Thursday, December 8, 2016

Jami at 3 years old

As a tribute to my baby boy for his 3rd birthday, I will be writing things about him so when this memories passed, I could read them all again. At this time, I could say that Jami was a pro communication wise. He talks a lot and can communicate the things that he likes or not.

He was also very active and would climb chairs to get the stuff that catches his interest. Although I let him be, I always remind him that he might fall or slip while still monitoring him. Once I was still sleeping, he woke up ahead of me. I smelled the scent of a manzanilla, I thought Nanay used it. Yun pala, he placed 90% of it on his hand and spilled it on our bed sheet.

There was also a time when he again, woke up before Daryl and I, I woke up and saw him holding my eyebrow pencil na kabibili ko lang, the caps are taken off. I panicked kasi baka naputol na yung pencil and yes, true enough. He left me with just a tiny bit of it. Not to mention the lipstick he used to write on our bed cushion.

I couldn't forget the day when I was taking a bath and Nanay was busy helping me out with the packaging of my Yema cakes that's due to be delivered the same day, he was watching TV while playing with the eco bag that he got somewhere. The next thing I heard was a loud bump and cry from him na para bang sobrang sakit ng nangyari sa kanya. I finished off immediately and ran to him. Nanay was holding him already while he was crying. I asked what happened and we can only assume that he put the eco bag on his head while he was on top of our cleopatra chair. When he was trying to take them off, he fell from the cleopatra dahil wala na nga syang makita due to eco bag covering his eyes. It was a very loud bump for me but he didn't get boo boo except when I saw blood inside his mouth. I panicked as I was worried na baka naputol yung teeth or something like that. I was relived to see that he had a wound on the left side of his mouth. He might have bitten that part when he fell.

Jami says a lot of things that surprises us everyday. Sometimes, I feel guilty that I underestimate his capability to understand my explanation then will be surprised that he knew better. So as much as possible, when he asks questions which I might add, often, I am trying my best to answer. He usually asks "Mommy, anong gagawa ni (who/what)?" Mommy, bakit hindi aandar yung isang gulong (of an 18 wheeler truck)". Paulit- ulit yan until I give an answer. I remember my elder brother and sisters stories, I knew now where Jami get that trait from. hahah! I remember a recent conversation he had with Nanay while watching a telenovela.

(While the actress was wearing only two piece)

Jami: Ganyan si Mommy eh!
Nanay: Ah talaga? Oh tapos?
Jami: Tapos... tinanggal nya yung (cupped his own breast referring to bra)
Nanay: Oh pagkatapos?
Jami: Tapos.. Si daddy..
Nanay: (got curious sa kung anong ginawa ni Daddy) Oh! Anong ginawa ni Daddy?
Jami: Secret!

Then they both laughed. I and Daryl even laughed when Nanay told me that conversation. Ang akala tuloy ni Nanay, we were having loving loving in front of Jami. Sabi ko, we never did that in front of him! Maybe he sees me changing from work clothes to my sleep wear or whenever we bath together. Hahaha! I can't believe he said that. Ever since I realized he's being observant and vocal on whatever he sees, I make sure he's not around when I change my clothes. Baka maikwento pa ako nito sa kapitbahay eh! Lol =D

At 3 years old, I haven't trained Jami to go potty training. I was able to teach him to pee in our bathroom but the poo part is another story. I know I have to do something about it soon before he goes to school.

I was thinking of sending Jami to school next year. He's 3 now so just before he goes 4 years old in October next year, I want him to start going to Nursery by June. That's so he could go to Kinder before he turns 5 then 1st grade when he's 6 years old. I was sick worry about the proper age to start schooling when I realized that I was suppose to be a teacher if I got the chance to finish my college so I reached out to my colleagues to consult. I am 100% sure now that I'll enroll him to a Nursery school next year and hoping we'll get a good start. I know we do! Jami's very sociable and sweet. =)

His eating habit has changed. I know I posted here in the blog that I was struggling to make him eat table food. After some time, he's now making a progress and is very well eating. I just have to make a step forward by making sure that he eats snacks in the afternoon and have our lunch prepared before he gets hungry. Although he eats really slow, I am still happy with the progress that he's making and hopefully make him eat more in the coming days. The sad part is, I am still getting some side comments that Jami is slim. Yes he is. How could he not? His daddy was his same type., Ang lakas kumain but never naging mataba. I know both of them have the same body type so I kept on explaining to them that he can never be as chubby as I am when I was kid. Just as like an old saying "Don't judge the book by its cover", Jami was really heavy kapag binuhat. As in really heavy, plus he's not sickly. He doesn't get colds and cough easily or even fever. I think that the flu vaccine we took in the office was a really big help as it gave a boost to his immune system so we'll definitely get one again next year.

Jami was a very active baby. There were times pa yan when he doesn't want to listen with everything that I am telling him specially if he was doing something na hindi pwede. Naku! Grabe lang, but as much as possible I am trying to lessen the "No". There were times when he insists on helping me make the sauce for Yema cake, I would have to make him help me by pouring either batter or flour  in to my pan. That gives him a satisfaction of him helping me out although it makes my production to slow down since I have to monitor him. Anyway, I know it was a great experience for him so I always let him be. =)

I can keep on going on with Jami's little antics but I limited it to these. I know I'll have many of these in the coming days and I sure enjoy every minute of it. Although there were days when he's being very annoying, (lol) I know I won't miss it for the world. I am really hoping that the progress we are making will continue for the better and praying that God will lead us to the right way of bringing up Jami.. with lots of love from Mommy and Daddy!  

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