Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Our New Years Eve 2017

First post of 2017, it is!

Grabe sobrang bilis ng panahon! I didn't even realize that year 2016 is ending. Feeling ko may hang over pa talaga ako and somehow, hindi ko pa alam ang goals ko for 2017. I have to jot them down and I am giving myself this first week of 2017 to decide on that. :)

So how was your New Year's Eve then?

It's the very first time that we get to celebrate New Year all by ourselves. As you all know, New Year's Eve is very important to me compared to Christmas as we never get to celebrate one due to the religion we grew up with. My family has some sort of a tradition with NYE which I really would like to pass on to Jami. I want him, just like me, to grew up with something to look forward to, excited and motivated to start the year right. The last two year were celebrated with family so I never get the chance to be the very person that's in charge of the preparation. Kung baga, taga hintay lang ako ng food na maluluto na. haha! This year was different so I was really excited and somehow went all out. Well, not really all out kasi I have a limited budget for it. Hahaha!

Our visitors of the day
I was originally planning to spend only Php2,000 for new year's eve pero I went all the way to Php 3,000. I was really surprised to see that the amount allocated for it was so much of what I am expecting. I was thinking na baka short pa ito but it wasn't. Sobrang daming leftover food that I have to put my fridge on full blast to accommodate all of them.

For the 3 of us adults who are spending the night together (Daryl, Nanay and I) I bet the food that I have in mind are way too much for us but the day itself, my younger brother came and celebrated with us so I started to think na mejo kulang yung food. I was thinking of cooking Baked Macaroni para maiba lang since we have Spaghetti's for couple of celebrations na. Besides, I love Baked Macaroni so I really have to learn how to cook it anyway. Nanay also asked if I'll cook spaghetti pa din so I thought I could cook at least half kilo. We were given Pansit by my sister who just live nearby. nearby. I asked Nanay to buy 13 kinds of fruits na din. My brother bought a big ice cream along with Barbecue from our neighbor.

We waited until it's 15 minutes before 12 midnight and prayed all together. Thanked God for everything that we received in 2016 and asked to be guided in the coming year. When the clock striked 12, we went put to watch the fireworks from houses nearby. My younger brother also brought his girlfriend and their kid with them so Jami was awake the whole time. They wer very busy playing together and it made me happy that he had something to do the whole time. =)

We ate somehow just right after 12 midnight and started packing for some food that my brother could bring home. This was where the struggle began. My fridge was too small to accommodate everything. Haha! But then, nakaraos naman. =)

Happy New Year everybody! May you have a blessed year. =)

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