Monday, May 23, 2016

Disney on Ice - Magical Ice Festival

Finally!! I'll be able to blog about our Disney on Ice experience last January. Last weekend lang ako sinipag to upload some photos na inamag na sa phone ko! Lols.

Anyway, Last November, I won two tickets to Disney on Ice from our Mommy Bloggers Philippines' Halloween Party Year 2. I was really happy since I never watched a Disney Show ever!! As in ever!! Although I am grateful that the tickets will be for two, I was hoping it was 3 because there were 3 of us, daryl, Jami and I. We found out about the schedule around December and I chose to watch the January 2 show.

Show starts at 10am and we were coming from Pasay City only. Imagine, we could just take the MRT to Araneta-Cubao and viola, we'll be there. Kaso, ang bagal talaga kumilos ni Daryl I got so pissed talaga. Aside from that, wala kaming budget since kakatapos lang ng New Year! (But  I am better now in money matters, or so I thought. lol). The cost of the seat we were given was P1,900 and I am not very willing to spend that much. Glad to hear that Mommy Anna, of MyWorld Mommy Anna, said that they were given a chance to go inside (3 of them too) and pay only the Upper Box Regular Seat for Kulit (her son) which will be seated on her lap na lang. When I discussed that with Daryl, wag na lang daw. Sayang ang anda (money) so okay, he waited for us outside. Lols!

Anyway, we arrived in Araneta at 10:30am. We were seated on Patron Regular which is definitely near the stage pero on the right side nga lang. You could see every movement pero the characters were not facing you most of the time so puro side view lang yung pictures. Lol! You couldn't see much of their facial expressions.

As we arrived, finish na pala yung segment ni Princess Ariel so we were only able to watch Tangled, Beauty and the Beast and Frozen. I was so amazed, because the characters looked like the ones in the movie. Lols! I really enjoyed each part and so did Jami. He can't take his eyes on the characters although I got a little sad for him na syempre puro Princesses ang stories. Anyhow, We were thrilled when it was time for Frozen because of the man-made snow (bula)! Para nga lang kaming nag sabon na hindi nabanlawan because of that. Hehe!

Let me show you some of the photos I took while we were watching. There were actually plenty of photos so I was surprised na iilan na lang when I uploaded the photos yesterday. Baka binura ni Jami..

During a Lantern Thingy in Tangled

They lived happily ever after

Beauty and the Beast

Intermission Number with Mickey Mouse, Donald, Goofy, Minnie
 I would like to let you know that after 2 shows, there will be a 15 minute break. Just like you watching a basketball game in Arena, there will be people selling food like Popcorn, hotdogs, sodas etc. The sad part was of course, it's double the price. Food are not allowed inside you I suggest you eat before going in to avoid unnecessary spending. There were also memorabilia being sold ranging from Php500-Php1,800 so be ready. Good thing I was able to brainwash Jami not to buy one. Hehe. Yang batang yan naman, when I told him "wala tayong money," he will listen at hindi na ipipilit yung pagpapabili nya.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the free tickets and the show! I was hoping to say we'll come back pero not anytime soon because, you know, there were so many things I would rather watch or activities to do than watching it again. Maybe when Jami is a little older na lang, like around 5 years old. =)

Thank you MBP and Disney on Ice for a very wonderful experience. Oh! We don't have a picture after hehe.! I always forget. =(


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    1. Masaya nga! Pero ang gastos lang ng mga memorabilia lol.. So pwede sya mga one time na panoorin :)

  2. Nice, Jen! Mukhang nag-enjoy kayo pareho ni Jami. Pangarap din ng mga girls ko makapanood niyan :)


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