Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Derma Visit

Last weekend we were able to visit a Dermatologist for the first time. I was really worried that me and Jami had a "Ringworm".

Check nyo si google what the ringworm is.

Kita nyo na?

Yeah, exactly like that. The appearance is similar to mine and Jami so I got worried! Mine looked really serious and itchy. I have to postpone the visit until last weekend because I have to work on weekdays. I also noticed that it got 100% bigger on Jami's arm so we really have to go.

On the day of our visit, mine looked healed. Natanggal na yung skin but still gets very itchy. So I have decided to get Jami checked instead of us both.

We went to SM Southmall in the afternoon and decided to have our late lunch there.

While waiting for our food

We ate at Mang Inasal na lang para unlimited Rice :D
Wag kayo mag alala, si Daryl lang ang nag unli rice. Pramis! Hahaha.

We headed straight to Casa Medica Inc and waited for the doctor to arrive. We realized that she was running late and we were at number 11 so we decided to roam around at Cyberzone. I was trying to check how much yung mejo cheap na tablet for Jami but found out na even Huawei costs Php5,000. Grabe ang mahal na ng bilihin nowadays. Lol! We checked some phones too like Oppo F1s and it looked really nice, I mean the Camera.

After around 30 minutes, we went back to the clinic and was delighted that the Dermatologist have arrived. We had some bonding moments while waiting for our turn. If you wish to check it, follow me @its_mommy_jen on instagram.

When we were called, I showed Jami's alleged "ringworm" and was told that it wasn't a ringworm. It was a bacterial infection so she prescribed a soap and a cream that we should use for 5 to 7 days. I was also told that if it got worse after 3-4 days, we should bring Jami back to her.

I was so surprised with the amount of the cream and soap! Grabe lang. Hahaha! Although I somehow expected it that it will be expensive, na shock pa din ako. Lol! It costs Php595 for both but then, if it's for our wellness naman diba, then it's nothing. I was asked to put the same cream to cure the wound.

I am so glad to report that's it's getting better (dapat lang!). I am hoping mine won't leave a scar kasi obvious eh. :)

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