Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Kids Care Plus+ Review

I have always been in the look out of what's best for Jami without forgetting that we are on a budget. Like any other Moms, I want my baby to smell really good despite the weather that we have. You sure know how bipolar our weather becomes most of the time. One minute it's very humid, the next it's a little colder. Sino nga ba naman ang hindi mag aamoy maasim with the kind of weather? Given that Jami is a very active baby, not to mention that he perspire a lot, I expect that finding a shampoo that will give him a long lasting fragrance will be a real challenge for us.

Well, I worry no more..

Long time ago.. Haha! I mean a month or so ago, we received a package from Tupperware Brands to try their Kids Plus+ line. I know from the past that Tupperware Brand was for kitchen equipment but I was surprise that they have a kids line. It was a kids care package including Shampoo, Bath, Lotion, Powder and Cologne. I was really happy to receive one since I could get to try another product, not to mention the generosity that the company had extended to me. =)

I decided to try the Kids Plus+ since it was more applicable to Jami. I had the Baby Care Plus given to a friend who has less than a year old baby. I just asked her to give me a feedback after her trial as well.

It was the shampoo and the Bath that I was so eager to use. I want to know how it long it would last and if I will like it in general. I was a bit surprise with the scent. It was fruity, I actually hesitated at first use since I am really not a fan of anything fruit smelling. Hindi ko talaga gusto yung mga sweet smelling scent and that's the reason I don't use perfume or cologne to myself often. The Kids Plus+ product are of the same smell, I noticed.

I waited for the full day to check if the fragrance would easily ran off after the whole afternoon of playtime. I didn't get the chance to monitor it on the first day since I have to go to work and that I would come home when Jami is almost asleep. One thing I realized is that I loved the smell of his hair. It was somehow sweet but it was the "sweet na mabango". Not overpowering for me so I kept on using it for a week.


From their site:

Gently cleanses and conditions kid's sensitive skin and hair. With Plantapon Skin Cleanser that gently removes dirt and cleans kid's skin and hair while keeping it soft, smooth, and moisturized. With a mild pH-balanced formula that won't irritate kid's skin and a fun fruity scent that kids enjoy. Dermatologist-tested. Hypoallergenic.

Kids Plus+ Bath is available in 100 ml, 200 ml, and 300 ml

 From their site:

Gently cleanses and conditions kid's sensitive hair and scalp. With Puricare and Cetiol Conditioners that deposit a film-like protective layer over hair while moisturizing kid's hair and scalp. Prevents dryness and leaves hair feeling soft,silky and freshly fragrant. With a mild pH-balanced formula that won't irritate kid's skin and a fun, fruity scent that kids enjoy. Dermatologist-tested. Hypoallergenic.

Kids Plus+ Shampoo is available in 3 sizes: 100 ml, 200 ml, and 300 ml

The shampoo and bath was really foamy even if you only use a small amount. I liked it though since we could get to play with bubbles while taking a bath together. There were times I would make bubbles which makes him really happy. Talk about additional bonding which I really love since I could only spend so much time in the morning with him before going to work. =)

I also started using the Kids Plus Powder and Cologne. I really like the cologne I even use it for myself! Hahah! As you already know, I am not a fan of colognes or perfumes because it makes me feel dizzy when traveling (weird!) except this one. Before I leave for work, I put an ample amount on my palm for Jami and get another for mine. The fruity flavor of it is just enough for me and that's the reason why I liked it on me as well. After a while, I could still smell the cologne on my hands even after 5 hours. =)

The Baby bath supply ran out pretty fast because I used some on myself as well during those time that we missed to buy our soap in the grocery. Hehe! I tried looking up online to check if there's a site where I could just buy them but yeah, you could contact a Tupperware Dealer to get one. I was just really lucky that they have an office near us! yey!!! =) Oh by the way, I just checked their brochure online and their Kids Care Plus are on sale. Buy any 2 for Php259. =D

I recommend the Baby Care Plus and Kids Plus products! I can't wait to buy Jami's supply this weekend. =) I am looking forward to use the Mom Care Products (those in pink boxes) starting this weekend.

Thank you so much Tupperware Brands and Kids Plus!

For more information, go to their site at 
where you could find more about the other line of products they carry, online brochures and the nearest dealer in your area.

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