Monday, January 30, 2017

The Sharp Fully Auto Washing Machine: Laundry Day will never be the same

Weekends are set to do household chores for most homes. It is a perfect time to do the laundry or a general cleaning. While we wanted to make sure that we give time to our loved ones on non-working days, there were chores that you could say no to - laundry.

Yes! I could relate on that for sure and those who wear uniforms in school or offices. Even those who doesn't require one, you want to make sure that your clothes are washed before the new week starts.

Personally speaking, doing the laundry is one of the hardest chore in the house.. ever! I am so conscious with washing the clothes separately (office wear, house clothes like Sando, shirts etc are washed in the tub alone, same goes to underwear, shorts, pants etc) I am also very keen not to include Jami's clothes from ours. I always make sure that his clothes are washed separately.

While some household prefer the old fashion way of washing clothes (manually), millennial now has a perfect assistant to get the job done easily and timely. Given the fast-pacing life we have now, a good companion will always be a great help.

Sharp's Fully Automatic Washing Machine is revolutionary with a stainless steel holeless tub that prevents mold build up and helps preserve the quality of your clothes. Without any holes for fabric threads or exterior black molds to go through, the Fully Automatic Washing Machine ensures that your clothes will only get to experience thorough washing without the tough treatment and the bad elements.

Also with an Anti-Bacterial Pulsator and Auto Tub Clean, the Sharp Fully Automatic Washing Machine offers a hygienic and sanitary washing. The tub is also eco-friendly and saves up to 30% on water compared to traditional tubs with holes. And with its megamouth opening, you can easily load your laundry items including those thick, heavy blankets and towels.

The built-in Fabric Softener Dispenser also allows you to properly and safely pour liquid detergents or softeners without harming or damaging the fabric of your clothes and ensures that the detergent will be evenly distributed to all items during the wash. The Sharp Fully Automatic Washing Machine provides complete care for your clothes so you can spend more time with the family or your favorite hobby. Let this smart washing machine do all the hard work for you as you allow yourself to have that much-needed break and relaxation.

With the Sharp Fully Automatic Washing Machines' innovations and different features, washing clothes is now easy, safe and convenient. Anyone's laundry day will never be the same again.

Visit, Sharp Philippines on Facebook, or on Instagram to know more about the Sharp Fully Automatic Washing Machine. You can also go to an authorized Sharp dealer near you to see more of Sharp's washing machine offerings.

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