From Desiree's Lodge, it took us 30-45 minutes before we reached Ditumabo Mother Falls. Our van stayed in the entrance and was told that we could walk/trek from there to the falls. My friends said that the route we had was a lot closer than the route they took last time they were there.

Anyway, I'll let the pictures do the talking. Some of the pictures were taken from Kaye's iphone. :)

After 3-5 minutes walk from where our van parked
There were a lot of locals that sell food and refreshments before you head on to a 30-45 minute trek. The prices were reasonable so don't worry. =) You can get a tour guide if you wish. I heard they ask for Php300 fee. But I'll tell you, you can do this alone. =)

Crossing the bridge
On the upper left hand of this photo is where you have to pay the environmental fee of Php30/each while kids were free. At this point, Jami fell asleep so we have to carry him. We put his bath towel on him kasi sobrang init talaga, however, while crossing the bridge, humangin so his bath towel fell sa flowing water below. Gosh! Buti na lang, there were local kids having a swim below so nakuha namin yung towel or else baka isang linggo akong di makapag move on sa nawalang towel. Hahahaa! Anyway, the water was really really cold so blessing na din na nahulog yung towel since nakaka refresh yung lamig nya.

Jami woke up
It was a little dam near the table for paying the environmental fee. Sobrang clear ng water and ang lamig gusto na namin mag dip agad.

While waiting for our friends paying the fee
We started the trek/walk
Good thing, there were a lot of trees around (some part doesn't especially when you passed the table for environmental fee). It wasn't that hot anymore because the trees gave us a shed and a cold breeze.

We saw a lot.. a lot of these and sobrang sarap lang maligo na agad if the water current isn't that crazy.
Passed several intermediate path
Some place were sooo green. Can't see this much trees and shade in Manila

The Team
There were some part that has garbage pero hindi naman sobrang dami. I am just glad that the water remained crystal clear.
That was me and my friend, Benj. Look at Daryl and Jami, crossing the small bridge that the local made to make it easier for the tourists.

The walk/trek can really be very tiring, I even thought it was endless. I am getting tired from all the big rocks that I have to hop on, bridges that we have to cross etc. I just kept on thinking that it will be all worth it. Don't worry about getting lost, direcho lang naman yung daan and there wont be any other way going up or down.

After what seems like a forever, we saw this falls. I was like "wowwwwwwww!!!" wala kasing ganyan sa Manila eh. Hahaha! But don't fret, it wasn't the Mother Falls we're looking for.

From this small falls, there was a sementadong daan towards the Mother Falls. Perfect Timing kasi sobrang pagod na ako at this point. 2 minutes later....

Looked like an old dam
Just above this was..

Ditumabo Mother Falls, Mec and Lyden
I was so glad we made it!! Sobrang lamig ng hangin and water was really really really cold. Parang malamig na tubig galing freezer na may ice pa. Sobrang mabato so you have to be really careful walking along. My friends said that the locals placed more big rocks probably because the water is going high? Not sure though but at least, we made it.

Mommy and Jami
Jami felt really cold when I dipped him in the water halfway. I got so worried na baka lamigin at sipunin so i took his top off and replaced it wit Daryl's shirt na hindi pa basa.

Swimming time
Just behind us was the mother falls. The water is deep below the falls so we have to stay near the rocks lang.

After about 30 minutes, I asked if we can go home na. With the time it took us to go up will be the same time we need to go down. It's around 4:30pm and I don't want to trek down ng madilim. I was worried with Jami feeling cold as well.

The trek going up is easier than going down, or maybe because my thighs were tired and aching.

Ate Lugaw, perfect for feeling so chilly.
For those who are going to Mother Falls, make sure you bring your waterproof bag with you, it can get wet. Extra clothing is advised for those who'll have their kids with them. I am telling you, sobrang lamig! You don't want to get your kids catching a cold, do you? You may leave your things in the van but I brought my bag with me. I have Jami and I don't want to risk him being so cold.

Almost done with the tour. Can even see the vans waiting for us.
Thank you God for the wonderful weather


  1. Sarap naman! Siguro mas maaga kayo nag-trek papunta sa falls para medyo matagal pa kayo dun hehe, yun nga lang baka sobrang init pa siguro nun. Anyway, mukhang enjoy naman! Hay sarap naman mag-swimming sa malamig na tubiiiiig

  2. Wow! Ang ganda ng falls. Super sarap mag swimming dyan for sure kasi malamig yung water! In fairness Mommy Jen, napayat ka ha. Sexy!:)


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