Friday, June 17, 2016

Our First Family Run at Nickelodeon Slime Cup Run

Early this month, we were so lucky to be invited by Que of to the Nickelodeon's Slime Cup Run that was held on Mall of Asia grounds. I was really excited since it will be our very first family run. I have never joined one so I was excited myself, I know it will be a new milestone for my family and for myself too.

I had Daryl to go on a 3k run since he's into sports. He could play basketball for a really long time and since that sports requires a lot of running and agility, I know sisiw lang sa kanya ang 3k run. Jami and I had the 200m run. I am really not sure how far the 200m was pero I was told really short lang daw so I agreed. I don't want to end up having a long run with Jami kasi for sure, magpapakarga lang to along the way. Eh hindi pa naman ako sporty, so no chance na matatapos namin ang long run. Hahaha!

I failed to check the 3k run's assembly time. All I know was, 6am dapat we'll be there na. When we got there, there were people getting ready to run. I realized they're the 3k runners! I actually have no idea where to go dahil sa sobrang excited ko, I never asked Que. Hahaha! I went to their registration booth and was so disappointed that one of the lady there was really not helpful. I asked if they knew my contact person and her answer was. "Ay hindi namin kilala!". Just that-so no intentions of helping me whatsoever. I sent a chat to Que and was told where to go. Buti na lang, we were able to get our kit seconds before the start. Although Daryl ran at least 2 minutes after the gun, he was (I think) at the 10th-15th to finish. We were waiting for him kasi on the finish line so Jami could see him running. Grabe, iba yung feeling ng achievement. I was so happy for Daddy! Yun lang, mejo nabitin daw sya after the run. I told him we'll join the 5k next time. Of course one step at a time lang. =)

3K Finisher

The 200m run was the very last which was even divided into 3 parts - all girls, all boys and the parents and kids. It was a good thing though because it became really organized. I enjoyed it so much although Jami wasn't on his playful mode during the run. Sobrang aga pa kasi for him but at least we get to try. Personally, mejo bitin din ang 200m for me, Nevertheless, I enjoyed it so much because Jami was there too. We skipped the part of being slimed because we don't have towel with us.

Waiting for the start
The sponsors prepared games and prizes for everyone. I wanted to see what the games were about but we decided to go home immediately. Sobrang init kasi, walang ka hangin hangin. Jami perspires a lot konting init lang, tulo na agad pawis so we went home to Pasay to freshen up and catch some sleep before going back home to Las Pinas.

Thanks so much Que of for inviting us and to Nickelodeon for a wonderful Family Run. It sure was worth the waking-up-early part. =)

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