Monday, June 20, 2016

Planning our Boracay 2016

Last summer, My family went to Boracay for our "yearly getaway". I actually want to make this a yearly tradition where we could go to different places. It's a goal I listed last year which never happened because we replaced it with our Photo shoot. I then listed it down for this year since I have plenty of months to get this to reality.

In January, I saw a seat sale at Cebu Pacific website and alas! I still have spare money to use to pay for the fare. I paid a total of Php3,500+ for the three us. I was thinking kids can get a discounted fare pero hindi pala. Lol! Maybe because they sure are occupying a seat and can't be sitting on my lap. Uncomfortable yun for sure and for our safety na din. Anyway, I think I got a good rates for the three of us. Oh! I forgot to mention that our flight was Manila-Kalibo and vice versa so it was really a lot cheaper. Although seat sales were out during weekends, I have decided to get the weekdays since its 4 months before our flight so surely, I have plenty of time to file for a vacation leave. Which I did. Yey! So we’re going ahead with our trip!

I was pretty excited honestly. What stressed me out was finding a nice but not that expensive hotel. I have been aiming for the wonderful hotel around the island but then, I can’t spend Php 4,000 per night for a hotel room. Being the frugal me, I have kept on checking on line with the best deal so far. One of the safest site that I felt was I have been checking all the hotel in the island but still find them expensive even after the discount. Luckily, after couple of days of looking, I found Royal Park Resort that’s situated in Station of Boracay. I looked in to Google Map to see if the area was crowded or malumot. I was so glad to see that it wasn’t where the lumot stays (because there was a part of the island na nadaanan namin that has a lot of lumot. As in ang lansa na ng hangin because of that). Although there can be a lot of small boats in front, the bigges part was allocated to swimming area. =)

For our transfers (coming from Kalibo), I’ve read blogs about it and found some Do-It-Yourself. I wasn’t just ready with all the hassle since may kasama nga kaming toddler. I checked online and found Southwest Tours Boracay that has plenty of options for transfers. They could transfer you Door to Door (meaning to your hotel), Bus only, Boat only or both where you’ll be dropped of in D’Mall. I made a mock booking and got a total of almost Php1,250/each to and fro. I also called the Hotel and checked the price difference which only was about Php100. I have decided to book from our Hotel so to make sure that we don’t get lost. Our scheduled of arrival in the island is at 3pm and I don’t want to be left in the dark with Jami with us. The hotel charged us Php1,200/each to and fro. Jami was free of charge for transfers.. yes!!.

Initially, I have set an itinerary to follow. With a toddler in tow, I have to make sure that scheduled trips will be comfortable for him somehow. Well, this is lame that I can't find the itinerary but I'll sure update you with that on my next post. Lol! =)

Well, that's pretty much how our Boracay plan went. I'll update you as much as possible of our stay there. =)

Hoping you are having a wonderful start of the week.

*credits to Ate for always helping me with the itinerary =)


  1. Hm all in all nagastos nio gurl? Goodjob! Isa sa mga goals ko yan ang maitravel ang twins!

  2. Ang cute ni Jami! Ang swerte mo ha at nakakuha ka ng murang airfare. Ganyan rin ako pag may seat sale ang cebu pac, hanap na agad ng dates na may sale. Plan your next vacation na. Bohol maganda rin, matutuwa rin si Jami sa sand dun. :)

  3. Yey! I miss Boracay. It's been too long since I went there. Konti naman ng photos Jen :( Hehe! Hopefully my family and I would also travel in the future!! Excited! Hihi


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