Thursday, May 19, 2016

Jami at 31 Months

I kept on thinking how to start this blog post and I can't think of anything honestly. I don't know how to start and what to talk about. Lols!

Well, I mainly want to share the things that Jami does now that he's 31 months old. I know I have already told you that he talks a lot. I am surprised everyday that he can converse like an adult! Just like this morning. Daryl and I weren't in a good mood to start the day and we're not talking to each other. Pero yung tipong kapag tinanong ka naman, sumasagot ng maayos levels. I was playing with Jami when he said,

Jami: Lagi tayo sa bahay, lagi tayo sa condo, lagi tayo sa car.

Hearing those words, sobrang na surprise ako because he definitely understands our routines. And to think that he said those words na para bang pinapagalitan nya ako na that's what we do everyday at sawang-sawa na sya. Lol, it was priceless!

Last night, Wogi (the car) had a flat tire. There was a mistake and the tire na naipalit was the one na may butas na talaga. So we have to stop over sa may Unioil Sucat to get the tire's change.

Jami: Diba nasira yung gulong ni Wogi?

I was like.. Yes! Lol. I just can't believe na parang kahapon lang, he was this tiny baby na ang alam lang gawin is to drink milk and play tapos suddenly he became so madaldal!

Last weekend, I brought him to his pedia to follow up his cough. It's been two weeks na kasi and I am so worried. Tumagal lang because we had a vacation so later ko pa sya nadala sa pedia ulit. When we were there, I was told that Jami has an asthma and the cough is triggered by sobrang pagod, or pinagpawisan, it could also be the allergies like maalikabok etc. I was asked again if may asthma that runs in the family. As far as I know wala sa amin. Daryl said his cousins have so syempre kahit it's not an immediate family, for sure Jami will get it. Although I am thankful to heavens that he was the asthma that I know of, yung tipong hirap makahinga and so on. We were given anti-histamine for 2 weeks at bedtime and I think that lessens the cough. Aside from that, it was suggested that Jami stays sa airconditioned room.

Well he sure is getting better. The cough is somehow lessened and hoping will be gone soon.

Remember that Jami is so much of a picky eater? He's really very hard to feed but lately, he's starting to show interest in food. Hindi man ganon kadami but at least, we're making it possible. I am aiming to make him eat more type of food in the future and sana, magawa na namin. =) 


  1. Wow ang daldal na ni Jami!! Ang bilis nga talaga ng panahon noh? :)

    1. Sobra! nakaka surprise lang talaga minsan.

  2. Hello jami! Ang big na nya jen!😃

    1. Oo nga Joy eh! ang bilis ng panahon last time na nag uusap tayo eh ang baby nya pa. Musta na ikaw?


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